Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazy Cambios!!!!!! Elder Metcalf is leaving..

May 16, 2011

Hello family!!!

So this past week has been crazy!! President Lovell has changed the Mission Standard of excellence again and actually dropped it. The reason why is because we have been teaching a lot of lessons with members present but not actually hooking them up with people to be their friends thus having a support system and progressing faster. He basically told us that all of the teaching is for baptisms. We are not looking for a bunch of lessons rather helping people to repent and change and be baptized. It is a lot more effective taking time to work with the members and teaching them how they can help people to keep commitments. They will then progress faster, go to church, have support, and be baptized.

So right now I am trying to make the mind switch from quantity to more quality and more baptisms. So it will be really good.

So Elder Metcalf is leaving now and I will be leading the sector and receiving a new companion. I just got moved up from Junior Comp to Co Co or now I am on the even level with my next comp. So it is pretty cool! Elder Metcalf is heading to Punta Arenas the end of the world the very south. Pretty sweet! But my comp coming in is really cool is name is Elder Gomez. He is from Columbia I think and is super cool if it is the one I am thinking.

The sector is really good right now. We meet the standard in teaching every week but we just need to concentrate our efforts to get people to church and baptized. That is where the members will help us out. But this next week we will have 2 baptisms. A member who lost his record and his girlfriend who isnt member are getting married and baptized on saturday. SUper cool! We are still working with Oscarina to make her take the big step without pressuring her. She knows just her family is catholic and she needs to take the decision.

Things are going really good right now. I was thinking mom don´t send me miracle of forgiveness because they say they don´t allow it in th mission due to elders getting really down on themselves and not working hard cause they feel bad. But DO send articles of faith! And for my birthday a tuning flute thingy and an electric shaver. I don´t know what else sooo.... yeah. I believe i will be sending photos maybe next week or today if we have time. Wish Elder Devitry HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or i will actually just write him cause its just up the country...

It is good to hear how everyone is doing! We had a good pday today. I did some backflips. I feel pretty good beacuse i haven´t tricked for while today but we went out to Metri and it was sooooo beautiful! Oh yeah and all of the mountains surrounding us is the patagonia mtn range. There is actually a patagonia sector down in punta arenas. A ward. So pretty cool. It is super cool right now!!!! Lots of people changing! Good stuff!!!

I am still working on showing my investigators i care about them. Elder metcalf is really good at that, you could tell by the reactions when he was leaving. I want to be like that so we have a good relationship and people will know we teach what we do cause we love them. I just have to incorporate it into how i am and how i teach and everything basically. It is a big change but it will really help. Things are really great here though! I love you all!! Mom, maybe if there is room you could send me my khacki pants i wore to work?? i am thinking of buying some for real cheap down here in a used clothes store maybe actually....

but yeah i think that is all then!! Love you all!! Be happy and love people its the best!!!!

Elder Reeder

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  1. hello erm im looking for an Elder Metcalf that was in santiago but no gone i think.. do you know him?