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Elder Reeder - The Trainer Program...

August 15, 2011

Hello Family!

Dang, that family trip in zions looked pretty epic. I am jealous. Mom, I am sorry if my snowboard is in the way but until I kind of want to keep it around until maybe i could sell it or do something creative with it. I haven´t gotten the packages yet, nor the ipod, but I am waiting!

Dad, to answer your questions. This is a church wide thing they are changing. The MTC has been putting out testgroups of missionaries to test this program, and it has given great results. So now they have completely changed it all in the MTC and all of the new elders coming in are trained according to this program. It does not replace Preach My Gospel, rather it focuses it. They are 8 principles/key fundamentals. 1. The Doctrine of Christ 2. Teach People, Not Lessons 3. The relationship the Holy Ghost plays 4. Revelation through prayer 5. Revelation through reading the BOM 6. Revelation through church attendance 7. They commit, we verify 8. How to begin teaching.

To sum it up, it is basically focusing on the most important things from the beginning of the mission. As you go through mission learning, you come to realize all we we teach has the end that they keep the commitments. The good missionaries are the ones who get this and focus on them. Sadly a lot dont. So how i see it is that they are really focusing on these things. Teach in depth the importance of each one. We give them the tools to figure it for themselves if this is true, and we are just the guides to help. There are like 16 trainers i think. Pres has taken out ZLs out of their leadership and there are a lot of good elders. So it is pretty cool. It is like I am a part of the justice league of missionaries hahaha!

Things are going good with my new comp. His name is Elder Vasquez. He is from Honduras. It is super fun teaching him hahaha. He is like my old companion. I am trying to be really loving, and explain things in a loving way. We just need to learn to laugh at ourselves and not worry. Make sure my companion is happy and stuff. Haha it is a little dificult traveling to osorno for capacitations on this new deal, and time, and a completely new schedule. We have 4 hours of study a day now!

We totally cleaned the house today. The shower was real gross, but I cleaned it out real good. We are going to be baptizing this coming week!

Elder Reeder

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