Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Reeder - 2 Baptisms!

August 29, 2011

Hello Family!

Things are great here in Futrono. This past week our 2 investigators got baptized and confirmed. Haha one almost didnt come to church but we woke him up running and what not. The 1st counselor of the mission was here for Sunday but I think he understood. It is really cool the difference of people after they get the Holy Ghost. They understand a lot more things.

We are succeeding a lot here. Despite all of our slip ups and shortcomings we are being more obedient (waking up on time), running in the mornings (getting in shape again/ripped), eating healthier (cabbage fried in soy sauce haha... and superceding the standard of the mission minus people in church. But things are looking great! I dont ever want to run, but I know after I feel way better and satisfied with myself. So I do it anyways. Waking up earlier also gives me more time to study. Go to bed early, wake up early, study with the spirit. Not at night, and get to bed a little late (disobedient). You learn more with the spirit. It is smarter. Less guilt too.

I am being very good at getting up on time. More virtuous, and am improving my loving skills. Like doing service skills, giving compliment skills, correcting with love skills. I am aquiring various new skills. People react very well!

Women of the family, (mom erin shauna kelli..) please send me recipes to cook/prepare fruits and vegetables so they taste really good but still healthy. Mom I am eating bananas, and apples. I tried an orange. Dont freak out. I really enjoyed eating salad at firehouse before the mish but I think the reason why was the chicken and stuff. So send me recipes! Easy ones!

Thanks dad for that talk. It is awesome.

Kelli! I dont know how often you are reading the scriptures. But you should most definitely read them. Just read them, and pray, and most of all try to solve your problems pondering. Solutions dont just come like magic, well they do, but as a result of faith/action. With a bunch of classes etc. you need to get your priorities(most important things) straight, set some goals of what you want to happen, and make sure all of this is in harmony with the gospel. Avoid bad influences, even if they are fun to be around, and stick to those who if you let your standards down, wouldnt let you. You are a daughter of god and my little sister. Do what Jesus would do and dont be hard on yourself when you mess up. Just learn to laugh at yourself, and try to see the good in everything. You will see that things arent as bad as they seem. Many times I used to get upset and sit and just do nothing. But doing nothing just solves nothing. You need to lift yourself out of the whole youve created with your mind, and choose to be happy no matter what happens. It is a choice. You take it. If you cant do it, talk to Heavenly Father, and mom and dad. The family. LOVE YOU!

Yes mom I have to wake up. It is a miracle. I am also improving not being a jerk in the mornings hahahaha not yelling or anything. If I can control my natural self in the morning I will win!

I will probably forget something.... Happy birthday Shauna! Happy Birthday Elina! Happy Birthday Scott! and I think that is alll..... there is a blog. I dont have it written. But it is rapple, or mission chiles osorno, at blogspot. Try those.

Chao Fmlia!

Elder Reeder

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