Friday, December 10, 2010

Bear your testimony in sacrament meeting. DO IT!!!


y kelli! congratulations on kicking butt in school!! i wish i would´ve done better at that... now you probably don´t have to pay for college :p lucky you. haha. that is awesome of you are doing special needs seminary. really really awesome. it was such a good experience for me. it really helps you to.... i dont know. just the kids are like little children. you will learn to be more christ like and to have patience and many other things. it really is great. its like your takin out of the world of high school and placed in a different one that is much better. haha yeah you will understand. at first its really weird but then you come to love it sooooo much haahaha. as far as conditioning goes work your butt off because the whole purpose is so you can be in shape of course. so if you slack off during that you will be tired in games. you dont want that. and you have to impress the coaches!!! so do it!! go running in your free time!! its good for you to stretch everything out! and elizabeth smart got home? wow that is interesting... hmm ya keep me updated i guess. for the atc i would focus on studying on math mostly because most of the other stuff is common sense. but ya study it all but focus on math. then you can get in a good college class with a high score.

mom that is great about shaunas wedding shower hahaha. im super happy. hahaha yeah! SHAUNA I LOVE YOU!!!!!! make sure you leave leilani with a good rep so your boss can hook you up with another job if you need one. just leave the right way! i am jealous of the snow right now. its getting pretty hot down here but has wind chills still but i am getting darkkkkk. hahaha its nuts my comanion says i am turning peruvian hahaha. THANK YOU FOR THE ADDRESSES!!! THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!! IT ROCKED!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! I LOVE THE MUSIC AND AMERICAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. oh my flash drive has a virus for some reason so i need a different one.... and speaking of bro. salmond have him send me his class emails!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS CLASS WAS SOOOOO GREAT. I learned a lot of things i never knew sooo please get him to send me his emails of his classes like the papers. that is awesome about ldv i really would like the cd and congrats erin on having a solo! i miss bro salmond hahah yeah summer was way good.

i got the sd cards. i am sending another today as well as the cards for elina and mike and scott. i will write to bishop bennion today too!! tell him i´m very grateful for him, as well as all of the members and teacher i´ve had in the ward. in priests corum and all of the boys in there with me like brandon, chris, david, preston, gavin, and all of the others you know who you are :) but i have no time to list everyone. but ALL of my teachers have had a good effect on me and im sorry if i wasted your time not showing up activities and things. im sorry. but i really do appreciate everything they have done for me. its frusturating planning activities and noone shows here hahahaha.

so yes about the red/a type personality. haha you will have to have erin explain. its like basically i am changing. but i am finding my balance. at first i was really just like a robot. like a pharisee with things. like WE NEED TO DO THIS and just causing a lot of tension. getting a lot done a good way like a really good way but there is a better way, the disciple of christ way. more charity. more humility. more submisive. things asi but ya. i am trying to better myself.

i really really love testimony meetings/fast sundays. its like all of the stress comes out at the pulpet hahahah. an explosion of emotion. but it is really good for me. because everytime you bear your testimony about something it gets stronger. if you dont you will lose it. most of the time now its really hard for me to keep myself from bleghing all over the place if you know what im saying? thats why im always afraid of bearing my testimony cause it just overwhelms me usually it really is crazy. but i did this sunday and i will every sunday now. i was up there for a while just trying to keep my composure and get the words out of my mouth in between crying and whatnot. but eventually i got control of myself and did it and i just felt like brand new. like when i first got here. i just felt sooooo good. wow. and i wanna work harder again and i wanna be nicer and do all the things like when i first got here. so please, dont be afraid to bear your testimony. ever. you need to, any problem you have do that. like thomas s monson says he who selfishly keeps will lose it. so do it.

but also i remember why i am here. sometimes you forget. sometimes you just want to get numbers. sometimes you just want to teach as many people as you can and not think about the PEOPLE. and i´m glad of realized that again. because i got caught up in the whole numbers thing for a week or two and you are REALLY stressed when you don´t meet your goals for number etc.... but now we´ve been teaching member about missionary work and it has really strenghtend me why i am here.

here is what you do. do it!:

1. take down 5 minutes to write down all of the blessing you´ve had because of the gospel.
2. think of these, share them with people
3. then think of the worst time of your life.... the worst moment. how you felt. what was happening. what did you do? well at least you knew there is a god and he loves you and you can pray and you can read the scriptures and you have a family and you live in america.
4. but then think of how bad you felt. what would happen if you didn´t have the gospel?

this has really helped me to remember why i am here. and now i am having more charity and more christ like rather then number numbers numbers!!!!

i dont have time. but please do this.

THINK I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! inspirational quotes!!! a lot!!! mormons not mormons everything of that! PEANUTS!!!! they are really good for walking etc but dont leave you thristy give you energy protein taste good and good for your stomach!! track 4 of the john schmidt CD sheet music!!!! i think its hymns wo words. more addresses!

haha oh wow michael buble just came on in the internet place...EVERYTHING. ugh i am going to puke of nostalgia :( why now i feell sooooooo ugh. but i am here for a reason. and i know why i am here. and its hard. things are hard. but the goods always outway the bad. and thats what i choose to see and you can too in your lives right now. you can either go through it complaining about every bad thing or loving every good thing. ugh. but seriously. i am still very very happy. good memories with this song hahaha but i cant listen!!

im gonna go trick now! ya brain reliever whoo hoo

bear your testimony of what your struggling with!!!!

send me sheet music!!! and more piano music!!! PLEASE!!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!


this guy had the tree of life dream!


So i was in the bathroom like yesterday i believe. I counted. Hahahaha next time you complain about mosquito bites look at this email. I counted and i had 46 bites, all really itchy on my body. Nuts. Yes. The fleas love my fresh young american blood. Bleggh the worst part is i dont see it happen. So now when i sleep at night or in the day also i am paranoid of fleas. hahaha yeah. i cant even describe it.

i dont have too much time today cause this comp is reallly slow and im uploading photos from the waterfalls and volcano osorno. soooo yeah!

about the snow. i miss snow. i miss snowboarding and i miss tricking. SCOTT WHERE ARE YOU!!!!! some kids iv taugh a little bit rueben and daniel THEY TRICK!!!!!!! rueben can do corks and flashkicks and daniel can do btwists and they both can do 540 kicks. hahaha but rueben couldn´t do corks right (he was inverting enough) so i should him how to do them right and they got a lot better. good trust building he then let us have a lesson with them after this :)

but things are going great here in chile!!!! but with that holy cow family where are you??? i feel like i dont know anything that is happening in logan!!!!! just questions about chile!!!!!!!!!!!! haha dont be sad but my comps usually get pretty hefty updates and i feel left in the dark a little haha...

so one cool things is we have two people. rodolfo and marlen. rodolfo is a member and marlen isnt. the problem is theyr not married. rodolfo was inactive. but he had no job. so they´ve been obeying the commandsments like praying reading going to church and living the law of chasity to the best of their ability. and he found a job. and we helped him recognize that was a blessing. now we always sing count your blessings with them. hahahaha but she has a baptismal date and any thing that comes up that is hard they have experience they can fall on so like ¨¨remember how you will be blessed?¨ so ya they rock. he said they will try to get married before christmas :) then we can baptize marlen.

i haven´t gotten those other packages or the sd cards yet.... so i dont know when they will get here... but we will see.

as far as working goes things are great. i realize there is absolutely nothing i can do for anything to happen how i want it. its all up to the lord. but if i do all the things i can do he will bless us with success. all i can do is plan the best i can, try to follow the plans, follow the spirit, and do everything within my power to meet our goals. so ya. its crazy how at the end of the day things will work out but thats the lord!!!! FAITH!!!!

hahahaha super cool this guy Ivon had almost the same dream as lehi hahaha. my mtc teacher hermano crapo told me about having an experience like this but i never thought it´d happen to me!!! well i guess what happened in his dream was he was in a big field. and there were two trees. one he said was bad and tasted bad. and the other one a little ways off was really white and good. and someone told him thats where god lives. and then i guess jesus walked by with a bible in his hand but it wasnt the bible. hahaha i cant even explain it all. but he had like a 1000000 questions. so we´re trying our best to work with him.

haha like everyone here is either catholic or evangelico. its nuts. they dont know much. just always I AM CATHOLIC, or I AM EVANGELICO. its like a reflex response haha. the evangelicos are soooooo funny. like they all play instruments for some reason and walk around with top hats and stop in the middle of streets set up speakers and have like a rock out with some guy preaching hallelujah and there is only one god and HE KNOWS ALL!!!! hahaha ya. good stuff i love thinking about it hahahaha but they are all such great people. we just have to help them out.

i am definitely changing a lot. i walk REALLY fast all the time. i am finally learning to use my legs. without my backpack i feel like i can walk 1000mph!!! its nuts!!! hahaha this probably sounds ridiculous!!! i am turning into a red type erin. like you. i dont know if i am happy or not about that!!! its like BUSINESS GET IT DONE mixed with disciple of christ charity and all of that. but its just because EVERYONE needs to know about his gospel. and i can make better use of time walking faster, studying better, being more effective. yes. thats it hahaha.

the other day i heard jack johnson in the store. it made me really nostalgic. firstly cause what the!! jack johnson in chile!!! (there is a lot of american in chile but like him) but i though of lacrosse, and tannen hahaha yes you tannen!, and cache valley and relaxing. a lot of good feelings but then i just kept walking past where the music was :(. that was a little rough. mike your letter cracked me up congrats on going through the temple!!!!!

as far as the branch goes. we are just like the bishopric. we do everything. so put that in perspective and combine with missionary work... and elder galovic just got made distric leader. sooooo yes. it is nuts!

I LOOOOOOOOOVE MUSIC. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mormon tabernacle choir is the best. i was a little irritated with my companinon the other day. not in the same room but i was studying with the music playing (we used the player from the chruch) and i was thinking a lot rationalizing all of that. and i´m trying to be like jesus came one. and wow. i just felt.....i dont know. i felt the spirit really strong. just pshhhh. it was really powerful. and i LOVE that song. the lyrics are perfect. wow i am feeling the spirit right typing this haha. i am TRYING to be like jesus. nobodoy is perfect. I AM TRYING though. i am trying so hard everyday to be better to develop attributes in myself. and AT TIME I AM TEMPTED TO MAKE THE WRONG CHOICH... but i try to listen to the still small voice whispers Love one another as jesus loved you...... i could go on and on... but i love that song. i love music. listen to good music at home that uplifts you and makes you happy. try to be more christlike everyday. he is perfect. i know he lives right now. romans 3:23. we´re not perfect. but through the atonement we can try everyday. love one another!!!

i got to go!!!!! end of the first cambio!!!!!

WRITE ME LETTERS DANG IT!!!!! haha but if you write me one i WILL write you back. otherwise i will probably forget about you :p because i have a lot on my mind.

oh and for christmas. please please please send me a audio recording of everyond i know. like 10 min of them or 5 just saying something like merry christmas or whats up in logan or scriptures just something to uplift me!!!!! everyone!!! people from work anyone you can think of my friends my work the ward that is what i want!!!!! i forget how people look and how their voices sound it kind of scares me so yeah!

and also addresses of all of the laxers and friends in the field!! like.... Devin, Branson, Kade, Chris, Connor, Tyler, Brad, Addy, Ranson, Mike, Kyle Manola, Tanton and anyone else you can think of. i would love to send them letters for christmas haha!!!

CHAO! Elder Reeder. ( Read the Bom Im in mosiah 20 again!)