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Elder Reeder - Will You Follow The Example Of Jesus Christ and Be Baptized?!!!

July 11, 2011

Hello Family!

I finally acheived something remarkable last night. I am now dreaming about baptism hahaha!! and challenging people to be baptized. I feel pretty good about that. It was a really cool dream...

Well this past week was maomeno.. We still met the standard but the new people we found took a dive. We had to drop some people, some don´t want us to pass by, but it is all a part of the process. Working with all of your heart is the hardest part of missionary work.

I have been kind of without energy this past week, and trying to be a lot nicer to people. But after studying I was revived by rememering we need to show people the blessings AND the consequences to people. I explained it to my companion. I think my batteries are recharged. Love is good, but if you love them you will warn them! Not just let them do whatever they want and give you excuses!

My comp is very.. to him self? Shy? Not very outgoing or outspoken. So to help him come out of his shell we sing a hymn everyday in the house as LOUD AS WE CAN. Even if it sounds terrible and we just go crazy (well i do) he is getting better at it. Also we try to put our arms around people in contacts to express our love....(works really good and like walk with them but some people will reject you) so I´m just trying to get him out of his comfort zone and to become a more faithful, confident, bold instrument in the Lord´s hand. We are having fun haha:p

We had a big fat 0 people in church this past week. The enemy of everyone is la flojera... aka laziness. I am really learning a lot of everything right now. It is interesting how the mission get more wicked as you go, and the people you find become more difficult.

I am enjoying things here! They are great! I plan on writing everyone who has written me a letter today... so don´t stress!! It is good to hear from everybody. I got an email from Motown. That was pretty sweet haha. Tell him I say hi. I can´t email back but I´ll send him a letter if you get me his address.

I gave a pretty intense talk in church yesterday. Directed mainly towards the members based on Lynn G. Robbins talk on to be and to do. How is someone who really repents and what do they do? Helping the members to stop just talking and do everything they say is important in church. It was really good. I love how much I can communicate what I want now.

Through Jesus Christ´s atonement everything is possible.
Elder Reeder

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