Monday, July 9, 2012

Elder Reeder - The Field is White and Aready to Harvest Inbox x

July 9, 2012

Hello Family!

Dad i hope all goes well with treatment. District 42B (from the MTC) is going to fast for you this thursday! Elder Nelson, Elder Himes, Elder Fonda, Elder Williamson, Elder Turner, and I. Elder Nelson is AP right now, so he´ll call everyone so it happens. I pray for you and everyone else daily. Thanks for doing your best! Good for spanish!

My contacts have not come yet! I dont know why! I feel pretty lame walking round in glasses. I think it bad on my self esteem/confidence hahaha. I change. I dont know if i need an appointment... MOM I WANT LASIK!! It would be great, it would put an end to a lot of problems, and in the long run we save money. Right? That is crazy that Galovich is engaged. Holy cow. Tell him congrats and im glad he findly made a decision hahaha. Good for him. I think her name is katie? I dont know andrew. I dont remember brayden unless you give me a last name... 

About my schedule... I have been pondering about this.... I think i want to study business law or sales. Not marketing anymore. I dont know how it works... is it a branch of business? Or do i just go through business school with a major, and then to law school after? Elder Nelson has talked to President Rappleye and President Corbridge about it, and i talked to Elder Nelson about it, and i guess people who are needed are lot are those have studied law. Because you cant do business without contracts and a lot of law things. I want to be involved with the products whatever they are, directly involved, so i would like sales also... I talked to a member in the ward who is a lawyer, he cleared up a lot of questions i had in relation to lawyers and the church. Turns out President Lovell was a lawyer, Presient Corbridge, and Elder Amado. It would be a useful skill, but i want to focus on business. Thus business law. I think a good job will fuel all the fun things i want to do in life. I feel like work is work, so i dont mind working. Play is play. Trying to combine the two is hard, but this major i think will open up a lot of paths and opportunities for me to eventually start my own business and investing. It will be useful!! So that is what i am thinking. I am down to study hard and i would like to be the best in my class with grades etc.... Actually understand things, not memorize them.

the schedule looks great if i end having to settle for utah state for the semester. it looks awesome! thanks!  I have also been thinking... Mom could you go to talk to a counselor at BYU and figure out what i need to do to get in??? I have been brainstorming, and i have heard from an elder there is some school that elders go to before they go to byu, where all the credits will transfer. i am just worried that i will have classes that wont transfer.... then going to school for a semester at utah state will be in vain. and i would like to get in as soon as possible, even if it is this semester. i feel this... i dont know why. i will find my future wife there!! ( i am just so trunky right?)  but i am serious. maybe i should go to UVU , i dont mind traveling to visit the family, but this is what i feel. i dont know how i am going to make it happen, could you find out mom? maybe you need to do some searching and pull some strings, but i trust you. if you can just get me in, that would be awesome. 

everthing sounds good for the talks. i like that topic. how can we become like jesus christ if we dont know who he is? cool. i was imagining sooner in my head. i am a little scared of coming home. i feel a lot of pressure of going back to who i was before, i have thought about changes in my life thanks to the mission. i dont think it means i am going to stop snowboarding etc. i will just have my priorites straight and use my time wisely for the most important things. so life will be better. like before, just on a higher level. YEAH! thats cool that jared called! my shoes are always all wet, but we are having lots of baptisms!! so yEAH! 


Siga siendo ejemplo de los creyentes!!! Enseñe el evangelio al vivir el evangelio. Aunque sea super lógico lo que compartimos, yo creo que la mejor forma de sacar a algien de la oscuridad, es mediante el ser una luz. Amar. El amor es muy poderoso, y combinado con una buena enseñanza crea milagros de verdad. Me encanta 1 Cor. 13:1. Yo creo que aunque la genta nos odia, debemos amarla. Como nos enseña en el sermón del monte. "De que nos sirve amar a alguien que yo nos ama? Como somos diferente de los del mundo?" Jaja me alegra felipe. Que todo le vaya muy bien.
Elder Reeder


Como está amigo? Ojalá que bien. Bueno, estoy pensando en algo bakán que aprendí. Jaja, nada. Bueno, lea conferencia general!! Es super bueno. Le prometo amigo que si busca  revelación encontrará respuestas. "Pedid, y se os dará". No es una sugerencia, es un mandamiento. "Pedid", no "puede pedir" si quieren. ¿Qué habría pasado si José nunca se hiciera una pregunta? ¿Si nunca buscara una respuesta en la biblia? ¿Si nunca siguiera sus sentimientos de preguntar a Dios? ¿Qué habría pasado si él no preguntara a Dios? ¿Cómo ha sido bendecida su vida gradias a una pregunta que el tuvo? ¿Como podría suceder si usted hiciera una pregunta, si buscara? Dios quiere que hagamos preguntas, porque nos conducen a la verdad. Incluso nos da respuestas a preguntas que deberíamos haber hecho. Es bakan. Nos ama tanto. Revelación es real amigo, busquela! Es lo mejor en momentos difíciles.

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Well we´re here aren´t we?

July 2, 2012

Hello family!
This past week was spectacular. We taught a lot. We found a lot of new investigators. We have another baptism this week!! THhe mom of the invesitgator who was baptized the other week! And we have a few others going to church that are awesome and have dates to get baptized..... SOOOO AWESOOMMMEE!!!! All is well. i went and got an echo for my problem... nothing wrong or serious. it looks like its the veins... he said to go see an urologist. the pills sort of helped with the swelling. i had to use personal money and im getting remibursed.

My companion and i are working out a lot. i made a plan, and a health plan. I am eating really healthy hahahha and i am getting in really good shape. so it is pretty cool. i am happy. i feel like i have learned to get whatever i want in life since i have been in the mission. goals+plans+faith=THE WORLD. this is interesting, the word "poder" in spanish has to meanings. 1. the verb, to can, or to be able to. 2. the noun, power. a really coincidence. creer es poder, y poder es poder. to believe is to can. and can is power. its my little saying haha. spanish/english comparing, language studying is awesome.

this week i had a sweeeeeet study. i will walk you through it. i was pondering on jacob 4:8-10. what is the greatest miracle ever? which is the greater miracle? the fact that jesus walked on water, or the fact that the water exists. the fact that noah built an ark, or the fact that there is a giant flood in the first place. the bigger is miracle is that these things exist in the first place. and if god CREATED these things, then what is keeping him from commanding them at his will?? nothing.

another thing. an elder from the zone had an investigator that had a question. i have thought about it. how could noah build an ark if nails exist back then? and other questions similar. my question is, if you were god in that situation/position what would you do??? brainstorm it.

if god didnt create everything, then who or what did? how do we exist? you findit easier to believe that an atom exploded, created itselft, and boom we all existed? which is harder to believe? that, or the fact that a supreme being organized and created this earth with a purpose and a plan... they are both pretty unbelievable... but here we are, we exist. i dont think we created our selves, nor the world.

what evidence is there that god doesnt exist? what do you get out of that? what does that mean for you? what are the results/consequences of that belief?

what evidence is there that god exists? what do you get out of that? what does that mean for you? the results? the consequences?

All theories are pretty unbelieveable, yet here we are, we exist. Why cant we learn more? Why is there no answer? because according to the plan of salvation we will after the millenium and when christ comes. but he wont let us right now.

the answers to everything are found in the book of mormon. i exhort all to read it. it is the greatest evidence there is that god exists, that joseph smith was a prophet, and the rest goes with it. the coincidence of how perfectly the universe, solar system, plant life, and human life is organized and how its perfect order... i dont think its a coincidence. the answers i get to prayers. answers that others get. the coincidence that these come at the very moment of obedience to gods commandments. prophecies and promies fulfilled.....

now if this is all true.... the this is gods work, we are his sons and daughters. we are his servants in his work and we WILL see miracles and success. and it will never stop growing. we must follow the prophet and god and we will never go astray. it is a big responsibility we have to make know these things. to know them.

and it is all true if the book of mormon is the word of god. i think it would be worth it reading it more than once, and i think it would be important to invite others to do the same. it all seems kind of crazy, but here we are, we exist.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! thank you grandma and grandpa for the bday money!! happy birthday mother!!! i forgot how old you are?
felipe,  esa historia es super bakan!!! una vez pensé que yo tenía diabetes, iba al baño, siempre tomaba agua, y tenía mucha sed. despues de hacer todo lo que podía, pedí una bendición a mi compañero. fue increíble, mi cuerpo se llenó del espirtu por unos segundos, despues sentí mejor. fue poderoso. yo lloré. esto fue en futrono despues que me fuí de puerto montt. todo en ese sector estaba mal. no había mapa, había seniza, mi compañero era nuevo y podía hablar, y todo estaba mal, y esto fue lo ultimo que yo necestiaba. no quería pedirlo hasta que hiciera todo que podía. por fin lo hice, y fue WOW!!! mande saludos a mauricos tambien!! no me queda mas tiempo!!!

Con Amor,

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Is 21!!

Jun 25, 2012

I am 21!!! I can totally drink now if i want to!!! BUT now i will NOT do so because i choose not to. Not by obligation of the law. I think i will get more blessings for doing so.
Things are going great here! I am deciding to write all of of my converts now. That means less time for you guys.... but i will organize it all well.

we had a baptism the week! its like a domino effect, now the whole family wants to get baptized!!! sooo cool!!!!! We found a new investigator this week, he accepted fecha and went to church. such a blessings. i often contemplate what wouldve happened if we didnt falling our impressions finding him and others... it is quite incredible how the lord prepares others. we arent finding many right now, but we are being very effecive in how we teach them. so i am psyched. everything is great!!! my companion is dying, it is fun to watch hahahaha no, we have to make sure we are dililigent and endure to the end. i love being a missionary. i love you all. i pray for dad, uncle steve, sherrie, and everyone.... asi que no se preocupe, todos estan protegidos por nuestro padre celestial. :)

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Learning.

June 18, 2012

Hello Family!!!

This week was greeatttt!!!! Mother thank you for the cake and all the birthday goodies. I made it myself because i was afraid that mamita would put some crazy chilean style to it if i gave it to her, but i just want a good old american baked cake. So i made it. It was good. I couldnt wait, i wasnt eating the frosting, and i was afraid it would run out before my bday so i cooked and ate everything in a few days. THANK YOU!!! Thank you grammy and grandad for the letter and the money. I am grateful for the support and for all you do for me.

Wish dad luck on his treatments. I am praying for him, steve, and sherrie. Tell dad happy fathers day!!! I am feeling pretty good lately. I am definitely learning how to be a better leader. I am learning how to ask forgiveness. There is just not one specific way to treat everyone. An elder felt like i was being a little too overbearing because i was following up on some things, simply asking questions, but i guess he felt unconfortable, or he feels uncomfortable in general when i talk to him. Really crazy beacause i try to be really nice. But everyone is different. For example, scriptures really motivate me and get me pumped up, so i WOULD like to share scriptures with elders when they get down on themselves. But a lot of elders see that as a "palo" or a leader correcting an elder, then people get offended. It really bothers me that elders think like that. I was thinking a lot about how i can improve the way i say things so people dont feel bad.... in the end i didnt come to any solid conclusion. I feel like elders get offended for silly things. Not matter what i do, i am learning, i am no perfect, and i am probably going to step on a lot of peoples toes and offend a lot of people doing so. I cant please everyone and i have a duty to fulfill, you do too, lets do this together. I notice when i overthink things, they sometimes turn out worse, so i will just have faith and trust in what i say and elders and when i mess up i will say sorry. We are all learning.

We have a baptism this week!!! And her brother and mom have fecha!!! YEAHH!!!! I am excited! The zone is doing really well, except on baptisms. So we just need to change the focus a little bit. But all is well. I am having a good time, my companion is going to die soon, it pretty nuts, but i am having a good time with him. There is a lot of opportunity right now!

Elder Reeder!!!