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Hello Family!!!!

May 23, 2011


It is really good to hear about all of you. Im sorry I dont have much time to talk right now! We got to go and my time is going to expire. A lot of things have changed. I am fine, I am reading the Book of Mormon daily, and Jesus the christ! Crazy! But I am figuring out how to make things work through receiving daily revelation reading.

I got a new comp! Things are a little crazy cause he is new to the sector and latin but I love him a lot! He is great!

Mom before I forget! I was wondering if you could send me some church dvds. Jose Smith the Prophet, Special Witnesses of Christ, The Restoration, The Testaments, and the Doctrine and Covenants class videos?? More church videos if you want!!! They are good to teach with and watch in the nights after planning. Also learn spanish hahaha.

I am super glad that everyone is happy!! Congratualtions Erin and Jon!! Happy Birthday Kenna! I hope everyone is doing really good! I love being a missionary so much, I am trying to transfer that love to my comp now hahaha... But yah things are great. I love you all. Jesus the Christ is amazing. I understand everything when I read it. I love being a missionary hahaha apostolic calling! Yes, but that is serious. I am really grateful for the spirit we always have. The sector is great, a lot of things have changed. The standard of excellence again, we need to work with members. I am still working on loving people, but more than anything following the spirit.

Love you all!!!!

Elder Reeder

Dad i think this will answer all your questions...

"Hola Presidente!

This past week a lot of things changed! I don´t know what has changed but we are really teaching a lot less, it is really frusturating. Right now we are working with a couple Pablo (a member who lost his record) and Vanessa (an investigator) to go and get a date for marriage so they can finally get baptized. They don´t have an money so they want to wait till the first week of June when they get paid so they can do it all. I am sure things are going to turn out well, maybe not as fast as I would hope but I should be a little more patient.

Hna Oscarina our other investigator is at a really dangerous spot. She has a testimony, she just has to take the decision a be baptized. That is all. But she is waiting for some bigger answer, we taught her a showed her all of her little answers... but she still didn´t come to church. We try calling her every day, we need to talk to her. She says, "yo creo que me voy a bautisar...el proximo sabado" but she keeps saying that. So we are doing everything we can to help her make that decision and exercise faith.

A lot of things have really changed since Elder Metcalf left. It is an interesting feeling but I feel a little more lost? I am not exactly sure how to explain it. I don´t know if it is the change with companions but I feel like I am losing or forgetting a lot of things I knew before. Also we are teaching a lot less, a lot of citas are falling, and we are having a hard time fiding news, well teaching in general. We are trying to work with the members, more for baptisms not just for lessons so we are dedicating a little more time with them to make that happen.

Right now I am really trying to work with Elder Gomez. He is not very used to teaching people instead of lessons. He teachs the lessons very clearly which is great, but we need to teach to the peoples needs. Also I have noticed a big difference in myself from Elder Metcalf. I always ask my companion for his opinion to confirm what I am feeling. To find common ground and the spirit.

It is a little difficult with Elder Gomez because he doesn´t know the sector. I really want his opinions to see what he is thinking, but he is content doing whatever. We really need to follow the spirit, so therefore we really need to be obedient. Be obedient as one is really easy, but getting your companion to do it, and the other 2 Elders is a little difficult. But i feel that is why we have problems. I also need to change something to have the spirit more and follow Heavenly Father´s will because right now without the other have of the companionship I feel like everything is waying on my decisions. So it is really important.

We had a talk this morning, I told him how i felt how things are going. Right now I feel like I am doing everything and he is along for the ride, following me, teaching lessons (not people) when he needs to, and to do contacts when we do them. Other than that I feel like I am the one with the animo trying to find, and teach people we can baptize. But it is like 2 different forces going different directions. Or like he is dragging us down, me down, when we both need to be going and helping each other go for the same thing working extra hard. I really need his thought to confirm where the spirit is and what we should do. I am trying to show him with love and teach him the importance of unity, teaching needs, accountability and being diligent. I need to put some life in to him!!! Because if I don´t, I will probably die. It is kind of hard right now....I need to help him help me, help us, this sector, and do the work of the Lord, his will. It is really hard with just one.

I understand his point of view being new to the sector and not knowing it but I explained to him he is like an observer. He follows me, watches, critics what I am doing wrong that I should fix, rather than doing it. Like a giant intercambio.

So we are trying to figure things out. He is content, but I know we are not following the Lord´s will teaching nobody. He does not put us in places to do nothing. There is always a purpose for every hour. If we aren´t teaching we aren´t following his will. So we need to have the spirit more. Be obedient. Have harmony between us. Make decisions together.

I hope things better as he learns the sector quicker and as we try to apply what we talked about today, but if you have any council I would appreciate some President. I am learning a whole lot more, completely different things, but it is ok because I answer all of my questions through reading the Book of Mormon daily.

Things will improve!!!

Elder Reeder"

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