May 7, 2012

Hello Family!

About the phone call. Looks like we get to use skype again! Im thinking it would be good to make the phone call at 5:00 chilean time on sunday. So that would be either a 3 or 4 hours difference there??? If you cant, please send me an email today letting me know and specifying an hour that is not 7:00 chilean time. That is when my companion is going to call.

This week has been great. We got a bunch of people to church and people with baptismal dates. The zone is progressing. Really cool. I am learning to more loving, i am always learning. To be more patient, and more humble. I am learnng to serve others. I am learning a lot. I hope that dad is ok in the hospital and everyone at home is ok. We have an investigator who was homosexual and has changed, he has his interview with president this week. We are excited to see what happens. We have a lot of families that are not married, so we are looking for people who can get baptized while we work with them.

On friday we had zone leader council. All the zone leaders in the mission get together to discuss the needs and solutions for the mission. It was awesome. I felt the spirit really really strong. It is amazing. I know this is the work of god and that he is VERY close to this work. I am feeling the spirit as i write this! I think that is the greatest blessing of working for him, being close to him, and if i could work my entire life for him i would. It is worth it.

Mom send me the wedding anouncement! Erin thanks for the email!

Elder Reeder