Tuesday, September 21, 2010

come esta po?!‏


well honestly i don't know what to write today.... umm. hmm. well crazy things are happening. 1. i learned how to roll my tongues two days ago, i haven't been able to do that my whole life... so that is nuts. but i still can't do it with sound yet and sound normal. it is interesting but i am learning. 2. my spanish is getting awesome. como muy excelente es maravilloso. como santa baca es loco!!!!! pero si es muy bueno a ora. estoy muy feliz sobre eso. pero..... ya its nuts. 3. i've been praying about rolling my tongue and the gift of tongues AND being able to memorize words just recently. yesterday i memorized 50 words. and i remember all of them. NOw thAT is NUTS!!!!!!!!!

the other day i played piano for all of sacrament. i had to play some weird goofy spansish songs that had a really weird rhythm. but i prayed and during prelude music i played sight read like 20 songs no joke almost perfect. so ya. that was pretty sweet. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!! no matter how silly whatever you are praying about is.

SPEAKING OF MUSIC I GOT SELECTED TO BE IN THE PRIESTHOOD SESSION CHOIR!!!!!! DAD LOOK FOR ME ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! we practice a bunch. during class too but i guess choir comes first in priority so that is cool.

umm i've been doing some tricking since i've been here. its fun. elders go nuts its funny. they're like do a backflip and i do a gainer flash or a cork and they go crazy. its fun.

and a sad story. elder williamson has a really loud voice. you know like when someone just talks loud??? well all the elders were like commenting on how this new hermana was cute and i was like ya she is pretty cute you know no big deal shes cute. BUT elder williamson is really loud and everytime he sees her hes jokes "Hey look its reeders girl' not thinking she can hear. but like 70% of the time i'm positive she is within hearing range and i guarantee its freaking her out hahahaha.... sooooo ya awkward situation and i have like nothing to do with it. haha ya i feel bad and like a creeper because of that and i don't really know what to do.... so ya theres my awkward moment. i feel really bad. like he is sooooo loud when he talks. ummm ya so advice would be good.

i started the book of mormon last friday. i'm in the middle of mosiah now. it is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!! i can't think of anything more for now sooooooo i'm going to get off. i still have 15 minutes though. so write me back real soon today and i can reply.


elder reeder

Colin and Addy at the MTC

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 14, 2010

Ok this letter is for everyone to say what is going on.

Where to start..... Ok i'm getting a haircut today i will send photos. i'm really sick right now it stinks but whatever the lord probably wants to answer my prayers in some crazy way like humble me so i can learn more... so i'm fine with that. it is hard but the atonement was hard and i am a disciple of christ so why should it be easy for me? exactly. i'm turning into a planning freak. okay not freak... but i get the greatest pleasure checking off goals and setting and completing and executing. i probably sound crazy. well ya planning takes stress away. i started the bom again on friday. i'm at the end of 2 nephi already due to hours upon hours of study time. it is so awesome. it is true. i LOVE IT! READ IT!!!!!!!!!! Erin that is way cool your going to do ldv. i'm so happy. i'm looking forward to packages and stuff!

i'd like to say some things from my journal about the atonement. the enabling power of the atonement give the righteous the abilitiy to be god like in certain moments of their lives. aka miracles. to do things normal mortals couldn't. like receive extra strength, or anythign wrought from prayer. whether it be preparing to sing or play piano. ANYTHING! any miracles. christ will help us through our struggles. he has felt our frusturations in life and he will give us strenght accordingly. ex. me learning spanish. the more i struggle and work to learn he feels that and he helps me through it by giving me the gift of tongues. he feels our frusturations in the moment and helps us.

i can't wait to get to chile. when i think about someone somewhere struggling thorugh life, looking for meaning i just makes me tense up and my stomach sick and makes me shake and get ansty. i can't stand it. and i won't let me not preparing in the mtc be the cause of me failing to speak to someone or failing to know a scripture etc... or having the spirit. i just can't. i won't. i'm setting the bar at the sons of mosiah and alma. thats what i want to be. i'm willing to sacrifice everything for that. even if its just one person i need to help someone through their life. and see the change. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. a man will draw nearer to go by reading it says jospeh smith than with any other book.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Reeder

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Learn to walk by faith in a world governed by sight.


Shauna happy late late birthday! I sort of forgot about time in the mtc... everythin is just blending into one big mess of memory here.... happy birthday kelli!!!!! wow everything is happening really fast it is crazy.
ok so before you do anything or read anything you
need to watch the video on the home page of lds.org. the voice of the spirit. it is incredible. i love it. i watch it almost everyday. it will make your day everyday. it has so many good words. "learn to walk by faith in a world governed by sight". i love it sooooo much.
on the note of the spirit i have had two really cool experiences. two days in a row! two of our elders left for guatemala today. but before they left they wanted a blessing. strangely while watching the joseph smith movie i thought about giving a blessing... before i found out. it was crazy. then when we went to our room after elder rex pulled me aside and looked me dead in the eye and said he prayed about it and he felt i was the most spiritually intune and he wanted ME to give him one. it was so humbling. i am so grateful for the experience. when i gave him the blessing i felt energized with the spirit insomuch that i was shaking. it was amazing. the spirit spoke through me, i don't remember what i said. but when i was done he told me it was exactly what he needed to hear. i am so grateful for the experience.
the next day was the other experience. we gave elder williamson in our room a blessing ( i just helped) cause he was sick. elder himes is sick too and out of the blue he asked if he could get one. then he asked me to do it. this was a blessing with oil. so elder fonda annointed and i blessed. this one was REALLY powerful. wow. it is just indescribeable. it is a real testimony to me of the power of the spirit and of the lord. i am so lucky to have such experiences and have the spirit speak through me as an instrument. i feel like its like a rite of passage for me learning to use and recognized the spirit to what i need to say and do. it is awesome.
on that note thank you mom for raising me so well. :) i am so grateful you brought me up right and doing such a good job in making me strong while i was in my youth. just like the song "we have been born....to goodly parents who love the lord....we have been taught". i have been taught soooo good by my mom. thank you. women are FAR too often overlooked for the wonderful examples they are to us men. they have to raise children to be strong, all of their life! that is hard! probably stressful! they uplift others everyday and are so loving. they are such a good example of charity and the love of christ. i am working on charity but woman do it SO MUCH BETTER. but boy does it make me sick when these loving beautiful girls start to compare themselves to celebrities... just...UGH!! you are so much better in my eyes than ANY celebrity! a woman who can raise a child and have the spirit and get things done at home is far more beautiful than any woman i will ever see on tv. DONT YOU EVER THINK YOUR NOT BEAUTIFUL cause you ARE a daughter of god and he loves you. DONT EVER think your not good enough. dont fall prey to the world, the medai. you are different. be yourself. do what you do. be strong. be steadfast. be virtuous in who you are. dont EVER sacrifice your morals for anyone or anything. set the bard and don't move it. don't let anyone take advantage of you. UGH!!!!! i just really could care less for the girl who puts on tons of makeup and wears the fancy high heels cause she can afford them and yeah.... sorry if i sound mad or something but it is REALLY frusturating. be you. be strong. know who you are.i am so grateful for my mom and all of the girls who have made me better. and it makes me so sad that they even THINK to compare themselves too woman on tv. you are precious in the eyes of the lord. and honestly this is so random but i felt like YOU NEED TO KNOW that. so don't let anything or anyone get you down. you are a daughter of god. you are succesful when you feel the spirit, when you uplift others,, wwhhen you develop christ like attributes, when you stick to your guns and when you strenghten others.
now on another note. i'll etalk about some other stuff i guess. umm i just started tricking again during gym cause i haven't since i've been here. (gymnastics pretty much if you don't know what im saying) and elders are like freaking out about my skills. it is really interesting. and disconcerting (hhaahhaa im using big words) but ya it is funny. and everyone always asks about my heart surgery scar and aree lliike"did you get in a knife fight"? and asking about it. it is rreally funny.
mom yes i have gotten my pants. i see addy and josh and chris and kyle and josh ALL THE TIME. it is crazy. addy and josh both study on my floor so i see them all the time. it is awesome!!! so ya. i don't really know what to talk about right now. ummm...... i have like 6 min left to write..... hmmm... well my spanish is coming along pretty well. i can pretty much give the first lesson in spanish. and contact people and bear my testimony and pray in spanish. i am trying desperately to learn how to roll my r's but i am handicapped. sometimes i get it once then i have no idea what i just did. it is really sad you would probably laugh your head off watching me try. it is really funny.
i've had so many spiritual experiencs on my own since i've been here. soooooo many. my teacher is amazing. he is soooooo good. it is rediculous. like i have a list of quotes from him in my journal. thats how good he is. Erin how is school??? how is school for everyone??? i heard that iraq is over??!! lots of rumors. i have no idea what is happening outside the mtc. hahahha. it is awesome. i have to shave everyday now otherwise i look sort of like a bum. so i got some aftershave and stuff or whatever... i though it would be cool but i really don't like doing it. but it is pretty fun just to rub my face near the end of the day. it keeps me entertained when i have a hard time focusing. so ya i guess that is interesting??? i'm surprised i have n't had any awkward monents. i'm just not a awkward kid??? hahahah THAT is a lie. i make this awkward smile comparable to gilly at all my comps its great. hahaha well i'll talk tto you next week.
LOVE ELDER REEDER!!!!!!!!! write me! please!