Monday, April 11, 2011

I LOVE CHILE!!!!!!!!!!

April 11, 2011

Ok to answer all of your questions Mom!

Toy lax sticks.. that are like a foot long. Abram Wanner is a returned missionary who is super cool! You can totally trust him! I just found a super great deal on a jacket hear that is on sale. Its 90ish dollars. But it is normally 120 or 130 and w√°terproof softshell and very warm. So my plan is selling that Columbia jacket that is really really got but doesn´t fit very good to Elder Crane from Logan. It fits him good, i help him, he helps me, we are all happy. Everyone here wants either a Columbia jacket or Gallo the chilean one im buying. So good stuff! Thank you mother! I am thinking of getting a nice pair of adidas sweat pants that have tight elastic bands at the bottom but here everything is really expensive. Like its 20mil pesos. Or in the states 40 bucks. So not a great deal…. But they are warm for sleeping and i can wear them pdays and pull them up into shorts when i want to go exercise and do cool things. They would be awesome. But i can live another week without them, just let me know if it´d be better to buy some here or you there and send them…. And Brother Wanner. Yes you can trust him but thanks for being worried haha. Yeni is really great, she is a Ward missionary who gets us a lot of references and we are going to have a baptism because of her.

I sent grandpa a letter. I hope he gets it! Let me know if he doesn´t! I don´t have any problems with fleas anymore hahaha. I guess since i got my carnet and visa, i have been officially chilean so they don´t bother me any more. Maybe Jared ought to renew hiso r something hahaha to be sure!

Kelli! You didn´t write me anything! What the heck!? I read them all of the time, i just don´t always have to time to write back. It makes me way happy you are playing lacrosse and trying new things. I hope you get better soon so that you can go play more and feel better!

Ok good stuff. And... Happy Birthday Ashley!! I saw it on my calendar... i might buy you something chilean from one of the little booths here. But maybe I will get a little something for everyone whos birthdays are coming up and send it all in one package. Probably cheaper. BUt i know so happy birthday!

And Dad thanks a lot for the advice! It really is my biggest problem. Loving people. But it is an action verb, not just a feeling. People don´t know you love them if you don´t show it. So i am excited to read it and apply it! I have noticed a change in me that I am feeling more normal just giving people hugs and being a lot more normal and close to people. I feel a lot happier now haha its a lot more fun just joking around. Not like bugging but a more loving way. Like the best way to explain would be bromance on the lacrosse team, except it is with everybody. Wasn´t so good at that on the team haha but i am getting more used to it just being a nice person and listening to problems, and THEN showing them that I care.

I really like how Presidnet Eyring said when we feel compassions we should immediately do service and make ourselves available. Not just say, oh dang, im sorry. But be there to help. Act on your compassion.

Things are really going great here it is incredible. I feel like i am really starting to pick up on how to work effectively. I watch what people do, say, what works, doesn´t, and most importantly we are obedient so we can have the spirit. I always take advantage of my leaders for advice when I can and study it and apply it. We do more divisions now because of all of the members here, and I can speak spanish and understand and control members and situations. So things are going really great.

We just reopend this sector last month with nothing. But now we have a big pool of investigators and it is up and running. Going crazy! The field is white and already to harvest! We are meeting the mission standard every week and getting people to church and preparing them for baptism! Im pretty sure were going to have 4 baptisms by the end of this month. Its really exciting.

Don´t forget about those 2 mini preach my gospels! Mine weigh a ton of weight! Mini ones i can even carry with me in the street, so they are great!

I am about to finish the book of mormon again today. I know its true. I love Moroni. "for i moroni will not deny the christ..." When we were baptized we took the promise upon us to follow him, to remember him, and to obey his commandments. In return we receive everything. Satan is working so hard against us in the world today. You either progress and grow in light like the savior, or you grow in darkness every day. If you do not fortify yourself and surround yourself with the gospel, you are left exposed to Satan to slowly drag you down to misery. Don´t give in! The savior ALWAYS has his hand extended. He is begging you. I am begging you. Everyone who is not participating of the sacrament, COME BACK. Take his hand and he will welcome you with open arms. I am so thankful for fasting. I feel so much more sensitive to the spirit. Sin is what separates us from God. From is love. From every good thing. You need to Repent and be baptized if you haven´t already. You need gods love in your life. You need his help. Repent. Change. You can change. Christ´s arm is always extended. The members of the ward will always welcom you if you return with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

The sacrament prayers I love reading now. I don´t know why but I do! I am becoming a lot closer to everyone. I am becoming a ballbaby, or just more sensitive to how heavenly father really feels about people. I really love it. I am really happy.

Everything is great! Love everyone! Read the book of mormon! Go to church! Say your prayers! Have a connection with heavenly father!

Elder Reeder.

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