Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awesome week! High Five!

May 30, 2011

Hello Family and Friends!!!

How is everyone doing?! This has been a killer week. We got things to click already and we are just going to town here. It is really awesome. Elder Gomez is learning the sector more and I am the energy that is keeping us going. I am really trying to give him a good example and help him to see that the missionary that works hard is a happy missionary and has the spirit.

Mom just so you know that Constanza girl, I believe is Conni! We baptized her in Fresia!! I think? I am really not sure cause I only remember her first name!

Whoah, I am getting a birthday package. That really weirds me out.... time is going by really fast. It bothers me. People ask how long I´ve been in Chile and I don´t like answering them. Same with missionaries. New guys are coming in, I have 8 months only, but I feel like old old hahaha. I have pretty much got everything down and we are meeting the mission standard of excellence every week. So I am definitely ahead of where I should be, but I don´t like being a normal missionary. It was fun to be new!! Time is ticking away so I need to work even harder. Something! Heart, might, mind and strength. Might and strength is easy. Putting your heart out there for people in the streets is difficult sometimes. Mind is also super important.

That is super cool to hear about everybody! Is Jordan Bolan Steph´s little brother???! That is awesome! A kid is coming here too from Utah, nice hahaha! Tell Heidi hi! That is great to hear all the great news!!

Oh yeah just so you know I am going to buy like a 20 dollar umbrella. I already broke two in the wind. But this one a lot of Elders have and the inside wires there are like 20 and they are kind of stretch carbon fiberish material that bends. Or in other words its not metal that breaks.

I will be sending my MTC plack home along with some photos. You can make a cool plaque photo dealio haha!! I realized I don´t have one back home hahaha.

We are becoming master teachers now hahaha!! We taught someone for the 2nd time the other day the holy ghost exactly to his needs, at the end he was asking us..."what do i need to have this give? what are the requirements to be baptized?" it was super cool because at first he was just doing an university project. BOM+Spirit+Need+Baptism=WIN! Haha I have learned recently to just teach from only the Book of Mormon. You want pure power and authority there it is! I don´t hurt peoples feelings, the Book of Mormon does. I am just there to help them understand all the good they can get from the gospel.

Study PMG Lesson 3!! All of you! Every member should know how to explain clearly what it is that they believe so they can help others to return to live with Heavenly Father. It is your duty. Know what we believe, and why it is the truth. If someone asks you why, you will be able to explain very humbyl in a way they understand and say " whoah... that is so right!" But yeah. This is the only true church. Read the Book of Mormon. If it is true this is the only way. If it´s not we are a bunch of liars. But we are not, and it is true, and if you know that and you aren´t living what you know you should, then you had better start living it because Christ comes quick.

The second coming is coming soon. What if it is tomorrow? Are you ready? Do you believe you can find your seat in heaven along side Moses, Abraham, Adam? If you are thinking about changing something you need to do it now. Put your vision on paper! The gospel sets us free, it is the only way to true happiness. It is really easy to live. Just do it!

I love you all! Send me M and Ms mom!! Super yummy... Yeah I have no idea for my birthday..... my skate shoes? The blue ones?? I don´t know... a piece of snowboard wax that smells good hahaha... I have no idea.... another recording??? Be creative hahaha! An electric shaver? I may buy a sleeping bag here if it is ok... electronics here are really cheap too. I don´t know. Michael Buble piano music!!! Or there is this one really cool version of if you could high to kolob that is really easy but sounds cool. But I think i can figure it out. Doctrine of salvation, doctrine of the gospel. The big books are super cool!!! But send a small one if you do.... but im not sure if can have them in the mission.... I don´t know!! OH YEAH!!! For sure send me like fleece thermal shirts from columbia or some rock climbing brands. Or like a light fleece jacket from one of them i can wear underneath my jacket. It would be sweet!

A HOLE PUNCHER!! The metal hand ones. They don´t exist here... They are crazy here. That is it!

See ya family love ya!

Elder Reeder

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