Friday, October 28, 2011

Elder Reeder -

Oct 24, 2011

Hello Family!

I need to take time to think. There are so many things I forget to ask for or say if I dont! Oh yes! Mom, I just ran out of contacts the other day. I am walking around with my glasses, I probably should have forseen this but I didnt really think about it! Sooo maybe more contacts?? I sort of think my eyes are getting worse so do i need a checkup? Could you send my my prescription in the meanwhile so i can get cheap pair until they come? When i get back can i get lasik so i dont need them anymore? Could you let me know today so i can go and buy them?

Hahah that is nuts that Devin is back!! Haha ese compadre hes got a red tie on. That will be fun to talk with him. Oh yes and some detalles on my companion. My comps name is Elder Vasquez. He is from Honduras. His family is pretty humble, his Dad left his mom when she had the baby, and he would always pass all the money he earned to his Mom to support his family. Like everything he has is bought from the mission, scriptures, suit, like everything. It is sweet. He is ballin at soccer and I am learning a lot of new things. WHOAH! Thank goodness for technology because the power just went out and i thought I lost everything!! HAHAHA!!! But yeah ELder Vasquez. Before the mission he was really good with the ladies too, so i suppose i am learning a lot of things hahaha!

This past sunday i talked about pride in church. It was really good for me to study it. Satan is really tricky, i think "oh i know what humility it, i know what pride is" but then when I studied I remembered a lot of things. So that was good for me. When you read the scriptures its like your in another world. But then i stop and look at my comp and does something prideful and then i start losing that crazy scripture power hahaha. So applying is the important part. But i feel like this sector has really helped me to confirm all the good things and bad things. It is like a boomerang effect. That would be the only way to explain it. Like I had the good things down in Puerto Montt, then i just went through a big loop and am coming back to where i was. Just more strong, and with a stronger testimony of what is right, from experience.

Also lately I am studying Hymns in English in my studies. I feel it really is the key to unlocking a lot of my spirituality as a person. Everytime i study and ponder i can really feel the spirit. It is pretty sweet.

I believe that is all?? Hmmm... oh yes good news. There is an ELder who knows how to spot. So did some backflips, and then some gainer flashes again. O sea TRICKING!! Hahaha i got some cool photos, we went to a place called Niebla and it is on the coast by the ocean. With cliffes and what not. So enjoy!

Love you all!!
-Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - We already why not?!

Oct 17, 2011

Dearest Family,

This past week was awesome! We finally got someone to church. A Jehovahs Witness guy. The lesson was pretty epic that it took to get him there. I just testified like really really strong. He didnt commit to go, but i challenged him to go if he really wants to show enough faith in order to receive an answer of the BOM. HE SHOWED UP!!!! HAHA IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Yes. This past week was good. I had a talk with my companion, we actually stayed in the house until we fixed everything between us. Nothing bad, just my companion doesnt see things he does, it took a while for me to help him understand. But at the end we were both edified, i felt like he had a lesson to learn from the lord, and now that he has learned it the Lord is blessings us again. My companion say i am the dad he never had. He never had one. It was sweet. Lots of tears. YEEEE!!!!

I decided to not give up on helping the members here. We started a PMG class. The first class I gave was really sweet. So good that the members didnt forget it by sunday! Actually they are all excited to learn how to be missionaries and they are beginning to understand the importance! A miracle! So i think i am fulfiilling my purpose of being here. That was my goal when i came, but then i kind of killed over and died, due to lack of patience.

Emmm.... I believe that is not all... but I cant tell you everything, but we are doing great! I got some good photos coming. i havent read the emails. I am going to print them cause there is no time. LOVE YOU ALLL! LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!

Mom, Dad. I have challenge. Find someone and baptize them before i get home! I dare you! Get PMG and study lessons 3 and 10. Well all of it!!! Become missionaries!!!

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - How Being A Missionary Has Changed Me

Oct 10, 2011

Hello Family!

You know I always try to think of subject that sums up everything I want to talk about. It just makes sense right?! La ReseƱa!

Dad, to answer your question.

¨¨You’ve been doing the trainer thing for a while now, how do you like it? Is it fulfilling? What do you like best? What is most challenging? LMK. You have a had a great trust placed on you... but, I know that it is also a lot of work mentally, physically and spiritually. I hope you are enjoying it and finding happiness through it?¨

I really like being a trainer, because I really like learning. It is really fulfilling to see my companion grow, and to help`him through all of the little ephipanys. The best part is when I mess up and then he helps me to remember things. (getting up on time). He helps me through all of my little mistakes. So that is really cool that I can depend on him now like that. The most challenging this is patience, humility, and being careful about how much I correct him. I am learning a lot about myself, about how to be a Dad in the future, how to help people more than just teaching if that makes sense. A way to give them the tools, help them to be self independent? Help them figure it out but not too much... Haha yeah. I guess that sums it up!

I would definitely say that this new program is really important. I would also say that Satan really doesnt want it to work out. Things happen to me that never happened with my other companions. I just.... dont have very much patience. I get mad, frustrated, about things that dont really matter. I blame my companion for things that arent his fault to cover up my own mistakes. For example, I tell my companion needs to talk more, but really I need to allow him to talk more, give him more opportunities. But in the end I make him feel really bad (Our family has a talent for that) and that really isnt something healthy, nor does it help us to progress. Or me. These are things I havent done with former companions.... but i get frusturated with my companion, then i am mad at myself, then I ask my companion to forgive me. Then I repeat. Pride is a big problem. Judging. Hypocrisy. Just a lot of problems with my self that stem from frusturation. So I feel like what we are doing is really important, and the adversary knows that. So he really doesnt want it to work. I have to be really careful with how I act, how I am. Because he is attacking a lot right now. It is a slippery slope! So humility, love, think before I speak. Dont stress though! Because God has a plan for everything and is WAY more powerful than Satan.

BUT the good thing is I have though about this, I recognize it so I plan on changing it hahaha! I talk with my companion a lot, he jsut doesnt talk back. So i dont know what he is thinking, thus I begin to think he thinks a lot of bad thigns of me. A lack of trust on my part. So i just need to trust him a little more and think the best.

So today i was thinking was about all of the cool things I have learned as I have been a missinoary. How i have changed. I have a list.

Good Changes. or new things I have learned that I do now haha
1.Organized 2. Focused3. Prioritized4. Confident 5. Clean Freak 6. Dont like to waste time 7. A Testimony 8. An Excellent Teacher! 9. Intelligent 10. Find answers to questions 11. Get Along with others (companionship=marriage) 12. Responsable, Dependable 13. Set Goals and Acheive 14. Make Things Happen 15. Faith, Hope 16. Charity 17. Diligent 18. Obedient 19. Knowledge 20. Humility=dependance on the Lord 21. Listen and Converse, or like Social 22. Punctual 23. Just 24. Dont care what others think.

Bad Changes, Things I need to improve
1. Humility=Everyone else 2. Patience 3. Hypocrit 4. I like to do things my way 5. Charity (still) 6. Virtuous 7. Selfish 8. Blame others for mistakes 9. Disrespectful, Im kind of bold, sometimes I offend others in that way, also laughing 10. Dont give time for others 11. Stress, result of resposability, that did not exist before the mission haha 12. Judge 13. Service 14. Mercy 15. Dont mind what others think (can be a bad thing sometimes)

It is really weird. I get along super good with every other person who is not my companion. These problems dont exist. But in the house, with him, it is a little harder.

But how i see everything I have learned is like.... I took a giant step forward with one leg in my personal progress, and now the rest need to catch up. Because if i try to go any futther I will do the splits and fall over hahaha..... Like I am a lot more organized etc. but as a result a lot of other things are more difficult. Thats where I am! I would love to know Mom and Dad what are your biggest challengs, because it is probable I have the same ones, and if i can fix them here, and now, it will most likely be easier in the future!!

As far as investigators. We got one. He is an alcoholic and has like 21 years old. He lives in areally humble house. Yesterday he accepted a baptismal date. We are teaching a pretty good amount. This is like the 4th week with no one in church. That it is sort of the reason for all of this pondering. Dont stress! I am happy cause we are fixing it. GO TEAM!

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Conference Was Great!

Oct 3, 2011

Hello Family!

It is good to hear how everything is going! Thanks Grammy and Grandad for the letter. Im glad to hear you are all doing well.

I enjoyed conference this session of conference. It didnt really blow my mind, but it was solid. As my understanding grows of the gospel, I wonder, "how many times have they talked about the same thing?". I imagine we will hear the same things all of our lives. But we can accept them and be happy, or just kick against the pricks all life. We should learn to love the gospel principles, and the simplicity and intrecasy they have in our lives.

Sister Tompson and Elder Richardson touched a little tiny bit on how we teach as missionaries. By the spirit. Haha I feel cool understanding how to do that. I liked Elder Scotts about scriptures as our best friends. I am in the process of memorizing, well mostly from repeating so many, I just quote them all the time to people when I teach. It is more powerful that way. Wastes less time too :). If they dont believe me I let them look it up. I notice a lot of leadership attributes to incorporate into myself watch President Monson. I notice the way I do things, serious+joking, is a good combo. Make people smile! Dont take things to seriously, but do what is right and have joy! Chileans are all so depressed, I have best results when I make them laugh.

FEEL THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH!!! Hahaha Elder Bednars talk was good. Dead or alive, a baptism is a baptism. Same blessings. They are practically free! A lot of good talks. A lot of correction. Haha every time i notice more and more how much the apostles need to correct people. I never notice before but I laugh when I watch conference because they are all the same things we tell our members.... Haha I love being a missionary.

I like the talk about decisions. We have to take a lot. Just give it up, and do what Heavenly Father wants. Pray, then go with your gut with faith. But PRAY! Dont be prideful and base it on you own knowledge. Because we get too smart, and then we confuse ourselves. Elder Callister´s talk is a perfect example of how I teach people. The BOM is true or it isnt. Everything you want is here, in your hands, you can have by being baptized. Or I am lying to your face and wasting 2 years in Chile. So?

Anyways, I hope you all can apply everything they taught us. Take it seriously what they teach us, but dont be robots/pharisees. Follow the spirit and be happy! Be like the savior.

We are not taching a lot, but I am happy. We are obedient, and following the spirit. It is just patience...


Elder Reeder

The talk on using time was sick. He quoted a lot of things from PMG. Actually a ton of talks used PMG quotes. I like ELder Wadells talk. Missions are tailored to our needs and personalities. I figure that out 2 weeks ago. But now I know that is legit. I need to learn to love. Choosing the right requires courage, we need to stand up for our believes and reject those that are false. Just thinking I realized that when we receive revelation, the veil of forgetfullness is take away from our minds, and the things we already knew before this life are brought back to remembrance by the holy ghost.... That was revelation!

I liked SIster Dalton´s talk. Dad, go get kelli from her dates if she doesnt come home on time. Be an example! Hahaha... all very good.

Elder Reeder - Count Your Blessings

Sep 26, 2011

Hello Family!

So I was thinking in sacrament meeting. Well I used to think I came to a "hard mission" where you dont baptize a lot because I am really strong or something, but actually thinking about it I just need to be purified more. So it is actually the opposite. I just really need to learn something here, and I know that is one word. Love.

This is the 2nd or 3rd week with nobody in church. A lot of people dont want to continue listening or receiving us. One guy who got an answer about the BOM doesnt want to continue. Haha but that is totally normal. By companion is freaking about we are dropping so many people. I explained to him agency and everything hahaha.... but the Lord has his reasons for everything. We just need to trust him.

To answer your questions mom. The reason why we had Pday on Saturday was because of September 18. Independence day in Chile. Everyone gets drunk and it is kind of dangerous to be outside (even though it wasnt here) we had to stay in members houses that weekend. President also moved PDAY to Saturday. I got the electric razor. I really like it, but it there a way to make it cordless? I am not cold. It is actually getting really hot here. I am totally gettin my tan on!!! Whooo!!! Haha and I am becoming the master of soccer, and of using examples so people understand. Less condemnation, better understanding, double win!

I am learning everyone is different. My companion does everything so different. But in the end the fundamentals are the important, your style, or how you do things, your way, doesnt really bmatter. It is like in skateboarding. Like "do a kickfip" and you could do it like a billion different ways. In the end it is the same trick. Same fundamental. Everyone has their own way of going about doing it. Different styles! So yeah I dont complain, well I try to see the good in everything.

I am learning a lot of patience and love.... AGAIN. Appreciating what people have to say, and many other things. Every tells us that we are to so persistent, and overbearing, even members tell us. People get upset with me when i want to set a teaching visit for a specific time. Chileans dont like to commit. But we continue, bold and loving. An interesting combination, but it is neccessary.

I am really happy. As far as teaching goes this week rocked. Guided by the spirit. We are running. Obedient. I feel great. Now it is just patience. We prayed and we thought 3 at first, but i was feeling 4, so we prayed again, we decided the goal for october is 4 baptisms. I have no idea how we are going to do it, but thats what the lord wants. So lets get it done.

I am so grateful for the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ. Every Sunday I have the sweet opportunity to repent. Recognize the things I need to change. Forget the past week. Start over and try again. I am so grateful for the peace that comes from the forgiveness of my mistakes. Others need that. My blessings i have thought about: Remmision of sins, salvation, the gift of th eholy ghost, knowledge, answers, substance, what i am looking for, what fills my thrist for righteousness, security, happiness, faith, peace, protection, strength of leaders, council, understanding, foundation, guidance, forgivenss, anchor, prayer, love.... an SO MANY MORE! Think about it. The good usually outweighs the bad, so why complain? You will usually find what you are looking for.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know that the BOM is true. So nothing else matters.

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Remember to Remember..

Sep 17, 2011

Hello Family!

Things are going great! The relationship I have with my companion is great. This past week, or weeks have been tough. We have been short on money since I lost my ATM card, so we havent been able to call anyone to verify citas. Not even members to help us. So people arent there, we are in the street a lot, but things will be fine.

Being in this sector, being a trainer, is really trying my faith. Just one problem after another. I am learning a lot of patience and love. There are moments I feel I am doing everything possible, repenting, changing, being obedient, and things dont work out. Like first my companion is sad about his family, two i need to teach him, three he is learning how to manage money, four i lose all mine with my card, five the members dont really want to work, six we dont have money to call them or investigators.... and the list goes on....

Today I was reading in Helaman 12 or 13 I believe. I talks a lot about sin, about men, consequences of sin, regrets of sin, and all the mistakes men make. I learned that, well I already know, we need to be humble. Many times as missionaries, thinks start resulting good and we as missionaries say it is because of the Lord, but we think it is a result of something we did. Pride. We get sucess, we forget the Lord, the repentance cycle begins all over again. Or maybe the Lord tries us, we mess up, and the cycle begins... I realize I just need to remember all the mistake I have commited, and all the mercy the lord has had, everything he has done, in every moment, be grateful for what I have and see the good in things. So I am going to remember a little more and see how things go.

Today we got to watch Shrek 4 as a zone with Permision of President Rappleye for some reason. I feel kind of bad, some humor from the preview just isnt that funny anymore. Dont worry I havent gone crazy! I am still fun! I guess things of the world arent that great? I am not sure why i liked them before? The previews stunk... the movie was actually pretty good. Pretty much everything somehow related to the plan of salvation and the gospel. Pretty much every movie does. Everything ties in. It takes humanity 6 thousand years of existince to figure out the basics of the plan of salvation, and yet they dont realize they know it. Or they create a movie, that is similar, but their lives are no where near in harmony with that plan or applying it. And they still dont understand anything about it..... Thus the need of missionaries! :) But watch it.. everything has connections. We are in bondage, we need a mediador, nobody remembers the other life.... hahahah. It was good.

Well i guess thats all! Take care!

¡ELder Reeder!

Elder Reeder - I LOVE.....

Sep 12, 2011

Hello Family!

Mother, I got the iPod! The speakers and everything! It is awesome! The shoes I got are amazing. They dont get wet, they look good, and they are super comfortable. Definite WIN! I have already eaten everything and given away my food hahaha so thank you! But serious the music is awesome. Especially the music from Mulan. That music is pretty sweet hahaha. I just get rid of all the music i dont like or distract my thoughts.

Yes the shoes I bought were too small. I tried them on, but the guy said they would pack in. They didnt. So I am talking with people, there are a few people interested in buying them, so I wouldnt worry about it. They are street soccer/pday shoes. So they are pretty sweet. I am just gonna get some that are cheaper and a little less colorful haha. THeyre the Messi model (he is a pro) and they are awesome haha.

I love revelation and I love church oh my goodness. I have realized, everybody is equal like this T T. Everyone is at the same level. We all have strength and weaknesses but nobody is better than anybody else. There is never this -T. One above the other. Maybe I am a more effective missionary, but my companion loves better than I do. Examples like that. We are all equal. In church I was pondering and I realized how I can better love people and my companion, well anyone. 1. Recognize the things I love and the things i dont. Write 3 everyday I love and 1 weakness of his. 2. Get to know everything about him, favorite things, least favorite,.... EVERYTHING. 3. Love him for who he is a. express physically b. express verbally. And I have a big list, a plan and stuff. But just realizing these 2 things has my mission worth it by themselves apart from everything else hahaha! But everyone has something speacial about them, you just have to find it and make them feel special. BECAUSE THEY ARE! But first you must realize what that is and you show you love them. This will help with everything in my life, wife, children, business opportunites, and enjoying loving, and receivng love in return after expressing. DOUBLE WIN! Hahaha, I have grown up, but I am still a kid in my heart. Haha. So yes.

We had a big fat 0 in church this week. Like the whole zone. The president just got done with zone conferences. I believe that it is a result of lack of obedience as a mission with basic things. So somebody needs to repent. WE ARE! But i dont like the idea of blessings for investigators being impeded by Elders who understand obedience, and the spirit, and the gospel..... But we will just keep going :). YEAH! Hahaha last night we taught this kid, he invited his pastor, we totally confound him in all his words in like 30 min. With the BOM, prayer, and not denying the holy Ghost. With love too! I felt the spirit! Hahaha! Goodness I can get away with anything or say anything smiling hahahaha. Everything has their own talents! LOVE EACH OTHER!

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Progression Session!!

Sep 5, 2011

Hello Family!

Happy Birthday Kelli! You are eighteen, my mind is blown. When I am home I will be in college with you. So weiiiiiirrrrd.... Haha.

This past week has been great. We are running. I am being constant with the things I want to change, even though we had a really rough week as far as teaching goes I feel good a not to worried.

I don´t know if any of you remember "Thats it Thats All", the snowboarding movie, with Travis Rice, that is like the best movie ever. Well I do. I watched it a lot. What is happening right now in the mission is comparable to the effect that that movie had on the world of snowboarding. Before that movie, everybody´s imaginations were very small. Most competitions were just spin to win (shaun white with back to back 1080s in half pipe) or variations of spins.

Then comes Travis Rice with that movie. Double corks, huge gaps, crazy jibs, and even a triple cork (triple back flip 1260 around there....) anyways. Before that movie, the snowboarding world was stuck, everyone conformed. It was who could do the best 1080 or the most etc. But after that, everything changed. The people who learned the double cork and were doing it in comps were the ones winning. Some stuck with 1080s because they were scared, others learned the double cork and starting winning because of it. It is now established and well know that the double cork clearly owns a 1080 and is way cooler. So everyone needs to get with the program if you dont know. But yah, that movie changed everything with the progression and evolution of snowboarding.

So to relate all this to missionary work. What is happening right now is really big. The 1st presidency has changed the focus to these (8principles) and it is a worldwide change. President has just announced he expects baptisms every week, not every month as the standard. Instead of 2 meetings week, we have 1. A lot is changing. We are sure not how to make this transition to use the 8 principles effectively, but we are just going to go full throttle and begin to use them. Change our form of teaching, and just go for it. Those who learn, and adapt will have more success and follow the will of heavenly father. Either the people will be more receptive, or we need to change how we teach them. Baptisms every week do not come from magic. The 8 principles are the new double cork. The progression of missinoary work is about to go through the roof. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess. Nothing can stop this work. We just need the faith to trust that this will work.

Mom I got the ipod. It made me super happy all of the photos. I plan on buying some little speakers and a charger. Also just so you know, the shoes i bought, they gave me the wrong size, they have been really small, turns out they are. I threw away the receipt, but i am selling my dvd player and the shoes to my comp and I am going to buy some new ones that actually fit, and probably cheaper. My atm card of the mission got eaten, so right now I dont have money, but they said id have to dip into personal money and then reimbures myself after. So im not sure how i can deposit money into my personal account from chile? can you figure it out and let me know? through an atm? The shoes havent come yet.. but will soon i believe.

I love the mission. IT IS THE BOMB!!!! I am taking advantage of the calling i have to study the scriptures like nuts. So many questions... so many answers i receive. Why should we take advantage of this life to repent? Why cant we change in the next? What is perfect knowledge? so many things..... the gospel is sweet....... Haha oh my goodness. I tell people things I learn, now Im that elder everyone is like, seriously? how did you figure that out? the calling we have is powerful. The spirit is powerful. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


Elder Reeder