Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another good week! Baptisms Coming!

Mon, Jun 6, 2011
Hello Family!

So, the news update.

This past week we had 6 investigators in church, 3 of the which have a baptismal date. So they are progressing! I don´t know what we are doing different but it is working. Pablo and Vanessa are going to get married this wednesday and baptized on sunday. Sunday because of work complications, they will then be confirmed the next sunday. But they are really great so I have full confidence in them.

Another investigator received permission from his Mom to get baptized! Esteban! The papito went to his house and talked with his Mom. Pretty exciting, now we just got to get him ready and everything. The other, Mauricio is super cool. I probably wont be here to baptize him, but he will be baptized really soon. Oh yeah Pablo wants me to baptize him! Super cool, I am way excited!

To answer all of your questions-

Dad, so with Co-Cos we don´t alternate or anything. We just both have equal responsibility and we both lead. It involves a lot more communication, otherwise someone is not happy. But the spirit should indicate to the both of us what to do. So we need to be talking a lot. My comp has had problems in the past i guess, so I am sticking close to my district in zone leaders trying to work effectively and get advice on everything. I tend to do more because I know the sector and he isn´t really learning it haha....

Tell Erin and John congratulations! Tell John we will go snowboarding or on some epic adventure when I get back. Oh, and be on the lookout for good stuff on whiskeymilitia mom! Give kestler a high five! I don´t know kelli´s friend..

But so that is all the good stuff! We are no longer going to be missionaries who just teach a lot, we are, or I am trying to change my mind into a missionary who baptizes a lot. The important thing. I realize the key is to actually show them it is real once they have desires. We have a list of all the things they need to check off to learn, and we also have a little calendar that we make a plan of when to pass by and when to teach. So now we are showing people, yes it is possible, yes for that date, and we are going to do it!!!!

Another important part is daily contact. They fight with Satan 7 days a week. We need to help them have an spiritual experience every day so they maintain their vision and we win. We try to do it in creative ways that show love. Imagine if you had a girlfriend and you wanted to just do cute little things for her every day to show her you love her??? Kind of that same idea, outside of the box, but related to the gospel and their goal for baptism.

That is all! I love the Mission! Serve one! Did you know you can serve 2? Return and serve another! Maybe I´ll do it!!! Haha but really the best thing ever.

Bye Bye!


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