Monday, June 27, 2011

Elder Reeder - Está en Futrono!

June 27, 2011

Hello Family!


First off I want to say to thanks to everyone who emailed me and said happy b-day. Dylan, Scott, Shauna, Jessica, Elina, Ashley, Tyler, Matthew, Mom and Dad..... Thank you so much! I got really overwhelmed when I open my inbox it was a big surprise hahah! Thank you all very much! And as for writing back... well I am not allowed to send e-mails back. Only to Mom, Dad, and Pres. Rappleye. So if you want me to write you send me your address, or if I already have it :p.

The news update:

So the same day after I emailed the assistants called me and said I am actually going to a different sector. It is called Futrono in the zone of Calle Calle which is in the city called Valdivia. So I am 2 hours outside of Valdivia. And I am finishing the training of an Elder who is finishing is first cambio in the mission named Elder Wood, from Idaho. So I am Senior Comp now, and things are super crazy haha! It is a two hour bus ride from our sector to the meetings. So we get back after proselyting time has already begun, kind of stressful...we have to run... they didn´t before but now we do. The Branch here is like 30 peopleish. It is sort like a Fresia repeat except now I am Senior Comp, and finishing training, and a little more nuts haha!!

I don´t know if you heard but a volcano erupted in Volcano. Well in our sector, and only our sector there is a whole bunch of volcanic ash falling. It has been for like a week now. It is supposedly really bad for your lungs, and it makes my eyes itch. But yeah everything is covered in white. The shower here is really cold. People say the sector is really difficult, but the sector is actually great! The members are afraid of missionary work so that has got to change. The only hard thing is that the shower is cold.....It is not fun!!!!!!

Elder Day was here. So I tell everyone I know him hahaha. Currently we don´t really have any investigators progressing towards baptism. The last Elder that was here was just sort of friends with them.... so they have been going to church... but not to be baptized. So if they were to accept a baptismal date, they could be baptized. But they don´t want to. So we pretty much are just down to finding people and getting the members working. It is going to take some big work to get this place going. The sector is great! The members a little lazy. Members make the sector, it is never the sector. So we just have to change them. Go straight to the head! The Branch Pres.!!

Right now I am really blessed with patience from the Lord. I don´t know why, but I have a lot. I am trying to help my comp to be a good missionary by example and teaching him and trying to get this place going. The shower is so cold!!!! Blech!

That is super crazy to hear about Cristian Troncoso in Elder Bennions district hahahaha!!!!! Say HI!!!

Yeni is super awesome. She is a ward missionary and just goes to town and gets references and helps a lot. I don´t have a whole lot more time but she is super cool! Get google translator or something!

I love you all but I gotta go!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LETTERS!!! My package is in Valdivia :p
Send me a photo of kelli like a chipmunk!

Elder Reeder

Elder Reeder - WHATS UP FAMILY!!!

Jun 20, 2011

I am going to be 20 years old. I hope when the day begins I instantly become more mature hahaha! No I am now, but I still feel like a kid with some of the Elders here. But childlike is good right! I learn really quick!

So the news.... I am getting transferred :(. Going from Pto. Montt to Los Lagos, the sector called Lanco. Pretty crazy! So it looks like I will be celebrating my birthday traveling hahahaha.... pretty cool. Thanks for everyone who said Happy Birthday! Thanks for the letter Elina! Someone tell Dallas i´ll send him one back soon!

I always feel really weird with cambios but "I´ll go you want to be go dear Lord", and here I go.

I still haven´t got the package. I play piano in the church every week still. The members love me everywhere I go for that. My elbow bugs me when it is cold in mornings, but only if I do diamond pushups, then it bothers me. Hey you should tell me how Utah State is doing with lacrosse! Tell Coach hi! Send me a video of Kelli when she is out of it hahahaha.. actually i don´t know if you can... so maybe not.

Time is going by really really fast. I am really trying to get myself to focus, to use time better. We are doing good, but we can do better. I want to completely change myself before I come home, I want to be a loving person who is patient and really easy to get along with. I just want to be like Jesus Christ. I just want to come home completely different. This 2 years is like my earth within the earth life. Ultimate progression period! Haha... I don´t know what else... Happy Birthday to me! Thank you family I love youe!

Hey President!

I always feel like cambios are really crazy. I hope there are baptisms where I am going because we´ve left like 3 in a row here, and possibly a family. I am really happy how I am leaving the sector.

Mauricio is going to be baptized this saturday, he conversion has been so cool. He left with us to teach the other day, he bore his testimony and shared his experience. Before that we weren´t really sure how he was doing even though he passed his interview. The hermanamiento has been great with Adultos Solteros, and I am excited for him to become a priesthood holder, even though I won´t be here. This saturday 25th of June.

Felipe is having the same type of experience. I am really excited to see him receive the priesthood. We need to be careful because the member befriending him is a girl, and it seems is getting attached to her, not the gospel. Well the gospel too, but we don´t want him to do it for her. So we need to get that all cleared up, but he has a testimony and already knows all 3 lessons and the commandments and living them. Just sort of a waiting process and confirming his testimony. He reads and we verify. Really nice, he is a blessing. He is going to be baptized the 9th of July

Luz didn´t go to church this week. She is a little moody. One day she is very reverent and peaceful and the next like she isn´t interested. She knows everything already, but we are having her read and trying to get her to understand and experience the changes commandments give to our lives. She wants to be baptized. Her fecha is for the 2nd of July.

We had a family go to churh! Jose, Angelica, and their son Ignacio (8years old). Jose isn´t convinced that Joseph Smith was prophet, and isn´t sure if God answers prayers. They are good people and are happy with their lives. We are trying to find a need they have, and obviously they don´t understand the restoration. But they are great, we are going to put them with a fecha.

Elder Gómez has experienced a big change! I don´t know when it happened, but we get along really well know, and we teach great. He is getting used to the 8 principles, meeting needs and focusing on all of them (the 8 princ.) I am really happy how we are ending things together. He is a harder worker now, and is habitually obedient. I don´t know I am really happy with how things turned out. I learned a lot of love and patience. I learned how to get along with a companion who is a little sin animo, but I learned a lot.

I am really excited for my new sector! I hope there are baptisms when I get there! I love the mission! Recently in church I received revelation about goals and how important they are for everything. Without goals you have nothing to acheive, no purpose, no end point, and you are just kind of like a wave in the sea getting tossed around becoming the person the world makes you. I have learned how important it his to review, make, make plans, for goals. A set vision. In everything. Specifically my purpose and people, and key indicators.

I studied Elder Uchtdorf´s talk on Living beneath our priviledges. I understand revelation and the priesthood for the most part, well that would be ignorant and prideful to say that haha. But I just need to change the switch to now in everything. Change from revelation to revelation the minute i receive it.

I love the mission! Yeah! Take care President!

Elder Reeder"

I love you all!! Serve a mission son! It´s the bomb haha!

Elder Reeder

2 Baptims! Yeah!

June 13, 2011

Well this past week was a good one! We found a bunch of new people and some good ones. Also, WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS! They are going to get confirmed the next Sunday due to work complications etc. Their names are Pablo and Vanessa, the ones who got married. I baptized Pablo. Pretty cool! I did it good! I am good at baptizing, I think I will just have to get use to it hahaha!!! Haha no.

Thanks a lot Dad for your letter, Mom too. I really needed that. I don´t know, zone activites just don´t do it for me. I am happiest when I share what I love, the gospel. Playing sports is fun with friends, but..... when you have the option of preaching the gospel, and you only get that for 2 years of your life...then yeah.. you do that son! I love what I do and I am getting better on it because I am depending more on the Lord.

That is super cool with all the wedding news and stuff!! SOOO CRAZY!! Tell everyone I say Hi and that I love them! Erin you look really pretty and happy and John looks super cool. Everyone looks good. So good stuff!

I won´t write too much today, I am kind of tired, i was just get things done and go take a nap or something. I don´t know. I just feel really drained. We have 2 other people progressing towards baptisms. One Mauricio, and the other Luz. Mauricio has 2 assistences and approaching three! Is he super cool. He basically teaches us. I may not here to baptize him though. So bummer... we have cambios the 22nd. He is getting baptized the 25th. My birthday is the 23rd!! I will have to celebrate by myself in my new sector, or before... So yeah. Haha! I am excited for the package. I hope it gets here before I go hahah. If I end up going down south I don´t know if I will get it or not haha so i hope it comes soon! See ya family! Love you all! I am loving more people!!!


Elder Reeder

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another good week! Baptisms Coming!

Mon, Jun 6, 2011
Hello Family!

So, the news update.

This past week we had 6 investigators in church, 3 of the which have a baptismal date. So they are progressing! I don´t know what we are doing different but it is working. Pablo and Vanessa are going to get married this wednesday and baptized on sunday. Sunday because of work complications, they will then be confirmed the next sunday. But they are really great so I have full confidence in them.

Another investigator received permission from his Mom to get baptized! Esteban! The papito went to his house and talked with his Mom. Pretty exciting, now we just got to get him ready and everything. The other, Mauricio is super cool. I probably wont be here to baptize him, but he will be baptized really soon. Oh yeah Pablo wants me to baptize him! Super cool, I am way excited!

To answer all of your questions-

Dad, so with Co-Cos we don´t alternate or anything. We just both have equal responsibility and we both lead. It involves a lot more communication, otherwise someone is not happy. But the spirit should indicate to the both of us what to do. So we need to be talking a lot. My comp has had problems in the past i guess, so I am sticking close to my district in zone leaders trying to work effectively and get advice on everything. I tend to do more because I know the sector and he isn´t really learning it haha....

Tell Erin and John congratulations! Tell John we will go snowboarding or on some epic adventure when I get back. Oh, and be on the lookout for good stuff on whiskeymilitia mom! Give kestler a high five! I don´t know kelli´s friend..

But so that is all the good stuff! We are no longer going to be missionaries who just teach a lot, we are, or I am trying to change my mind into a missionary who baptizes a lot. The important thing. I realize the key is to actually show them it is real once they have desires. We have a list of all the things they need to check off to learn, and we also have a little calendar that we make a plan of when to pass by and when to teach. So now we are showing people, yes it is possible, yes for that date, and we are going to do it!!!!

Another important part is daily contact. They fight with Satan 7 days a week. We need to help them have an spiritual experience every day so they maintain their vision and we win. We try to do it in creative ways that show love. Imagine if you had a girlfriend and you wanted to just do cute little things for her every day to show her you love her??? Kind of that same idea, outside of the box, but related to the gospel and their goal for baptism.

That is all! I love the Mission! Serve one! Did you know you can serve 2? Return and serve another! Maybe I´ll do it!!! Haha but really the best thing ever.

Bye Bye!


Awesome week! High Five!

May 30, 2011

Hello Family and Friends!!!

How is everyone doing?! This has been a killer week. We got things to click already and we are just going to town here. It is really awesome. Elder Gomez is learning the sector more and I am the energy that is keeping us going. I am really trying to give him a good example and help him to see that the missionary that works hard is a happy missionary and has the spirit.

Mom just so you know that Constanza girl, I believe is Conni! We baptized her in Fresia!! I think? I am really not sure cause I only remember her first name!

Whoah, I am getting a birthday package. That really weirds me out.... time is going by really fast. It bothers me. People ask how long I´ve been in Chile and I don´t like answering them. Same with missionaries. New guys are coming in, I have 8 months only, but I feel like old old hahaha. I have pretty much got everything down and we are meeting the mission standard of excellence every week. So I am definitely ahead of where I should be, but I don´t like being a normal missionary. It was fun to be new!! Time is ticking away so I need to work even harder. Something! Heart, might, mind and strength. Might and strength is easy. Putting your heart out there for people in the streets is difficult sometimes. Mind is also super important.

That is super cool to hear about everybody! Is Jordan Bolan Steph´s little brother???! That is awesome! A kid is coming here too from Utah, nice hahaha! Tell Heidi hi! That is great to hear all the great news!!

Oh yeah just so you know I am going to buy like a 20 dollar umbrella. I already broke two in the wind. But this one a lot of Elders have and the inside wires there are like 20 and they are kind of stretch carbon fiberish material that bends. Or in other words its not metal that breaks.

I will be sending my MTC plack home along with some photos. You can make a cool plaque photo dealio haha!! I realized I don´t have one back home hahaha.

We are becoming master teachers now hahaha!! We taught someone for the 2nd time the other day the holy ghost exactly to his needs, at the end he was asking us..."what do i need to have this give? what are the requirements to be baptized?" it was super cool because at first he was just doing an university project. BOM+Spirit+Need+Baptism=WIN! Haha I have learned recently to just teach from only the Book of Mormon. You want pure power and authority there it is! I don´t hurt peoples feelings, the Book of Mormon does. I am just there to help them understand all the good they can get from the gospel.

Study PMG Lesson 3!! All of you! Every member should know how to explain clearly what it is that they believe so they can help others to return to live with Heavenly Father. It is your duty. Know what we believe, and why it is the truth. If someone asks you why, you will be able to explain very humbyl in a way they understand and say " whoah... that is so right!" But yeah. This is the only true church. Read the Book of Mormon. If it is true this is the only way. If it´s not we are a bunch of liars. But we are not, and it is true, and if you know that and you aren´t living what you know you should, then you had better start living it because Christ comes quick.

The second coming is coming soon. What if it is tomorrow? Are you ready? Do you believe you can find your seat in heaven along side Moses, Abraham, Adam? If you are thinking about changing something you need to do it now. Put your vision on paper! The gospel sets us free, it is the only way to true happiness. It is really easy to live. Just do it!

I love you all! Send me M and Ms mom!! Super yummy... Yeah I have no idea for my birthday..... my skate shoes? The blue ones?? I don´t know... a piece of snowboard wax that smells good hahaha... I have no idea.... another recording??? Be creative hahaha! An electric shaver? I may buy a sleeping bag here if it is ok... electronics here are really cheap too. I don´t know. Michael Buble piano music!!! Or there is this one really cool version of if you could high to kolob that is really easy but sounds cool. But I think i can figure it out. Doctrine of salvation, doctrine of the gospel. The big books are super cool!!! But send a small one if you do.... but im not sure if can have them in the mission.... I don´t know!! OH YEAH!!! For sure send me like fleece thermal shirts from columbia or some rock climbing brands. Or like a light fleece jacket from one of them i can wear underneath my jacket. It would be sweet!

A HOLE PUNCHER!! The metal hand ones. They don´t exist here... They are crazy here. That is it!

See ya family love ya!

Elder Reeder

Hello Family!!!!

May 23, 2011


It is really good to hear about all of you. Im sorry I dont have much time to talk right now! We got to go and my time is going to expire. A lot of things have changed. I am fine, I am reading the Book of Mormon daily, and Jesus the christ! Crazy! But I am figuring out how to make things work through receiving daily revelation reading.

I got a new comp! Things are a little crazy cause he is new to the sector and latin but I love him a lot! He is great!

Mom before I forget! I was wondering if you could send me some church dvds. Jose Smith the Prophet, Special Witnesses of Christ, The Restoration, The Testaments, and the Doctrine and Covenants class videos?? More church videos if you want!!! They are good to teach with and watch in the nights after planning. Also learn spanish hahaha.

I am super glad that everyone is happy!! Congratualtions Erin and Jon!! Happy Birthday Kenna! I hope everyone is doing really good! I love being a missionary so much, I am trying to transfer that love to my comp now hahaha... But yah things are great. I love you all. Jesus the Christ is amazing. I understand everything when I read it. I love being a missionary hahaha apostolic calling! Yes, but that is serious. I am really grateful for the spirit we always have. The sector is great, a lot of things have changed. The standard of excellence again, we need to work with members. I am still working on loving people, but more than anything following the spirit.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Reeder

Dad i think this will answer all your questions...

"Hola Presidente!

This past week a lot of things changed! I don´t know what has changed but we are really teaching a lot less, it is really frusturating. Right now we are working with a couple Pablo (a member who lost his record) and Vanessa (an investigator) to go and get a date for marriage so they can finally get baptized. They don´t have an money so they want to wait till the first week of June when they get paid so they can do it all. I am sure things are going to turn out well, maybe not as fast as I would hope but I should be a little more patient.

Hna Oscarina our other investigator is at a really dangerous spot. She has a testimony, she just has to take the decision a be baptized. That is all. But she is waiting for some bigger answer, we taught her a showed her all of her little answers... but she still didn´t come to church. We try calling her every day, we need to talk to her. She says, "yo creo que me voy a bautisar...el proximo sabado" but she keeps saying that. So we are doing everything we can to help her make that decision and exercise faith.

A lot of things have really changed since Elder Metcalf left. It is an interesting feeling but I feel a little more lost? I am not exactly sure how to explain it. I don´t know if it is the change with companions but I feel like I am losing or forgetting a lot of things I knew before. Also we are teaching a lot less, a lot of citas are falling, and we are having a hard time fiding news, well teaching in general. We are trying to work with the members, more for baptisms not just for lessons so we are dedicating a little more time with them to make that happen.

Right now I am really trying to work with Elder Gomez. He is not very used to teaching people instead of lessons. He teachs the lessons very clearly which is great, but we need to teach to the peoples needs. Also I have noticed a big difference in myself from Elder Metcalf. I always ask my companion for his opinion to confirm what I am feeling. To find common ground and the spirit.

It is a little difficult with Elder Gomez because he doesn´t know the sector. I really want his opinions to see what he is thinking, but he is content doing whatever. We really need to follow the spirit, so therefore we really need to be obedient. Be obedient as one is really easy, but getting your companion to do it, and the other 2 Elders is a little difficult. But i feel that is why we have problems. I also need to change something to have the spirit more and follow Heavenly Father´s will because right now without the other have of the companionship I feel like everything is waying on my decisions. So it is really important.

We had a talk this morning, I told him how i felt how things are going. Right now I feel like I am doing everything and he is along for the ride, following me, teaching lessons (not people) when he needs to, and to do contacts when we do them. Other than that I feel like I am the one with the animo trying to find, and teach people we can baptize. But it is like 2 different forces going different directions. Or like he is dragging us down, me down, when we both need to be going and helping each other go for the same thing working extra hard. I really need his thought to confirm where the spirit is and what we should do. I am trying to show him with love and teach him the importance of unity, teaching needs, accountability and being diligent. I need to put some life in to him!!! Because if I don´t, I will probably die. It is kind of hard right now....I need to help him help me, help us, this sector, and do the work of the Lord, his will. It is really hard with just one.

I understand his point of view being new to the sector and not knowing it but I explained to him he is like an observer. He follows me, watches, critics what I am doing wrong that I should fix, rather than doing it. Like a giant intercambio.

So we are trying to figure things out. He is content, but I know we are not following the Lord´s will teaching nobody. He does not put us in places to do nothing. There is always a purpose for every hour. If we aren´t teaching we aren´t following his will. So we need to have the spirit more. Be obedient. Have harmony between us. Make decisions together.

I hope things better as he learns the sector quicker and as we try to apply what we talked about today, but if you have any council I would appreciate some President. I am learning a whole lot more, completely different things, but it is ok because I answer all of my questions through reading the Book of Mormon daily.

Things will improve!!!

Elder Reeder"

Crazy Cambios!!!!!! Elder Metcalf is leaving..

May 16, 2011

Hello family!!!

So this past week has been crazy!! President Lovell has changed the Mission Standard of excellence again and actually dropped it. The reason why is because we have been teaching a lot of lessons with members present but not actually hooking them up with people to be their friends thus having a support system and progressing faster. He basically told us that all of the teaching is for baptisms. We are not looking for a bunch of lessons rather helping people to repent and change and be baptized. It is a lot more effective taking time to work with the members and teaching them how they can help people to keep commitments. They will then progress faster, go to church, have support, and be baptized.

So right now I am trying to make the mind switch from quantity to more quality and more baptisms. So it will be really good.

So Elder Metcalf is leaving now and I will be leading the sector and receiving a new companion. I just got moved up from Junior Comp to Co Co or now I am on the even level with my next comp. So it is pretty cool! Elder Metcalf is heading to Punta Arenas the end of the world the very south. Pretty sweet! But my comp coming in is really cool is name is Elder Gomez. He is from Columbia I think and is super cool if it is the one I am thinking.

The sector is really good right now. We meet the standard in teaching every week but we just need to concentrate our efforts to get people to church and baptized. That is where the members will help us out. But this next week we will have 2 baptisms. A member who lost his record and his girlfriend who isnt member are getting married and baptized on saturday. SUper cool! We are still working with Oscarina to make her take the big step without pressuring her. She knows just her family is catholic and she needs to take the decision.

Things are going really good right now. I was thinking mom don´t send me miracle of forgiveness because they say they don´t allow it in th mission due to elders getting really down on themselves and not working hard cause they feel bad. But DO send articles of faith! And for my birthday a tuning flute thingy and an electric shaver. I don´t know what else sooo.... yeah. I believe i will be sending photos maybe next week or today if we have time. Wish Elder Devitry HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or i will actually just write him cause its just up the country...

It is good to hear how everyone is doing! We had a good pday today. I did some backflips. I feel pretty good beacuse i haven´t tricked for while today but we went out to Metri and it was sooooo beautiful! Oh yeah and all of the mountains surrounding us is the patagonia mtn range. There is actually a patagonia sector down in punta arenas. A ward. So pretty cool. It is super cool right now!!!! Lots of people changing! Good stuff!!!

I am still working on showing my investigators i care about them. Elder metcalf is really good at that, you could tell by the reactions when he was leaving. I want to be like that so we have a good relationship and people will know we teach what we do cause we love them. I just have to incorporate it into how i am and how i teach and everything basically. It is a big change but it will really help. Things are really great here though! I love you all!! Mom, maybe if there is room you could send me my khacki pants i wore to work?? i am thinking of buying some for real cheap down here in a used clothes store maybe actually....

but yeah i think that is all then!! Love you all!! Be happy and love people its the best!!!!

Elder Reeder

Mother's Day!!

May 2, 2011

Hello Family!!!

Ok first off.... Happy Birthday Dad! and Erin! and Max! Speaking of Max is he allright now? I will not be able to send any presents home, it costs a ton...... So instead I will take pictures of things I thought about buying you or maybe send a card hahaha!!! I´m sorry!!! You should give me an update haha. So Oscarina wasn´t baptized... kind of a bummer but she just got cold feet and we are planning for next week. She is 24 and lives with her family and they are catholic. So that is where the problems are coming from so we need to talk with her. A little frusturating but we just found 2 more families. We are going to have a family home evening with one tonight.

Finding people = death. It is the hardest part of missionary work. Definitely the most complicated and closely tied to following the spirit. It is hard to get members to talk with friends without like pressuring them. But pretty cool experience this week we were walking to an appointment we were late for and I saw the house of a guy we had tried to find and I just felt really strong to knock it. So we did. He let us in. We find out they are a family of 3 and he is looking for a church to be baptized in. ;). We set another appointment and he wasn´t there, but we have his cell number so we are good. We are finding people who are chosen and teaching at the same time now. It is good stuff.

I am still learning a lot on how to get along with companions. Mine gets angry and frusturated pretty easily so I usually don´t like to give him suggestions but that is something that needs to change. So I am learning a lot. I have learned to rely on the spirit more and when he has some sort of problem we can´t work. So we talk it out in the street until it is all good. I am learning a lot about confirming what I feel with him to see if he is feeling the same. The Lord working through the spirit is like an orchestra. You have the conductor (The Lord) and the instruments (us). We should both be following the Lord. Not one going off and playing some random melody or solo. If that happens there is no harmony and the music sounds terrible. We both need to be following and play in harmony to make something incredible.

Yep. And for Mother´s Day..... So I am thinking of planning to call on 730 chilean time on Sunday night. I am not sure how that equals out to be in Utah time??? I will probably call sometime this week to confirm things and find out what time it is over there. Also there is day light savings Saturday night so I am not sure how things will work. I will call maybe even today to figure it out. Then we will figure things out. But Sunday night here at 730.

Jackie, i haven´t met Elder Welling yet. Good to hear from you!
I Love You all!!
Elder Reeder