Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother's Day!!

May 2, 2011

Hello Family!!!

Ok first off.... Happy Birthday Dad! and Erin! and Max! Speaking of Max is he allright now? I will not be able to send any presents home, it costs a ton...... So instead I will take pictures of things I thought about buying you or maybe send a card hahaha!!! I´m sorry!!! You should give me an update haha. So Oscarina wasn´t baptized... kind of a bummer but she just got cold feet and we are planning for next week. She is 24 and lives with her family and they are catholic. So that is where the problems are coming from so we need to talk with her. A little frusturating but we just found 2 more families. We are going to have a family home evening with one tonight.

Finding people = death. It is the hardest part of missionary work. Definitely the most complicated and closely tied to following the spirit. It is hard to get members to talk with friends without like pressuring them. But pretty cool experience this week we were walking to an appointment we were late for and I saw the house of a guy we had tried to find and I just felt really strong to knock it. So we did. He let us in. We find out they are a family of 3 and he is looking for a church to be baptized in. ;). We set another appointment and he wasn´t there, but we have his cell number so we are good. We are finding people who are chosen and teaching at the same time now. It is good stuff.

I am still learning a lot on how to get along with companions. Mine gets angry and frusturated pretty easily so I usually don´t like to give him suggestions but that is something that needs to change. So I am learning a lot. I have learned to rely on the spirit more and when he has some sort of problem we can´t work. So we talk it out in the street until it is all good. I am learning a lot about confirming what I feel with him to see if he is feeling the same. The Lord working through the spirit is like an orchestra. You have the conductor (The Lord) and the instruments (us). We should both be following the Lord. Not one going off and playing some random melody or solo. If that happens there is no harmony and the music sounds terrible. We both need to be following and play in harmony to make something incredible.

Yep. And for Mother´s Day..... So I am thinking of planning to call on 730 chilean time on Sunday night. I am not sure how that equals out to be in Utah time??? I will probably call sometime this week to confirm things and find out what time it is over there. Also there is day light savings Saturday night so I am not sure how things will work. I will call maybe even today to figure it out. Then we will figure things out. But Sunday night here at 730.

Jackie, i haven´t met Elder Welling yet. Good to hear from you!
I Love You all!!
Elder Reeder

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