Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Gospel = Run Faster, Jump Higher....

Apr 25, 2011

Mother..... to answer your question. YES! I get to call on Mother´s day haha. We have heard anything about it but I am told that yes, so we will let you know when and how things will happen!

Kelli nice work owning! Remember the important thing is that the team wins and that they score. So if you feel like going and scoring cause it looks good goooooo! Or if its better to give it away do it. Just remember the big picture because people will give your crap. I wish i would of been smarter or something in high school cause whenever we do activities here now i swear i am a lot smarter and juke everyone out. I don´t know the gospel is sweet and Im pretty sure it gives you a higher IQ and maybe even makes you run faster. Haha! Jah read your scriptures then!!! But really I am pretty sure.... Go work at firehouse Tyler will give you a job i bet. I don´t know it was good for me, but you are a girl and could get a lot of tips.... Just an idea.... :) You got nice easter swag in your photos hahahaha wooo!!

Dad I read the reflective listening thing. Well it is funny but being with companions i sort of already do it hahaha... but i have changed up some wording like instead of why saying other things. Or like im following, or im not following. Better wordings so people don´t get angry. In preach my gospel it talks about it in Chapter 10 titled listening. Preach my Gospel is awesome!!!! But it has helped, it is pretty cool though haha. It is working good. Happy Birthday!!! Erin too a little later!! Just kidding today!!!!!!! There is sushi here. It is not so great but a member sells us 15 rolls for like 2 bucks so we buy it hahaha! But it goes bad fast. Actually thatd be sweet if you could send me a recipe or how to make it.Does it stay long? Cause if so ill make it a lot.

With investigators we are taught to specifically meet needs through the gospel. What they want. So usually if they aren´t progressing we aren´t meeting some need, what they want, how it applies to their life. So we pretty much are like a swat team who has to adjust on the fly. First we need to gain their confidience, and ask some questions to get an idea of why they let us in and expect. We ask more, like if we god was here what would you ask of him.... Quesionts like that we can make. The improtant thing is that we find out so we know how to help them. I don´t get why people have fears of things it is crazy. Like irrational fears. Obviously Satan is working because peopel have this irrational fear of baptism..... But obviousl they feel something if they understand it is a big step. Hahah i don´t people in chile are funny. But we adjust to everything. If they arent´progressing we usually think we aren´t meeting what they are looking for. A lot of praying. Meditating. Praying. It is tough because we want to be teaching and it takes faith to drop someone and teach less looking for someon better.

Mom im not sure if theyll do pmg in color here. Plus mine is all marked up so i need a fresh one. I got sweats. Im sorry everything here is really expensive....Sweet with haydon harmon!!! As far as people writing me.... Ashley Elina and Kenna write me everyone once in a while. Mostly my fault for taking a while to finish a letter and get it to the mail place sent off.... IM SORRY!!!!! IM TRYING!!! :) But Iv talked to Mikey a couple of times. But that is like it. Don´t force people to write me though!!! I feel bad if I don´t write back hahaha or if i don´t know what to say or answer lots of questions hahaha. Well actually you could haha like all the primary or priests yeah thatd be sweet the priests. I don´t know mom hahaha don´t worry about it.

Say hi to max and Jd mason!!! I am pretty sure i am transforming into some sort of genius. My level of thinking is alot lot higher. It is crazy the things I learn now. Just thinking in a different way. I can´t even explain but everything just makes sense. Haha and all the things I learn from other elders. Deep doctrine is soo cool and it makes sense. But just on exchanges or whatever. Because i should always be simplifying things so i teach simple things hahaha!!!

Dont have alot time but we have a baptism this week!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR SECOND ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Teaching is not enough anymore. WE ARE HERE TO BAPTIZE: Now that we teach a ton it just insn´t satisfying if people aren´t heading towards baptism. It is for nothing. We are here to find the chosen and baptize them. Its hard to show my comp when he lacks faith to drop someone and find someone who is ready. Everything i learn doesn´t matter if i can´t transfer the vision to my comp. So that is where Im at. Communication still. Hahaha things are goin good though! Here name is Oscarina! Super cool!!! We are still meeting the mission standard. Good stuff!!!!

Elder Urias wants pictuires of us if you can send me some of us in Fresia cause he has none!!! I wear my contacts. I love being amissionary. IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE BECUASE IT IS CHANGING MY BRAIN. Hahaha but i am convinced. Read your scriptures and go to church. Look for revelation and use it daily for your problems. The commandments and gospel is a way to make your life easier and relieve stress. NOT RULES. If you think that you don´t understand. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Reeder

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crazy Week We are Teaching A LOT ;p

April 18, 2011

Ok well this past week was NUTS!!! We are teaching above the mission standard right now. It is pretty cool. President Lovell is really happy with us right now! We had a good interviw haha now that he will be leaving I have a good relationship with him... dang! Haha.

To answer your questions mom ; The new jacket is super great. I love it. It is really warm and waterproof and also has vents so when the weather changes extremely (happens often) i dont die of heat i can just open them up. With gloves, if you get me some get some that are thinner with the fingers chopped off. I have really bad handwriting already, but i see elders here with gloves like that so they can peoples addresses still rather than take them off every time you talk with someone. Im still watiting on the easter package. People here dont really care about easter i dont think. Catholics are doing something special... but we should remember jesus christ always. With the PMGs you have to find someone mom!!! Talk around and i think you will find someone! I know elder crane really well haha. He was in my district and in my zones twice. so yeah haha.

it just suddenly got super cold. so i suppose we are in winter. it rains a lot, like here and there super strong so it is a little annoying deciding to wear rain jacket or pants all day or part day or how the weather is cause it is nuts. so i usually just wear my jacket anyways.. oh and as far as cooking goes is that other elders want to cook together and i would just rather cook for myself and read my scriptures cause it is faster. or my comp wants to cook things together id rather not eat or spend money on. just little things like taht, but i should learn so when i married i get used to it hahah! but i am getting used to it and letting people do things for me and me for them. do i have better food? well not necessarily, because everyone budgets their own money to have what you want. i am smart about mine hahaha so i get good food haha but yeah i am learning to share more and not worry about it so much.

good job kelli owning in lacrosse. keep scoring goals, and remember the important things is winning haha! the team! so do what you got to do to win! if no one else does anything you do!

anyways back to last week. I am still learning a lot. Things were going really good until saturday and sunday when suddenly 2 investigators wents nuts and a recent convert fell back into drinking again. It was really sad. The recent converts name is Jorge and he completely changed from alcoholic and lots of bad things to a really faithful member. He has gone a while without work and fell back into drinking. We showed up to his house and he was drunk from rum. Elder Metcalf my comp baptized him so he cried and Jorge was crying and it was crazy. Then conni one of our investigators progressing her mom doesn´t want her to be baptized and just went berserk and started fighting with us during the lesson and Conni started crying and got all hysterical and doesn´t want us to come back. In all of that the member with us got offeneded by her and left. So we had to cut our next lesson with someone thats going to be baptized short to go and talk to him. Then other investigator and her mom ( a member) just went kind of crazy about how it doesn´t matter to obey the commandments and that their lives are different......

On top of that my comp gets sad and mad really easily...... So it has been a trial. But we got through all right. I can usually just smile at people and talk, listen, and things work out. Luckliy nothing crazy has happened, but I am grateful because i have tried telling my comp we should focus on other investigators lately because they aren´t progressing so much and I dont feel good about passing by with them. So the Lord made it happen. So.... in a way I am really happy because we are back to finding really good people instead of settling with the same invest. who aren´t progressing or changing. ;)

I started the Book of Mormon again. SOOOOO GOOOD!!! You should read it. ;) Everytime it gets better.

Things are going really good here. I think the ladie im sitting next to is high on something.... she is weirding me out and laughing... hahaha. Spanish is coming really really really good. Elder Cardona who lives with us is from Columbia. They speak really low and slow and very clear. They pronounce really good. Opposite of Chileans. So being around him helps me a lot. The way they talk is like moving there heads and like getting all into it if you get what i mean hahaha.

But yeah, pretty much I am loving it right now. The zone leaders tell us we are doing really really great and happy. They don´t worry about us or anything so i feel really good.

So things are going great! I love all your letters... Kelli... Erin... MOm dad. BUT WHERE ARE MATTHEW AND SHW???? Erin its your birthday soon and Dad too. Im saying happy birthday today in case i forget. I will remember though!!! Hahaha!!!


So yes. I love you all. I love it here. Elder Cardona finally agreed to go running with me. So now i am going to get really muscly again hopefullly. I still am but not so much in the face..... haha!!

Elder Reeder

Monday, April 11, 2011

I LOVE CHILE!!!!!!!!!!

April 11, 2011

Ok to answer all of your questions Mom!

Toy lax sticks.. that are like a foot long. Abram Wanner is a returned missionary who is super cool! You can totally trust him! I just found a super great deal on a jacket hear that is on sale. Its 90ish dollars. But it is normally 120 or 130 and w√°terproof softshell and very warm. So my plan is selling that Columbia jacket that is really really got but doesn´t fit very good to Elder Crane from Logan. It fits him good, i help him, he helps me, we are all happy. Everyone here wants either a Columbia jacket or Gallo the chilean one im buying. So good stuff! Thank you mother! I am thinking of getting a nice pair of adidas sweat pants that have tight elastic bands at the bottom but here everything is really expensive. Like its 20mil pesos. Or in the states 40 bucks. So not a great deal…. But they are warm for sleeping and i can wear them pdays and pull them up into shorts when i want to go exercise and do cool things. They would be awesome. But i can live another week without them, just let me know if it´d be better to buy some here or you there and send them…. And Brother Wanner. Yes you can trust him but thanks for being worried haha. Yeni is really great, she is a Ward missionary who gets us a lot of references and we are going to have a baptism because of her.

I sent grandpa a letter. I hope he gets it! Let me know if he doesn´t! I don´t have any problems with fleas anymore hahaha. I guess since i got my carnet and visa, i have been officially chilean so they don´t bother me any more. Maybe Jared ought to renew hiso r something hahaha to be sure!

Kelli! You didn´t write me anything! What the heck!? I read them all of the time, i just don´t always have to time to write back. It makes me way happy you are playing lacrosse and trying new things. I hope you get better soon so that you can go play more and feel better!

Ok good stuff. And... Happy Birthday Ashley!! I saw it on my calendar... i might buy you something chilean from one of the little booths here. But maybe I will get a little something for everyone whos birthdays are coming up and send it all in one package. Probably cheaper. BUt i know so happy birthday!

And Dad thanks a lot for the advice! It really is my biggest problem. Loving people. But it is an action verb, not just a feeling. People don´t know you love them if you don´t show it. So i am excited to read it and apply it! I have noticed a change in me that I am feeling more normal just giving people hugs and being a lot more normal and close to people. I feel a lot happier now haha its a lot more fun just joking around. Not like bugging but a more loving way. Like the best way to explain would be bromance on the lacrosse team, except it is with everybody. Wasn´t so good at that on the team haha but i am getting more used to it just being a nice person and listening to problems, and THEN showing them that I care.

I really like how Presidnet Eyring said when we feel compassions we should immediately do service and make ourselves available. Not just say, oh dang, im sorry. But be there to help. Act on your compassion.

Things are really going great here it is incredible. I feel like i am really starting to pick up on how to work effectively. I watch what people do, say, what works, doesn´t, and most importantly we are obedient so we can have the spirit. I always take advantage of my leaders for advice when I can and study it and apply it. We do more divisions now because of all of the members here, and I can speak spanish and understand and control members and situations. So things are going really great.

We just reopend this sector last month with nothing. But now we have a big pool of investigators and it is up and running. Going crazy! The field is white and already to harvest! We are meeting the mission standard every week and getting people to church and preparing them for baptism! Im pretty sure were going to have 4 baptisms by the end of this month. Its really exciting.

Don´t forget about those 2 mini preach my gospels! Mine weigh a ton of weight! Mini ones i can even carry with me in the street, so they are great!

I am about to finish the book of mormon again today. I know its true. I love Moroni. "for i moroni will not deny the christ..." When we were baptized we took the promise upon us to follow him, to remember him, and to obey his commandments. In return we receive everything. Satan is working so hard against us in the world today. You either progress and grow in light like the savior, or you grow in darkness every day. If you do not fortify yourself and surround yourself with the gospel, you are left exposed to Satan to slowly drag you down to misery. Don´t give in! The savior ALWAYS has his hand extended. He is begging you. I am begging you. Everyone who is not participating of the sacrament, COME BACK. Take his hand and he will welcome you with open arms. I am so thankful for fasting. I feel so much more sensitive to the spirit. Sin is what separates us from God. From is love. From every good thing. You need to Repent and be baptized if you haven´t already. You need gods love in your life. You need his help. Repent. Change. You can change. Christ´s arm is always extended. The members of the ward will always welcom you if you return with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

The sacrament prayers I love reading now. I don´t know why but I do! I am becoming a lot closer to everyone. I am becoming a ballbaby, or just more sensitive to how heavenly father really feels about people. I really love it. I am really happy.

Everything is great! Love everyone! Read the book of mormon! Go to church! Say your prayers! Have a connection with heavenly father!

Elder Reeder.

Miracles Are Happening Every Day!!!

Mar 28, 2011
Hello Family!

How is everybody doing?! Good to know ELina is ok! Things are going sooooo great here! We are seeing miracles everyday now. My comp and I are trying to purify ourselves everyday and we are finding what we are looking for everyday. Miracles. Everyday. Wow. We are just trying to follow the spirit. The will of the lord and he is blessing us soooo much.

One of them. So all of our plans had fallen, and we were just standing there. Then I remembered this guy we had set a lot of appointmens with and never is there. But I felt it and we went. I am getting use to spiritual promptings now, because as we were walking over there I was pretty sure he was going to be there. And he was! His name is Alejandro. We taught him and it was really powerful lesson. We invited him to come see a baptism the other Elders were going to have and he said yes. He told us he wanted to clean up and cut his hair cause it just felt right so he asked us if we would go with him to get his hair cut. hahah all of our plans fell so we ended up coming back. When we came back he had already shaved a looked a lot more different. So we went and dropped him off. It was way cool. The spirit is already working on his heart.

I am doing great! I really haven´t changed much since hahaha!!! I stayed the same in the MTC and I´m still the same now!!!!! The only difference is that I´m just getting a little bigger like muscly which isn´t a bad thing hahaha! I am actually pretty happy! I don´t what the deal is with my face but every tells me I have a baby face it drives me crazy. But then they all tell me I look a lot older than I am like 24 so I don´t know how those 2 things work together but Mom Dad is there is something I can do some sort of exercise to make my face super chiseled please tell me.... then i can fix it and people will stop haha. I´m not sick or anything, I have a lot of flem left over from being sick but I am pretty much good now. Oh another thing, I totally bashed my pinky toe on my left foot into the wall the other day. It is really red and blue but its not broken, lately have looked cripple in the street walking and trying to keep the same pace we walked before. hahah it is fun, it hurts, but the work must progress!!!! Its pretty much better but it was funny.

Spiritually, well i think my letter to the president sums it up about.
"Hello President,

Well I got my carnet. I feel Chilean now and a lot safer walking around than just with papers. Elder Metcalf and I are getting along great now and working hard and seeing a lot of results. We are teaching a lot now it is amazing how much the sector is growing! I am really just loving here President. I just can tell you how much I love it. I am so grateful for all of these people, for my comp, for everything. Things are just going great.

I have been learning so much this week pondering and studying. We were watching Finding Faith in Christ with an investigator and I don´t know why cause I´ve seen it in English before, but when I watched it in Spanish and after studying the New Testament a little more something in my mind and heart just changed. A desire stronger than ever came to me. I realized that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. And I can´t really explain it how I feel but I feel like now I need to know him. Know his character, his love, and become it. I find myself talking about him more, and as a result I feel the spirit a lot more. I love it.

So now I have this desire to know him, and become like him. The sisters told me I should study Jesus the Christ, but Joseph Smith that a man will come closer to God from reading the Book of Mormon than any other book (I´ve been reading a lot lately). So what do you recommend? One or the two? I feel more strongly towards the Book of Mormon, I was reading to today but I have changed how I read it now. Every time I see christ or when it is talking about him I mark it. I am finding and learning so many new things. I read 3 Nephi 9 today, but it was so much more different then any other time I have read it. He says to the people 6 or 7 times that he has destroyed the people to hide their sins from his face and because the blood of the prophets and saints crying from the ground. He talks about that and repeats until he finally tells them to come unto him. My imagination of him has changed. I think of him begging, pleading, for them to come unto him. That it is just so simple. That is hand is always stretched out. I feel his sorrow now. I have never read or felt that before. It is changing the way I am a lot.

One cocern I have President. I feel a lot different since the MTC. Back then I would crie every time I talked about the atonement, or at least feel very strongly about it. Now when I talk about it, it doesn´t happen anymore... I am becoming desensitized? I don´t know what I need to do to feel like that again.

We are seeing miracles every day. We are finding what we are looking for. I am receiving answers to my prayers. I have never been happier.

Anyways things are going great here, we need to remember to have time to explain to people prayer, and church a little better. Dedicate more time to those and remember to always look for an opportunity to invite someone to be baptized. We´re going to fix those but things are going great!

Love, Elder Reeder"

So things are going great!!!!! I love being here. It is the best! General conference is really soon. I don´t know what to pray for because life is just great! I am still trying to figure out how to become the person I want to be. It can be a real battle sometimes because I know who I want to be. I see it in my head, but it is just a matter of doing it. I find myself selfish sometimes at night making food (we live with 4), and a bunch of other things. I don´t know. I like to cry, sometimes i want to but I don´t. I like to sing (i usually just want to really loud but i dont), i like a whole bunch of things people think I don´t´. So i am trying to open up, and just be how I really feel inside. The way I feel says one thing, but the way I show it says the complete opposite. So I am trying to change. It is really hard, but it is who the lord wants me to be. Not me. Not my comp. But the lord. ANd I know he wants me to be the person I am in my heart, not the natural me. He wants me to love my comp, express myself, and be worrying about others more than myself. So if you have some advice for me tell me! I have these ephiphanys and I forget the feeling i have (thanks dad) and I forget I need to be changing. So help me out!

I love you all I pray for you all very night!

Chao! Elder Reeder

Sunday, April 10, 2011


April 4, 2011

Hello Family!

So this week has been a BLAST!!! YEAH!!!! We got 5 investigators to go to conference!!!! I am pretty sure that 4 of them are going to be baptized!!! Priesthood session was SOOOO GOOD. Oh my goodness I loved it all. Thomas S. Monson made a very great statement. Read the Book of Mormon!!!! I am about to finish again in a few days I´m in Mormon. But all of the family should read the Book of Mormon. I challenge all of you to do it. I promise you all that as you do it you will find the answers to the problems in your life, and they will all go away. You will discover a new happiness and peace in your life with a perfect knowledge that God is our Heavenly Father and that in reality Joseph Smith was his prophet. It is pure evidence! You just have to read it! Not just read read, but read, ponder on the message often, and ask God in prayer if it is true. You will gain a testimony that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith was his prophet, and that means that this is his church. The promise is perfect and true and if you ask with Faith, sincerely wanting to know, and true intention (you will act on that answer) then you will learn by the Holy Ghost that it is true for yourself.

But it all begins with reading it. From Cover to cover. Not just 1 Nephi, rather the Intro, the testimonies, all of it. If there is one thing I want, is that all of the family can read it with an open heart, and pray to know it is true. Finish it before I get home. That is all I want. That is the one thing I want. I am so happy. I can´t even explain how happy I am, because my life is simple now, and will be after because all I need to do is live the commandments and my Heavenly Father will give me all of the things I need, all of the happiness, and will make my life so much more than I can. Be diligent and read, every night no matter night.

With conference we watched it all live. From 1 to 3 and 5 to7 and priesthood 9 to 11. That was really late in the night haha. But so good. I have a big love for conference now. I was sad that it was over. I got a good confirmation that loving and service is still what I should be working on.

Another topic.... yes figure out some food I should eat Erin and exercises!!!! PLEASE!!!! hahaha and with my iPod you need to turn it off, and turn it on THEN plug it in and use it. Be patient it will work. But I WOULD LOVE IT if you could take it around to people´s friend´s houses and people in choir with you Erin and load it with church music. A TON!!! (try to make it work! but if no you can reset it a delte everything.... but i´d rather that no if possible... but if you need to DO IT and load it with a ton of church music, movie soundstracks like prince of egypt is really good, and disney music. whatever you want, i will delete what i don´t think i like or is spiritual!) Speaking of which, I saw Bro. Salmond directing hahaha and Tanner Wright!!! I was weirded out seeing some people I know in the choir on TV. Kind of funny because in a way I feel like "what are they all doing still home?!" serve a mission son! It is the best thing I have ever done. Scott and JAMES JUST DO IT! I LOVE IT! YOU WILL TOO!!! NO LIE WHEN I SAY BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!!!!

No time, but here is my letter to President this week=
Hello President thanks for the response!

I think I understand what you mean when you say settled. I think I am alright because the other day we were teaching a family who is really attached to the virgen Mary. I testified so many time of Christ and that only through him, no other name or person, and his atonement can we return to live with our Heavenly Father. So I feel very content now.

I can see the more I read the Book of Mormon the closer I feel to Christ and my Heavenly Father. I have gotten in the rhythm where I really want to read it every day once again, I lost that for a little bit. I think I plan on reading a little of Jesus the Christ every day because what I have read I have really liked. I also plan to continue reading the New Testament since one of the Apostles said that it is necessary. I took that to heart, so I will try to organize this all out. I have also been contemplating reading DyC for the first time but I don´t think there is quite enough time! But I will make sure I always read the Book of Mormon and study for investigators... because I can read after the Mission too.

So I have been doing a lot of pondering about how I can love and become more like Christ. Then I remembered the lyrics to the song "Called To Serve". I have never really thought about them, but I am called to SERVE. SERVICE. To serve other first before myself. Proclaim Heavenly Father´s love.

I realized that the Hallmark Attributes of Christ and his disciples are Love and Service. I also realized that there is only a certain point that I can work on myself to become more Christlike. But it eventually comes to the point of putting other first and helping others first before myself. That is how I can progress. It seems very simple to look back on it now, but I feel a much deeper understanding. Now the challenge is looking for, finding, and doing acts of service for everyone. Because I am called to serve.

This past week was great. Something just hit me and I realized that the most important thing is getting people to church. Everytime that we didn´t have a member with us and we were going to teach I just thought "Lo Importante es que vayan a la iglesia". It paid off. We are seeing so many fruits. We have 4 who are going, progressing towards baptism, and I really believe will be baptized. We are seeing so much progress here it is incredible. Our presence really does have an influence. We are having an effect! I am so happy! I feel like I have unlocked some sort of secret about getting people to church. Your desires! I want people to go really bad now because one investigator transformed, well all of them, into golden investigators after having a good experience there and feeling the spirit. I want all of them to be golden and keep all of the commitments! Therefore I want all to go to church, receive blessings they need, and become converted!

I really enjoy being with Elder Metcalf now. I am learning a lot, and him too. When we are united we suceed. When we aren´t we fall. There is a pattern. I am going to try and serve him as much as I can and everyone else from here on out! I love being in Puerto Montt!!!!!


Elder Reeder"

Family again! - 21st of March?

Hello again from Chile! I have heard a lot of crazy things happening in the world. Supposedly there is a nuclear crisis in japan now??? they got hit by an earthquake and tsunami correct? is elina ok? we were going to get hit here by a tsnuami in puerto montt but it didn´t happen so we are OK!!!!! YEAH!!

Ok a little more meat. Sorry dad i really am in a hurry a lot. Before it was easy to find time, but now i see i have to make everybody happy. So it is kind of hard to keep everyone happy and do what you want to do. I am still finding the balance! But yeah a little about Puerto Montt. It always rains here and super super hard. Also super super windy. I have the little dinky umbrella and i walk around haha and contact people. THey will usually stop underneath just because i have an umbrella to listen. Something funny here is that if your umbrella goes inside out it means your gay or weird. Its like a saying. So i have to point my umbrella in the direction the wind is coming all the time so it doesn´t hahaha. But i am looking in to getting one. I gotta find one today!!!!

Recently we have been having a lot of sucess and little miracles! It is incredible! I am learning so much! It is incredible! Yesterday we talked to two new people who have been prepared for us. They are both named christina. we are bettering our teachings a lot. I am revolving it more around baptism now. Important thing! At the end of the restoration i asked ¨"so if these things were true, if joseph smith was a prophet what would that mean for you?" and she said "well of course id need to be baptized again." hahaha yes!!!! i am sooooo happy!!

im sorry i am writing bad letters now its hard to think of new creative things to write cause all the days roll into one and i am pretty used to the routine now. the other christina was a dropped investigator who had a big fight with missionarys in the past about her needing to be married and going to church or somethign im not sure. but that was last night and was completely inspired the lesson. i just felt to ask the question "so you were going to be baptized before? your boyfriend told us some things but im not sure if i understand..." and she just told us everything. after everything she told us i felt impressed to ask if she still would like to be baptized and she said yes. i told her we´re having a baptismal service the 16 of april and we want to invite here to prepare and be baptized. she accepted. we know two members here who know a lot about the law. The Wanners. It has already been 12 years since the last Elders. I think that the members really know their way around the marriage laws and how to do it fast. So we are excited!! It was a miracle. I don´t know, everyday we see so many little miracles and it is incredible. I couldn´t tell you everything.

Well the biggest factor is the spirit. There is nothing more important. If its not there then there is just no sucess. So i have to make sure I talk with Elder Metcalf frequently because what happens is that I am just always happy. I am just completely oblivious to what goes on or rather i just don´t mind things. My comp has problems he is working on and i realize that he knows himself better then me so i am just patient and dont bother him. So i am content. But he doesn´t have that type of patience. So i am just walking around all happy and what not and little do i know he is really mad at me about something. Something really small, and i want to make things good but i just never know or realize. SO i have to be sure i am talking to him knowing what he is thinking, if everything is good to be sure we are ok. THen if we aren´t we talk haha it is intense but i am becoming good at handling situations now hahaha but we are good. When we work we work hard! Just some little misunderstandings overstressed sometimes.

Well so yes. It is so important that we are in the Lord. I realize so many things now. John 15 is really really great. I love it. We have one investigator whos dad has mental problems and it has ran by head so many times to give him a blessing. So many times but i keep thinking that no it won´t work cause you can´t fix that. Or i dont know if thats what the lord wants. Well i just found out the other day from my comp that the same though has been running through his head. I read in helaman 11 or 10:5 when it talks about how whatever thing we ask for will be granted because our will will be so intwined with the lord´s will. So i realized, we both are doing everything possible to have the spirit, we both are thinking alike, we are both having spiritual promptings. So we are going for it one of these days here.

I hope that is enough!!! Live your live in a way where you can always have in mind to keep the holy ghost in your life!!! Im glad to hear from everyone. GO KELLI IN LACROSSE!!! ERIN SEND ME PHOTOS!!!! SHAUNA WHERE ARE YOU!!!! MATTHEW WHATS GOING ON IN SCHOOL!!!!!

Haha. We will talk again next week. I hope thats good for now!

Elder Reeder