Friday, October 28, 2011

Elder Reeder - Progression Session!!

Sep 5, 2011

Hello Family!

Happy Birthday Kelli! You are eighteen, my mind is blown. When I am home I will be in college with you. So weiiiiiirrrrd.... Haha.

This past week has been great. We are running. I am being constant with the things I want to change, even though we had a really rough week as far as teaching goes I feel good a not to worried.

I don´t know if any of you remember "Thats it Thats All", the snowboarding movie, with Travis Rice, that is like the best movie ever. Well I do. I watched it a lot. What is happening right now in the mission is comparable to the effect that that movie had on the world of snowboarding. Before that movie, everybody´s imaginations were very small. Most competitions were just spin to win (shaun white with back to back 1080s in half pipe) or variations of spins.

Then comes Travis Rice with that movie. Double corks, huge gaps, crazy jibs, and even a triple cork (triple back flip 1260 around there....) anyways. Before that movie, the snowboarding world was stuck, everyone conformed. It was who could do the best 1080 or the most etc. But after that, everything changed. The people who learned the double cork and were doing it in comps were the ones winning. Some stuck with 1080s because they were scared, others learned the double cork and starting winning because of it. It is now established and well know that the double cork clearly owns a 1080 and is way cooler. So everyone needs to get with the program if you dont know. But yah, that movie changed everything with the progression and evolution of snowboarding.

So to relate all this to missionary work. What is happening right now is really big. The 1st presidency has changed the focus to these (8principles) and it is a worldwide change. President has just announced he expects baptisms every week, not every month as the standard. Instead of 2 meetings week, we have 1. A lot is changing. We are sure not how to make this transition to use the 8 principles effectively, but we are just going to go full throttle and begin to use them. Change our form of teaching, and just go for it. Those who learn, and adapt will have more success and follow the will of heavenly father. Either the people will be more receptive, or we need to change how we teach them. Baptisms every week do not come from magic. The 8 principles are the new double cork. The progression of missinoary work is about to go through the roof. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess. Nothing can stop this work. We just need the faith to trust that this will work.

Mom I got the ipod. It made me super happy all of the photos. I plan on buying some little speakers and a charger. Also just so you know, the shoes i bought, they gave me the wrong size, they have been really small, turns out they are. I threw away the receipt, but i am selling my dvd player and the shoes to my comp and I am going to buy some new ones that actually fit, and probably cheaper. My atm card of the mission got eaten, so right now I dont have money, but they said id have to dip into personal money and then reimbures myself after. So im not sure how i can deposit money into my personal account from chile? can you figure it out and let me know? through an atm? The shoes havent come yet.. but will soon i believe.

I love the mission. IT IS THE BOMB!!!! I am taking advantage of the calling i have to study the scriptures like nuts. So many questions... so many answers i receive. Why should we take advantage of this life to repent? Why cant we change in the next? What is perfect knowledge? so many things..... the gospel is sweet....... Haha oh my goodness. I tell people things I learn, now Im that elder everyone is like, seriously? how did you figure that out? the calling we have is powerful. The spirit is powerful. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


Elder Reeder

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