Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elder Reeder = Trainer

August 8, 2011

Hello Family!

Mother, please send me a new tooth brush head for the sonicare. ( ihave a sonicare :p haha!) I will be sending the photos today I believe.

We have been without electricity for 3 days. Some guy came by and messed with the powerlines, but havent had any. We just got it fixed this morning haha. So last night we were planning in the candlelight and suddenly President Rappleye calls us. I thought, "shoot what did we do.." but turns out I am going to be a trainer and begin this new training program they are starting world wide. He told me he feels like he can trust me, so I am really happy. Pretty cool! I like change.

Dad I dont know what I am doing, but it is working. MIRACLES! So I should probably pay attention. This week we went from 35 to 46 people in church! The Elders Corum is beginning to function on its own. They converse now and speak. It is a miracle. Now I can just sit on the side and make comments. Not run the thing!

Our investigators are doing great. We have 3 who will be baptized this month for sure. 4 is a possibility. Our investigators son finally came to church! They want to be baptized together but he needed to attend. Still possible! It is really great seeing the conversion of them and all the rest as they read the Book of Mormon. It is like MAGIC. Haha that is the spirit. Do you know the Holy Ghost controls gravity? Interesting fact. I am learning a whole bunch of thinks it is nuts. The crazier thing is I can find the answers to all of these questions. The gospel rocks. It is perfect.

Here is my letter to the Pres:

" I am excited for the opportunity to develop more love, humility, and patience as a trainer. I am excited. It really is helping me to change and become more like our Savior. As stressful as it can be in moments I am learning the first principles of the gospel are key to life. Faith, Repentance, Hope, Charity, and humility. Then endure to the end haha!

Right now we have 3 investigators with baptismal dates. They are all doing great. We are seeing the conversions happen as we read the Book of Mormon. We have another who does not have a date but I am sure he will be baptized the 27th or the next month.

I am really proud of my companion. I hope that I have helped in such little time with him. He is following his spiritual promptings now, and with FAITH! Yesterday we were walking and he turned around and just went to talk to a person and they were very prepared. It was sweet. This has happened more than once now. We are doing the same things, thinking the same. We have unity. I just want everything to go good till he takes off and leave things on a good note.

This past week has been a lot of repenting. A lot of pondering. Sometimes I feel alone, and that nobody understands me. Like I am in this alone just working and running out of energy... So I studied. I was reading in chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel. It says "God loves you...he is anxious to support you in your challenges." This really touched me. I guess I had never thought like that. I just want to make him happy. But he wants to help me. So I prayed, for a real long time. and I know Heavenly Father loves me. I know he wants to support me, and that I am his son. I am not alone in this, and he is with me. Just lately has been difficult, we haven´t been teaching a whole lot. I am fighting against myself and trying to change. I feel like I haven´t had a spiritual prompting in a while. But I studied this and then I prayed. I asked for forgiveness, for strength, to know if Heavenly Father loves me. I feel a lot better. Heavenly Father is with us, we just need to remember him. It is important to remember he will forgive you no matter how many times you mess up on the same thing. The atonement is amazing and I am so greatful. It does not matter how many times. I am not so worried anymore. 46 showed up to church! He blesses us a lot!

"I will not boast of my own strength, but I will boast of my god. For in his stength I can do all things" "


Elder Reeder

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