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Elder Reeder - The gospel is PERFECT

July 18, 2011

Hello Family!

So these past 2 weeks nobody has come to church! No investigators! And only 12 people this past week. It was kind of rough. I am a little flustered with our investigators because we had like 8 commited to go that all bailed last second.... So patience, love, charity, humility... We will keep working and looking for more people. We have people with fecha bautismales but if they dont go to church obviously they wont have the priviledge of being baptized, because it means nothing if you dont keep that covenant.

This sector is very different in comparison to others. The people here are very touchy and get offended very easily. I have learned a lot about how to love and be more patient since I have been here and with my companioin. A very complicated sector. The thing is here people are happy with their lives. They are happy where they are, what they are doing, and with the person who they are. I wont deny it these people are very good people! I never say they are bad and I never have. There are good people who arent members of the church. But the thing is they dont understand what they COULD have. To further illustrate here is an example. It is like a dog who lives in the street for all of his life. He goes around eating trash, getting what he can, wagging his tail and he is perfectly happy and content with the life he has BUT little does the dog realize that he could be living inside of a warm house, with a loving family and children who give him all of the food he needs and he would never have to worry to survive.

This is like people who tell me they are good people and that they dont need God. They just havent tried the experiment. You need to experiment with the gospel. Like Almas example of a plant. Just because the plant doesnt grow and give fruit doesnt mean it is a bad plant, you just didnt nourish it. You didnt even so much pour water on the plant, showing faith, and giving it a chance to grow and give fruit. People tell me they dont believe in God, they only believe in science.

The fullness of the gospel is perfect. Any question can be answered. I have only 20 years old and I know this. If i dont know something ask the person above me, and above him, until you get to a general authority, an apostol. There is an answer for everything, I have reasoned with, talked with, looked for answers to any question. There is an answer for everything. All things point back to there is a God. I could go into so many things but I dont have hours to be here! Ask me a question! It all comes down to in the end. Is the book of mormon the word of God? If so joseph smith was a prophet. The 2 mean that god exists, and if he was a prophet that this is his church and living the laws and ordinances of the gospel is not only required but will also bless your live in every aspect. I as a missionary have seen people quality of live go from rock bottom to high. A ton of problems to absolutley none, all in accordance with how in harmony their lives are with the gospel.

The gospel is perfect. It is not a burden, a bunch of rules. The gospel sets us free. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand, has not looked, has not asked God with faith, and sincere heart, and true intention, and has not experimented with it in their lives. Also when you experiement, you must be able to recognized the changes and see Heavenly Fathers hand at work in your life.

I know that this church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. What I have felt is undeniable. What I have seen is undeniable. To say these things are false without experiementing, giving it a go is ignorance. You can not be saved in ignorance. You may enjoy your life, your standards....but there is one that is better! Less stress, more peace, more purpose and direction. The vainness and the wiseness and the foolishness of men. If you lack wisdom ask of God. Do it with faith.

So I guess basically, transferring all of this knowledge into peoples little brains to where they understand is just really difficult!! :) Also I need to do it in a loving way so they actually listen... I cry because I explain things so simply and people understand and are not evening willing to ask god and pray. But I know that Heavenly Father loves them. And in some way he will work something out for them.


Elder Reeder

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