Monday, June 4, 2012

Elder Reeder - The District Rocks!!

April 7, 2012

Hello Family!

This week has been excellent. We had a really good district meeting. President talked about in the capacitation of how we need to be friends with people in the street as we find people to teach. So i was thinking of a way i could measure BEING FRIENDS, and create some sort of commitment. In the end i came to the conclusion that we can show photos of ourselves and families in every contacts. We have been doing it and it is working! Yeah! hahaha the photo thing has stopped having a big effect but the district is following what president said and it is helping us a lot. Revelation is awesome.

I did not get all of my letters written last week... I will repent! I will do them today. I notice lately that there are a lot of things that i should do, that would make my life a lot easier, but i am too lasy to do them. Example, i was sitting at my desk after getting done planning thinking about cutting out photos and gettin them ready to send to the lady in punta arenas. Well i ended making myself and eating it... hahaha! Haha but i have noticed this, and now i am fixing it. I remembered that Faith without works is dead, so i should just do it and i will get even more blessings. And my life is easier.

The book i am reading, well i finished already, is believing christ. I read it really fast. After i finished it, and studied for a bit, i figured out my question. Mercy is like the attitude and dispostion of god. Grace is the power we access through mercy, the power that cleans us etc. All thanks to the atonement. Is this right? That is why in moroni 10 it talks about grace, because grace, the cleansing power of the atonement, is what cleans us. The same power helps us during our lives also. Pretty cool.

Good news about Chris. Say hi for me. I like the schedule! I am finishing doctrine and covenants soon. Pretty cool. I dont think i will study the old testament... i want to... but i dont think it will help me much in the mission. I am just reading the chapter headings so i know where things are when people start making things up... hahaha!

I love you all! Thanks for everything. Thanks dad for the notes, i am going to print it and read it now.

Elder Reeder

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