Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elder Reeder - For a dreamer the nights the only time of day..

Oct 31, 2011

Hello Family!

This last week in Futrono was a good one. We destroyed the standard, found a bunch of new investigators, and put a few people with baptismal date. The investigator who is a Jehovahs Witness came again. I found out he wants to baptize me haha because I told him if he gave me a good reason and god told me I would.... Not exactly the desires he needs to get an answer but ok!

So the news update on cambios. I am heading to.... PUNTA ARENAS!!! Pretty sweet eh!? I dont know if Jared is coming home or not this cambio? If not maybe we´ll be comps.... thatd be sweet. Or i will go to his sector. I am sort of just following him around the mission aren´t I? Haha! As far as if I´ll get another calling, president would call us today or tomorrow. Usually the day we find out, which is typically tomorrow. But i´ll let you know next week.

I have not gotten the Halloween package. Wow i totally spaced on halloween, like it didnt even happen it my sector. In fresia it did. Here I completely forgot. Shoot. That is all really crazy about Cory! Well not crazy, but... dang! Hope he gets well soon and he does have any injuries that prevent him from doing fun things. I dont know who Marisol Quintera is.... I will think and get back to you. Mauricio sends me his emails. He is so cool. He is thinking about serving a mission now. The funniest story is how we found him...

Elder Gomez and I were out doing contacts and we contacted an evangelica lady. Hahaha she just didnt want anything to do with us, but we kept following her and talking and asking questions, i actually took out my bible and basically were bible bashing hahahaha oh it is so bad.. but we kept following her, i dont why but it felt right, like i saw no problem just letting this lady have it with scriptures and what not. Of course with a big smile and in a nice way. So we kept follower her till she went all the way to her house and went in. There we gave up. Then out of nowhere this kid walks ups to us and says, "hey i saw you talking to that lady, you should come to my house", then i said, "okay lets go!" excited to teach. We got there and taught, and that is how we met Mauricio hahaha!

The mission president? He is awesome. All about obedience. You can tell has a temper, or like a raging fire inside of his heart, but he has total control of himself and is very loving. It is really cool. He loves hymns and music, so we get along. He is way cool. He is doing a lot of good things for the mission. Making a lot of changes that are perfect.

But things are good here. I am learning a lot. Thinking a lot. We are teaching one guy who is a Professor of Religion. A Theologist. Our lessons are really interesting. Everything goes back the BOM and for him an "answer" is not enough. He wants evidence in the Bible etc. He has some good questions, but the simplicity of the gospel confounds him!!!! Hahah... also I am teaching a guy who doesnt believe in God. He is also really smart. I like smart people, but sometimes.... like sometimes their reasoning isnt that smart. But not having read the BOM or knowing the gospel is true, i would think the same. So I cant blame them a lot of conclusions they have. Every question is answered in the gospel. We teach a lot of people like these.

I realize more and more people just want to be heard. To be understood. They need to know you understand. I feel the same. But Heavenly Father hears us when we pray, and he knows just how we feel, and I love peoples reactions when the spirit helps us understand and we ask them " so you feel like this?" and they are just amazed.... Its sweet. I am excited about this upcoming cambio. I am definitely going to try and serve and love my companion more. Unconditionally, magnify the good, and just enjoy.

Elder Reeder