Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Gospel = Run Faster, Jump Higher....

Apr 25, 2011

Mother..... to answer your question. YES! I get to call on Mother´s day haha. We have heard anything about it but I am told that yes, so we will let you know when and how things will happen!

Kelli nice work owning! Remember the important thing is that the team wins and that they score. So if you feel like going and scoring cause it looks good goooooo! Or if its better to give it away do it. Just remember the big picture because people will give your crap. I wish i would of been smarter or something in high school cause whenever we do activities here now i swear i am a lot smarter and juke everyone out. I don´t know the gospel is sweet and Im pretty sure it gives you a higher IQ and maybe even makes you run faster. Haha! Jah read your scriptures then!!! But really I am pretty sure.... Go work at firehouse Tyler will give you a job i bet. I don´t know it was good for me, but you are a girl and could get a lot of tips.... Just an idea.... :) You got nice easter swag in your photos hahahaha wooo!!

Dad I read the reflective listening thing. Well it is funny but being with companions i sort of already do it hahaha... but i have changed up some wording like instead of why saying other things. Or like im following, or im not following. Better wordings so people don´t get angry. In preach my gospel it talks about it in Chapter 10 titled listening. Preach my Gospel is awesome!!!! But it has helped, it is pretty cool though haha. It is working good. Happy Birthday!!! Erin too a little later!! Just kidding today!!!!!!! There is sushi here. It is not so great but a member sells us 15 rolls for like 2 bucks so we buy it hahaha! But it goes bad fast. Actually thatd be sweet if you could send me a recipe or how to make it.Does it stay long? Cause if so ill make it a lot.

With investigators we are taught to specifically meet needs through the gospel. What they want. So usually if they aren´t progressing we aren´t meeting some need, what they want, how it applies to their life. So we pretty much are like a swat team who has to adjust on the fly. First we need to gain their confidience, and ask some questions to get an idea of why they let us in and expect. We ask more, like if we god was here what would you ask of him.... Quesionts like that we can make. The improtant thing is that we find out so we know how to help them. I don´t get why people have fears of things it is crazy. Like irrational fears. Obviously Satan is working because peopel have this irrational fear of baptism..... But obviousl they feel something if they understand it is a big step. Hahah i don´t people in chile are funny. But we adjust to everything. If they arent´progressing we usually think we aren´t meeting what they are looking for. A lot of praying. Meditating. Praying. It is tough because we want to be teaching and it takes faith to drop someone and teach less looking for someon better.

Mom im not sure if theyll do pmg in color here. Plus mine is all marked up so i need a fresh one. I got sweats. Im sorry everything here is really expensive....Sweet with haydon harmon!!! As far as people writing me.... Ashley Elina and Kenna write me everyone once in a while. Mostly my fault for taking a while to finish a letter and get it to the mail place sent off.... IM SORRY!!!!! IM TRYING!!! :) But Iv talked to Mikey a couple of times. But that is like it. Don´t force people to write me though!!! I feel bad if I don´t write back hahaha or if i don´t know what to say or answer lots of questions hahaha. Well actually you could haha like all the primary or priests yeah thatd be sweet the priests. I don´t know mom hahaha don´t worry about it.

Say hi to max and Jd mason!!! I am pretty sure i am transforming into some sort of genius. My level of thinking is alot lot higher. It is crazy the things I learn now. Just thinking in a different way. I can´t even explain but everything just makes sense. Haha and all the things I learn from other elders. Deep doctrine is soo cool and it makes sense. But just on exchanges or whatever. Because i should always be simplifying things so i teach simple things hahaha!!!

Dont have alot time but we have a baptism this week!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR SECOND ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Teaching is not enough anymore. WE ARE HERE TO BAPTIZE: Now that we teach a ton it just insn´t satisfying if people aren´t heading towards baptism. It is for nothing. We are here to find the chosen and baptize them. Its hard to show my comp when he lacks faith to drop someone and find someone who is ready. Everything i learn doesn´t matter if i can´t transfer the vision to my comp. So that is where Im at. Communication still. Hahaha things are goin good though! Here name is Oscarina! Super cool!!! We are still meeting the mission standard. Good stuff!!!!

Elder Urias wants pictuires of us if you can send me some of us in Fresia cause he has none!!! I wear my contacts. I love being amissionary. IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE BECUASE IT IS CHANGING MY BRAIN. Hahaha but i am convinced. Read your scriptures and go to church. Look for revelation and use it daily for your problems. The commandments and gospel is a way to make your life easier and relieve stress. NOT RULES. If you think that you don´t understand. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Reeder

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