Friday, October 28, 2011

Elder Reeder - I LOVE.....

Sep 12, 2011

Hello Family!

Mother, I got the iPod! The speakers and everything! It is awesome! The shoes I got are amazing. They dont get wet, they look good, and they are super comfortable. Definite WIN! I have already eaten everything and given away my food hahaha so thank you! But serious the music is awesome. Especially the music from Mulan. That music is pretty sweet hahaha. I just get rid of all the music i dont like or distract my thoughts.

Yes the shoes I bought were too small. I tried them on, but the guy said they would pack in. They didnt. So I am talking with people, there are a few people interested in buying them, so I wouldnt worry about it. They are street soccer/pday shoes. So they are pretty sweet. I am just gonna get some that are cheaper and a little less colorful haha. THeyre the Messi model (he is a pro) and they are awesome haha.

I love revelation and I love church oh my goodness. I have realized, everybody is equal like this T T. Everyone is at the same level. We all have strength and weaknesses but nobody is better than anybody else. There is never this -T. One above the other. Maybe I am a more effective missionary, but my companion loves better than I do. Examples like that. We are all equal. In church I was pondering and I realized how I can better love people and my companion, well anyone. 1. Recognize the things I love and the things i dont. Write 3 everyday I love and 1 weakness of his. 2. Get to know everything about him, favorite things, least favorite,.... EVERYTHING. 3. Love him for who he is a. express physically b. express verbally. And I have a big list, a plan and stuff. But just realizing these 2 things has my mission worth it by themselves apart from everything else hahaha! But everyone has something speacial about them, you just have to find it and make them feel special. BECAUSE THEY ARE! But first you must realize what that is and you show you love them. This will help with everything in my life, wife, children, business opportunites, and enjoying loving, and receivng love in return after expressing. DOUBLE WIN! Hahaha, I have grown up, but I am still a kid in my heart. Haha. So yes.

We had a big fat 0 in church this week. Like the whole zone. The president just got done with zone conferences. I believe that it is a result of lack of obedience as a mission with basic things. So somebody needs to repent. WE ARE! But i dont like the idea of blessings for investigators being impeded by Elders who understand obedience, and the spirit, and the gospel..... But we will just keep going :). YEAH! Hahaha last night we taught this kid, he invited his pastor, we totally confound him in all his words in like 30 min. With the BOM, prayer, and not denying the holy Ghost. With love too! I felt the spirit! Hahaha! Goodness I can get away with anything or say anything smiling hahahaha. Everything has their own talents! LOVE EACH OTHER!

Elder Reeder

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