Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elder Reeder - Faith Can Move Mountains, but love can move men. -P. Lovell

August 1, 2011
Hello Family!

This past week has been great! We went from 24 people in church to 35! The majority of the people who came were inactives haha! I dont what happened to the rest of the branch. The big difference in effect is Charity, the pure love of christ. I work with members/investigators the same way I work with my companion. Very carefully, and very lovingly. It is really paying of. We had an awesome sunday. Like 5 youth returned to church. A whole family... lots of stuff!

Just delete everything on my ipod.... Then put music on it!! Peanut butter! I was also thinking.... if you can send me some echos, shoes. My black ones are destroyed. So that would be good. I got sweet new soccer shoes. They are sweet. i am a total street soccer baller. Futbolista!! Haha i can do some crazy stuf I never imagined.

Good to hear from everybody!

My companion is progressing a lot. We have an invesitgator who as 2 assitances and is progressing towards baptism this month. I have come to realize that my companion keeps his thoughts to himself, and he beats himself up a lot. He is not very confident in himself. So I have realized in order to help to be a more powerful instrument I must build his confidence/faith. I have realized to only way of doing that is focusing on all the good things he does and magnify them. Compliment him and what he is doing, and give advice on what to improve. But mostly confident. If he is upset I ask, "what did you do wrong?" and he cant find something really and I say, "exactly, nothing, dont worry about it. you did this good etc...." Not just constantly correcting. I notice if I correct him too much he just stops trying or gets a little nervous and begins to struggle. So lots of love and compliments to build his confidence. I also just try to help him to laugh at himself, and laugh with those who laugh at him. If there is no solution, dont worry about it cause there is no solution. If there is a solution, dont worry about it, because there is a solution. I have seen a lot of results of changing this! Our teaching lately have been incredible! Especially with new. He is more confident and gets involved. We are teaching shorter, more effective, and more powerfully to peoples needs. People understand. We feel the spirit. It is wonderful. A lot of people came back to church this week. We had 35. A lot of youth are returning. I realize the pure love of christ is the key. Love. It blew my mind. A lot of people who normally come didnt. So with the two it will be amazing. The Elders Corum is slowly getting a stronger vision of growth and missionary work. We assigned them all people to visit. I am just amazed that I am 20 years old, training my companion, 2hrs outside of the closest leader, in chile, and thousands of miles away from my family. All the things we see and do, "relying upon the mercies of the world", and I am amazed we are not dead. This is the Lords work. He protects us. I love being a missionary.
Elder Reeder

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