Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Reeder - 2 Baptisms!

August 29, 2011

Hello Family!

Things are great here in Futrono. This past week our 2 investigators got baptized and confirmed. Haha one almost didnt come to church but we woke him up running and what not. The 1st counselor of the mission was here for Sunday but I think he understood. It is really cool the difference of people after they get the Holy Ghost. They understand a lot more things.

We are succeeding a lot here. Despite all of our slip ups and shortcomings we are being more obedient (waking up on time), running in the mornings (getting in shape again/ripped), eating healthier (cabbage fried in soy sauce haha... and superceding the standard of the mission minus people in church. But things are looking great! I dont ever want to run, but I know after I feel way better and satisfied with myself. So I do it anyways. Waking up earlier also gives me more time to study. Go to bed early, wake up early, study with the spirit. Not at night, and get to bed a little late (disobedient). You learn more with the spirit. It is smarter. Less guilt too.

I am being very good at getting up on time. More virtuous, and am improving my loving skills. Like doing service skills, giving compliment skills, correcting with love skills. I am aquiring various new skills. People react very well!

Women of the family, (mom erin shauna kelli..) please send me recipes to cook/prepare fruits and vegetables so they taste really good but still healthy. Mom I am eating bananas, and apples. I tried an orange. Dont freak out. I really enjoyed eating salad at firehouse before the mish but I think the reason why was the chicken and stuff. So send me recipes! Easy ones!

Thanks dad for that talk. It is awesome.

Kelli! I dont know how often you are reading the scriptures. But you should most definitely read them. Just read them, and pray, and most of all try to solve your problems pondering. Solutions dont just come like magic, well they do, but as a result of faith/action. With a bunch of classes etc. you need to get your priorities(most important things) straight, set some goals of what you want to happen, and make sure all of this is in harmony with the gospel. Avoid bad influences, even if they are fun to be around, and stick to those who if you let your standards down, wouldnt let you. You are a daughter of god and my little sister. Do what Jesus would do and dont be hard on yourself when you mess up. Just learn to laugh at yourself, and try to see the good in everything. You will see that things arent as bad as they seem. Many times I used to get upset and sit and just do nothing. But doing nothing just solves nothing. You need to lift yourself out of the whole youve created with your mind, and choose to be happy no matter what happens. It is a choice. You take it. If you cant do it, talk to Heavenly Father, and mom and dad. The family. LOVE YOU!

Yes mom I have to wake up. It is a miracle. I am also improving not being a jerk in the mornings hahahaha not yelling or anything. If I can control my natural self in the morning I will win!

I will probably forget something.... Happy birthday Shauna! Happy Birthday Elina! Happy Birthday Scott! and I think that is alll..... there is a blog. I dont have it written. But it is rapple, or mission chiles osorno, at blogspot. Try those.

Chao Fmlia!

Elder Reeder

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elder Reeder - The Trainer Program...

August 15, 2011

Hello Family!

Dang, that family trip in zions looked pretty epic. I am jealous. Mom, I am sorry if my snowboard is in the way but until I kind of want to keep it around until maybe i could sell it or do something creative with it. I haven´t gotten the packages yet, nor the ipod, but I am waiting!

Dad, to answer your questions. This is a church wide thing they are changing. The MTC has been putting out testgroups of missionaries to test this program, and it has given great results. So now they have completely changed it all in the MTC and all of the new elders coming in are trained according to this program. It does not replace Preach My Gospel, rather it focuses it. They are 8 principles/key fundamentals. 1. The Doctrine of Christ 2. Teach People, Not Lessons 3. The relationship the Holy Ghost plays 4. Revelation through prayer 5. Revelation through reading the BOM 6. Revelation through church attendance 7. They commit, we verify 8. How to begin teaching.

To sum it up, it is basically focusing on the most important things from the beginning of the mission. As you go through mission learning, you come to realize all we we teach has the end that they keep the commitments. The good missionaries are the ones who get this and focus on them. Sadly a lot dont. So how i see it is that they are really focusing on these things. Teach in depth the importance of each one. We give them the tools to figure it for themselves if this is true, and we are just the guides to help. There are like 16 trainers i think. Pres has taken out ZLs out of their leadership and there are a lot of good elders. So it is pretty cool. It is like I am a part of the justice league of missionaries hahaha!

Things are going good with my new comp. His name is Elder Vasquez. He is from Honduras. It is super fun teaching him hahaha. He is like my old companion. I am trying to be really loving, and explain things in a loving way. We just need to learn to laugh at ourselves and not worry. Make sure my companion is happy and stuff. Haha it is a little dificult traveling to osorno for capacitations on this new deal, and time, and a completely new schedule. We have 4 hours of study a day now!

We totally cleaned the house today. The shower was real gross, but I cleaned it out real good. We are going to be baptizing this coming week!

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder = Trainer

August 8, 2011

Hello Family!

Mother, please send me a new tooth brush head for the sonicare. ( ihave a sonicare :p haha!) I will be sending the photos today I believe.

We have been without electricity for 3 days. Some guy came by and messed with the powerlines, but havent had any. We just got it fixed this morning haha. So last night we were planning in the candlelight and suddenly President Rappleye calls us. I thought, "shoot what did we do.." but turns out I am going to be a trainer and begin this new training program they are starting world wide. He told me he feels like he can trust me, so I am really happy. Pretty cool! I like change.

Dad I dont know what I am doing, but it is working. MIRACLES! So I should probably pay attention. This week we went from 35 to 46 people in church! The Elders Corum is beginning to function on its own. They converse now and speak. It is a miracle. Now I can just sit on the side and make comments. Not run the thing!

Our investigators are doing great. We have 3 who will be baptized this month for sure. 4 is a possibility. Our investigators son finally came to church! They want to be baptized together but he needed to attend. Still possible! It is really great seeing the conversion of them and all the rest as they read the Book of Mormon. It is like MAGIC. Haha that is the spirit. Do you know the Holy Ghost controls gravity? Interesting fact. I am learning a whole bunch of thinks it is nuts. The crazier thing is I can find the answers to all of these questions. The gospel rocks. It is perfect.

Here is my letter to the Pres:

" I am excited for the opportunity to develop more love, humility, and patience as a trainer. I am excited. It really is helping me to change and become more like our Savior. As stressful as it can be in moments I am learning the first principles of the gospel are key to life. Faith, Repentance, Hope, Charity, and humility. Then endure to the end haha!

Right now we have 3 investigators with baptismal dates. They are all doing great. We are seeing the conversions happen as we read the Book of Mormon. We have another who does not have a date but I am sure he will be baptized the 27th or the next month.

I am really proud of my companion. I hope that I have helped in such little time with him. He is following his spiritual promptings now, and with FAITH! Yesterday we were walking and he turned around and just went to talk to a person and they were very prepared. It was sweet. This has happened more than once now. We are doing the same things, thinking the same. We have unity. I just want everything to go good till he takes off and leave things on a good note.

This past week has been a lot of repenting. A lot of pondering. Sometimes I feel alone, and that nobody understands me. Like I am in this alone just working and running out of energy... So I studied. I was reading in chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel. It says "God loves you...he is anxious to support you in your challenges." This really touched me. I guess I had never thought like that. I just want to make him happy. But he wants to help me. So I prayed, for a real long time. and I know Heavenly Father loves me. I know he wants to support me, and that I am his son. I am not alone in this, and he is with me. Just lately has been difficult, we haven´t been teaching a whole lot. I am fighting against myself and trying to change. I feel like I haven´t had a spiritual prompting in a while. But I studied this and then I prayed. I asked for forgiveness, for strength, to know if Heavenly Father loves me. I feel a lot better. Heavenly Father is with us, we just need to remember him. It is important to remember he will forgive you no matter how many times you mess up on the same thing. The atonement is amazing and I am so greatful. It does not matter how many times. I am not so worried anymore. 46 showed up to church! He blesses us a lot!

"I will not boast of my own strength, but I will boast of my god. For in his stength I can do all things" "


Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Faith Can Move Mountains, but love can move men. -P. Lovell

August 1, 2011
Hello Family!

This past week has been great! We went from 24 people in church to 35! The majority of the people who came were inactives haha! I dont what happened to the rest of the branch. The big difference in effect is Charity, the pure love of christ. I work with members/investigators the same way I work with my companion. Very carefully, and very lovingly. It is really paying of. We had an awesome sunday. Like 5 youth returned to church. A whole family... lots of stuff!

Just delete everything on my ipod.... Then put music on it!! Peanut butter! I was also thinking.... if you can send me some echos, shoes. My black ones are destroyed. So that would be good. I got sweet new soccer shoes. They are sweet. i am a total street soccer baller. Futbolista!! Haha i can do some crazy stuf I never imagined.

Good to hear from everybody!

My companion is progressing a lot. We have an invesitgator who as 2 assitances and is progressing towards baptism this month. I have come to realize that my companion keeps his thoughts to himself, and he beats himself up a lot. He is not very confident in himself. So I have realized in order to help to be a more powerful instrument I must build his confidence/faith. I have realized to only way of doing that is focusing on all the good things he does and magnify them. Compliment him and what he is doing, and give advice on what to improve. But mostly confident. If he is upset I ask, "what did you do wrong?" and he cant find something really and I say, "exactly, nothing, dont worry about it. you did this good etc...." Not just constantly correcting. I notice if I correct him too much he just stops trying or gets a little nervous and begins to struggle. So lots of love and compliments to build his confidence. I also just try to help him to laugh at himself, and laugh with those who laugh at him. If there is no solution, dont worry about it cause there is no solution. If there is a solution, dont worry about it, because there is a solution. I have seen a lot of results of changing this! Our teaching lately have been incredible! Especially with new. He is more confident and gets involved. We are teaching shorter, more effective, and more powerfully to peoples needs. People understand. We feel the spirit. It is wonderful. A lot of people came back to church this week. We had 35. A lot of youth are returning. I realize the pure love of christ is the key. Love. It blew my mind. A lot of people who normally come didnt. So with the two it will be amazing. The Elders Corum is slowly getting a stronger vision of growth and missionary work. We assigned them all people to visit. I am just amazed that I am 20 years old, training my companion, 2hrs outside of the closest leader, in chile, and thousands of miles away from my family. All the things we see and do, "relying upon the mercies of the world", and I am amazed we are not dead. This is the Lords work. He protects us. I love being a missionary.
Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Words

July 25, 2011
Hey Family!

Sounds exciting about the one year package! All I can ask is that you send me my ipod and a whole bunch of music. Like, just a lot of church music. Music from soundtracks. A lot of good stuff like that. Maybe a tiny hymn book in english... Start forwarding these to That is Mauricio Torres. He got baptized the week after I left in Pichi. Super cool! He is a leader in the church already!

I feel a lot more pleased with this last week. More satisfied. We were able to invite an investigator named Benito and his son to be baptized. Teaching to peoples needs makes a very big difference. He came to church, and we had two more invesigators who came who we are going to invite to follow the example of our savior. I feel relieved about a new month. We had a few investigators who were going to be baptized this month we had to stick with that had assistences when I got here but never really wanted to follow the will of the Lord and be baptized. But now we can focus on some other people and find news.

I have notice big progess in my companion Elder Wood. I am realizing the more I teach him with love, the more he progresses. Asking him questions, letting him think about things and figuring them out. Rather than say no you dont say that like that in spanish. I ask him why he thinks it is like that. Then he remembers a grammar rules and corrects it himself. He knows a lot of things, he just need to use wisdom and apply.

I learned this week that writing/reading in my journal helps me to realize a lot of things. This past week I have been reading Our Search for Happiness at night, and I go through marking words and adjectives that illustrate the person I want to be and what the gospel of Jesus Christ is. For Example: quietly, simply, comfort, peace, beauty, power, sacred, holy, apart, love, sweet, beautiful, joyful, profound, reverent, happy, support, enrich, eternal perspective, extraordinary, live, grow, together, develop and a lot more. This has really helped me to look at myself and see if I match all of these characteristics. Or how should our visits be. It helps me to repent and change, I cried once. It is good to do. Thinking about this I have realized how words really capture feelings and emotion. You should be careful how you use them, especially when sharing the restoration and telling people the church they go it mas o menos...

Right now I am working on cutting down all the junk I have. I dont like having a lot of things. I am thinking about sending some things home in a package if that is ok? I am selling 3 pairs of shoes I have and I am going to buy some nice street soccer ones that are also good for running and other extreme things. I am waiting on the member to give me the money but I kind of just want to get them now with my money and deposit the money to my bank that i receive. I have looked around, it appears I cant deposit money to my account here?? Correct me? So unless you let me know i will have to wait for 2 weeks.... But I am simplifying my life. Giving things away I dont necessarily need.

I dont know what you should send me! I need a SD card. Umm...a decent laundry bag?? Ipod. Lots of Music preloaded. Tiny loud speakers to go with. And more photos of the family... and friends..and cool things I did? Be creative! But nothing super big... other than that I guess lots of food. Thinks that I can eat and disappear hahaha. Thinks that will make my life more simple and are really useful I guess. Who knows...


Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - The gospel is PERFECT

July 18, 2011

Hello Family!

So these past 2 weeks nobody has come to church! No investigators! And only 12 people this past week. It was kind of rough. I am a little flustered with our investigators because we had like 8 commited to go that all bailed last second.... So patience, love, charity, humility... We will keep working and looking for more people. We have people with fecha bautismales but if they dont go to church obviously they wont have the priviledge of being baptized, because it means nothing if you dont keep that covenant.

This sector is very different in comparison to others. The people here are very touchy and get offended very easily. I have learned a lot about how to love and be more patient since I have been here and with my companioin. A very complicated sector. The thing is here people are happy with their lives. They are happy where they are, what they are doing, and with the person who they are. I wont deny it these people are very good people! I never say they are bad and I never have. There are good people who arent members of the church. But the thing is they dont understand what they COULD have. To further illustrate here is an example. It is like a dog who lives in the street for all of his life. He goes around eating trash, getting what he can, wagging his tail and he is perfectly happy and content with the life he has BUT little does the dog realize that he could be living inside of a warm house, with a loving family and children who give him all of the food he needs and he would never have to worry to survive.

This is like people who tell me they are good people and that they dont need God. They just havent tried the experiment. You need to experiment with the gospel. Like Almas example of a plant. Just because the plant doesnt grow and give fruit doesnt mean it is a bad plant, you just didnt nourish it. You didnt even so much pour water on the plant, showing faith, and giving it a chance to grow and give fruit. People tell me they dont believe in God, they only believe in science.

The fullness of the gospel is perfect. Any question can be answered. I have only 20 years old and I know this. If i dont know something ask the person above me, and above him, until you get to a general authority, an apostol. There is an answer for everything, I have reasoned with, talked with, looked for answers to any question. There is an answer for everything. All things point back to there is a God. I could go into so many things but I dont have hours to be here! Ask me a question! It all comes down to in the end. Is the book of mormon the word of God? If so joseph smith was a prophet. The 2 mean that god exists, and if he was a prophet that this is his church and living the laws and ordinances of the gospel is not only required but will also bless your live in every aspect. I as a missionary have seen people quality of live go from rock bottom to high. A ton of problems to absolutley none, all in accordance with how in harmony their lives are with the gospel.

The gospel is perfect. It is not a burden, a bunch of rules. The gospel sets us free. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand, has not looked, has not asked God with faith, and sincere heart, and true intention, and has not experimented with it in their lives. Also when you experiement, you must be able to recognized the changes and see Heavenly Fathers hand at work in your life.

I know that this church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. What I have felt is undeniable. What I have seen is undeniable. To say these things are false without experiementing, giving it a go is ignorance. You can not be saved in ignorance. You may enjoy your life, your standards....but there is one that is better! Less stress, more peace, more purpose and direction. The vainness and the wiseness and the foolishness of men. If you lack wisdom ask of God. Do it with faith.

So I guess basically, transferring all of this knowledge into peoples little brains to where they understand is just really difficult!! :) Also I need to do it in a loving way so they actually listen... I cry because I explain things so simply and people understand and are not evening willing to ask god and pray. But I know that Heavenly Father loves them. And in some way he will work something out for them.


Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - Will You Follow The Example Of Jesus Christ and Be Baptized?!!!

July 11, 2011

Hello Family!

I finally acheived something remarkable last night. I am now dreaming about baptism hahaha!! and challenging people to be baptized. I feel pretty good about that. It was a really cool dream...

Well this past week was maomeno.. We still met the standard but the new people we found took a dive. We had to drop some people, some don´t want us to pass by, but it is all a part of the process. Working with all of your heart is the hardest part of missionary work.

I have been kind of without energy this past week, and trying to be a lot nicer to people. But after studying I was revived by rememering we need to show people the blessings AND the consequences to people. I explained it to my companion. I think my batteries are recharged. Love is good, but if you love them you will warn them! Not just let them do whatever they want and give you excuses!

My comp is very.. to him self? Shy? Not very outgoing or outspoken. So to help him come out of his shell we sing a hymn everyday in the house as LOUD AS WE CAN. Even if it sounds terrible and we just go crazy (well i do) he is getting better at it. Also we try to put our arms around people in contacts to express our love....(works really good and like walk with them but some people will reject you) so I´m just trying to get him out of his comfort zone and to become a more faithful, confident, bold instrument in the Lord´s hand. We are having fun haha:p

We had a big fat 0 people in church this past week. The enemy of everyone is la flojera... aka laziness. I am really learning a lot of everything right now. It is interesting how the mission get more wicked as you go, and the people you find become more difficult.

I am enjoying things here! They are great! I plan on writing everyone who has written me a letter today... so don´t stress!! It is good to hear from everybody. I got an email from Motown. That was pretty sweet haha. Tell him I say hi. I can´t email back but I´ll send him a letter if you get me his address.

I gave a pretty intense talk in church yesterday. Directed mainly towards the members based on Lynn G. Robbins talk on to be and to do. How is someone who really repents and what do they do? Helping the members to stop just talking and do everything they say is important in church. It was really good. I love how much I can communicate what I want now.

Through Jesus Christ´s atonement everything is possible.
Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - The Branch is Changing.....¡¡¡SUCCESS!!!

July 5, 2011

Are these letters really big?

Oh well. Hello Family! So this past wek we have made a lot of process here in the sector! We upped the assitance in church from like 14 to 33. Normally around 40 people have been going so we have to visit them and remind about the Sacrament... haha they really shouldn´t forget.

We are giving this sector a facelift right now. The leaders have a hard time helping the members here to actually apply the things they learn. Like for example faith. We ask a member to help us and they say they don´t have time. But if you have Faith, you will understand the Lord needs you to help maybe. Understanding that you will get that if you commands you to do something you CAN do it. You just need to organzie things around so it works. Or if you have work that keeps from doing family home evenings, have FAITH, look for new work, and change so you can!! The members here talk about a lot of things, but they sort of forget to put things into practice. DO.

But we have the support of the Branch Pres. and the leaders here. They see the same things but just haven´t understood how to go about doing it. So we are just helping them with that. The sector is great! The sector is never a problem it is the missionary. But if you could judge how good a sector it is it would be how much the members help out. Or rather make the members awesome! It is a process... but it is realy paying off. When i got here the very best they had had in a week after praying and fasting a lot was 9 lessons with member and like 6 news and the rest of numbers real low. First week i got here was only half a week and we got 6 with member and 7 news. This past week we got 14 lessons with member and we found 11 new investigators with everything else up and inviting lots of people to get baptized haha!! Our goals for this month of july are 3! We are going to do it cause we both felt it therefore it is the minimum.

Elder Wood is from Rigby, Idaho. He is coming a long with spansih, slowly but surely hahaha. He is really loving, has a lot of patience, and wants to learn to be a better missionary. He has good desires. I am trying to be really loving like with my last companion, but we haven´t had any problems and he is really understanding. I ask him how he feels and check up to see if he feels uncomfortable and he tells me how he feels and we go from there. He is going to become the master!!! hahaha!!

Mauricio got baptized in Pichi the week i left!! Sent me an email! Mauricio Torres. He is a baller.

We are by the lake. We´re going to take some photos today maybe, it is like 2 miles away from where we mostly work in the campo. So maybe... there isn´t really a shore. It is like grass....water haha. No sand.

The ash is stil slowly falling. We have mask don´t worry! We may buy sunglasses.... who knows.

The package came!!! It was awesome. I love it. It is silly how I am a lot happier from small simple things I really want then big things. We are going to celebrate my bday today and make the cake hahaha and put majar on it! Keep sending me Elder days emails. you should send me his. And Brads, and Ransons, and dallas, and Addys. Well anyone I know. Everyone who i played lax with.

I am learning a lot. Well just relearning things and applying them. I LOVE THE MISSION! SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! DON´T BE THAT LAZY MEMBER WHO GIVES THE LEADERS FLAK. Be kind, obedient, and submissive like a child. The gospel is to change. To become like Heavenly Father. If you are not working to become like you are fighting against the purpose of this life and you will never be happy! Do it and get blessings! Bendiciones RIcas!

Elder Reeder