Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crazy Week We are Teaching A LOT ;p

April 18, 2011

Ok well this past week was NUTS!!! We are teaching above the mission standard right now. It is pretty cool. President Lovell is really happy with us right now! We had a good interviw haha now that he will be leaving I have a good relationship with him... dang! Haha.

To answer your questions mom ; The new jacket is super great. I love it. It is really warm and waterproof and also has vents so when the weather changes extremely (happens often) i dont die of heat i can just open them up. With gloves, if you get me some get some that are thinner with the fingers chopped off. I have really bad handwriting already, but i see elders here with gloves like that so they can peoples addresses still rather than take them off every time you talk with someone. Im still watiting on the easter package. People here dont really care about easter i dont think. Catholics are doing something special... but we should remember jesus christ always. With the PMGs you have to find someone mom!!! Talk around and i think you will find someone! I know elder crane really well haha. He was in my district and in my zones twice. so yeah haha.

it just suddenly got super cold. so i suppose we are in winter. it rains a lot, like here and there super strong so it is a little annoying deciding to wear rain jacket or pants all day or part day or how the weather is cause it is nuts. so i usually just wear my jacket anyways.. oh and as far as cooking goes is that other elders want to cook together and i would just rather cook for myself and read my scriptures cause it is faster. or my comp wants to cook things together id rather not eat or spend money on. just little things like taht, but i should learn so when i married i get used to it hahah! but i am getting used to it and letting people do things for me and me for them. do i have better food? well not necessarily, because everyone budgets their own money to have what you want. i am smart about mine hahaha so i get good food haha but yeah i am learning to share more and not worry about it so much.

good job kelli owning in lacrosse. keep scoring goals, and remember the important things is winning haha! the team! so do what you got to do to win! if no one else does anything you do!

anyways back to last week. I am still learning a lot. Things were going really good until saturday and sunday when suddenly 2 investigators wents nuts and a recent convert fell back into drinking again. It was really sad. The recent converts name is Jorge and he completely changed from alcoholic and lots of bad things to a really faithful member. He has gone a while without work and fell back into drinking. We showed up to his house and he was drunk from rum. Elder Metcalf my comp baptized him so he cried and Jorge was crying and it was crazy. Then conni one of our investigators progressing her mom doesn´t want her to be baptized and just went berserk and started fighting with us during the lesson and Conni started crying and got all hysterical and doesn´t want us to come back. In all of that the member with us got offeneded by her and left. So we had to cut our next lesson with someone thats going to be baptized short to go and talk to him. Then other investigator and her mom ( a member) just went kind of crazy about how it doesn´t matter to obey the commandments and that their lives are different......

On top of that my comp gets sad and mad really easily...... So it has been a trial. But we got through all right. I can usually just smile at people and talk, listen, and things work out. Luckliy nothing crazy has happened, but I am grateful because i have tried telling my comp we should focus on other investigators lately because they aren´t progressing so much and I dont feel good about passing by with them. So the Lord made it happen. So.... in a way I am really happy because we are back to finding really good people instead of settling with the same invest. who aren´t progressing or changing. ;)

I started the Book of Mormon again. SOOOOO GOOOD!!! You should read it. ;) Everytime it gets better.

Things are going really good here. I think the ladie im sitting next to is high on something.... she is weirding me out and laughing... hahaha. Spanish is coming really really really good. Elder Cardona who lives with us is from Columbia. They speak really low and slow and very clear. They pronounce really good. Opposite of Chileans. So being around him helps me a lot. The way they talk is like moving there heads and like getting all into it if you get what i mean hahaha.

But yeah, pretty much I am loving it right now. The zone leaders tell us we are doing really really great and happy. They don´t worry about us or anything so i feel really good.

So things are going great! I love all your letters... Kelli... Erin... MOm dad. BUT WHERE ARE MATTHEW AND SHW???? Erin its your birthday soon and Dad too. Im saying happy birthday today in case i forget. I will remember though!!! Hahaha!!!


So yes. I love you all. I love it here. Elder Cardona finally agreed to go running with me. So now i am going to get really muscly again hopefullly. I still am but not so much in the face..... haha!!

Elder Reeder

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