Monday, June 27, 2011

2 Baptims! Yeah!

June 13, 2011

Well this past week was a good one! We found a bunch of new people and some good ones. Also, WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS! They are going to get confirmed the next Sunday due to work complications etc. Their names are Pablo and Vanessa, the ones who got married. I baptized Pablo. Pretty cool! I did it good! I am good at baptizing, I think I will just have to get use to it hahaha!!! Haha no.

Thanks a lot Dad for your letter, Mom too. I really needed that. I don´t know, zone activites just don´t do it for me. I am happiest when I share what I love, the gospel. Playing sports is fun with friends, but..... when you have the option of preaching the gospel, and you only get that for 2 years of your life...then yeah.. you do that son! I love what I do and I am getting better on it because I am depending more on the Lord.

That is super cool with all the wedding news and stuff!! SOOO CRAZY!! Tell everyone I say Hi and that I love them! Erin you look really pretty and happy and John looks super cool. Everyone looks good. So good stuff!

I won´t write too much today, I am kind of tired, i was just get things done and go take a nap or something. I don´t know. I just feel really drained. We have 2 other people progressing towards baptisms. One Mauricio, and the other Luz. Mauricio has 2 assistences and approaching three! Is he super cool. He basically teaches us. I may not here to baptize him though. So bummer... we have cambios the 22nd. He is getting baptized the 25th. My birthday is the 23rd!! I will have to celebrate by myself in my new sector, or before... So yeah. Haha! I am excited for the package. I hope it gets here before I go hahah. If I end up going down south I don´t know if I will get it or not haha so i hope it comes soon! See ya family! Love you all! I am loving more people!!!


Elder Reeder

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