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Elder Reeder - Words

July 25, 2011
Hey Family!

Sounds exciting about the one year package! All I can ask is that you send me my ipod and a whole bunch of music. Like, just a lot of church music. Music from soundtracks. A lot of good stuff like that. Maybe a tiny hymn book in english... Start forwarding these to That is Mauricio Torres. He got baptized the week after I left in Pichi. Super cool! He is a leader in the church already!

I feel a lot more pleased with this last week. More satisfied. We were able to invite an investigator named Benito and his son to be baptized. Teaching to peoples needs makes a very big difference. He came to church, and we had two more invesigators who came who we are going to invite to follow the example of our savior. I feel relieved about a new month. We had a few investigators who were going to be baptized this month we had to stick with that had assistences when I got here but never really wanted to follow the will of the Lord and be baptized. But now we can focus on some other people and find news.

I have notice big progess in my companion Elder Wood. I am realizing the more I teach him with love, the more he progresses. Asking him questions, letting him think about things and figuring them out. Rather than say no you dont say that like that in spanish. I ask him why he thinks it is like that. Then he remembers a grammar rules and corrects it himself. He knows a lot of things, he just need to use wisdom and apply.

I learned this week that writing/reading in my journal helps me to realize a lot of things. This past week I have been reading Our Search for Happiness at night, and I go through marking words and adjectives that illustrate the person I want to be and what the gospel of Jesus Christ is. For Example: quietly, simply, comfort, peace, beauty, power, sacred, holy, apart, love, sweet, beautiful, joyful, profound, reverent, happy, support, enrich, eternal perspective, extraordinary, live, grow, together, develop and a lot more. This has really helped me to look at myself and see if I match all of these characteristics. Or how should our visits be. It helps me to repent and change, I cried once. It is good to do. Thinking about this I have realized how words really capture feelings and emotion. You should be careful how you use them, especially when sharing the restoration and telling people the church they go it mas o menos...

Right now I am working on cutting down all the junk I have. I dont like having a lot of things. I am thinking about sending some things home in a package if that is ok? I am selling 3 pairs of shoes I have and I am going to buy some nice street soccer ones that are also good for running and other extreme things. I am waiting on the member to give me the money but I kind of just want to get them now with my money and deposit the money to my bank that i receive. I have looked around, it appears I cant deposit money to my account here?? Correct me? So unless you let me know i will have to wait for 2 weeks.... But I am simplifying my life. Giving things away I dont necessarily need.

I dont know what you should send me! I need a SD card. Umm...a decent laundry bag?? Ipod. Lots of Music preloaded. Tiny loud speakers to go with. And more photos of the family... and friends..and cool things I did? Be creative! But nothing super big... other than that I guess lots of food. Thinks that I can eat and disappear hahaha. Thinks that will make my life more simple and are really useful I guess. Who knows...


Elder Reeder

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