Monday, June 27, 2011

Elder Reeder - WHATS UP FAMILY!!!

Jun 20, 2011

I am going to be 20 years old. I hope when the day begins I instantly become more mature hahaha! No I am now, but I still feel like a kid with some of the Elders here. But childlike is good right! I learn really quick!

So the news.... I am getting transferred :(. Going from Pto. Montt to Los Lagos, the sector called Lanco. Pretty crazy! So it looks like I will be celebrating my birthday traveling hahahaha.... pretty cool. Thanks for everyone who said Happy Birthday! Thanks for the letter Elina! Someone tell Dallas i´ll send him one back soon!

I always feel really weird with cambios but "I´ll go you want to be go dear Lord", and here I go.

I still haven´t got the package. I play piano in the church every week still. The members love me everywhere I go for that. My elbow bugs me when it is cold in mornings, but only if I do diamond pushups, then it bothers me. Hey you should tell me how Utah State is doing with lacrosse! Tell Coach hi! Send me a video of Kelli when she is out of it hahahaha.. actually i don´t know if you can... so maybe not.

Time is going by really really fast. I am really trying to get myself to focus, to use time better. We are doing good, but we can do better. I want to completely change myself before I come home, I want to be a loving person who is patient and really easy to get along with. I just want to be like Jesus Christ. I just want to come home completely different. This 2 years is like my earth within the earth life. Ultimate progression period! Haha... I don´t know what else... Happy Birthday to me! Thank you family I love youe!

Hey President!

I always feel like cambios are really crazy. I hope there are baptisms where I am going because we´ve left like 3 in a row here, and possibly a family. I am really happy how I am leaving the sector.

Mauricio is going to be baptized this saturday, he conversion has been so cool. He left with us to teach the other day, he bore his testimony and shared his experience. Before that we weren´t really sure how he was doing even though he passed his interview. The hermanamiento has been great with Adultos Solteros, and I am excited for him to become a priesthood holder, even though I won´t be here. This saturday 25th of June.

Felipe is having the same type of experience. I am really excited to see him receive the priesthood. We need to be careful because the member befriending him is a girl, and it seems is getting attached to her, not the gospel. Well the gospel too, but we don´t want him to do it for her. So we need to get that all cleared up, but he has a testimony and already knows all 3 lessons and the commandments and living them. Just sort of a waiting process and confirming his testimony. He reads and we verify. Really nice, he is a blessing. He is going to be baptized the 9th of July

Luz didn´t go to church this week. She is a little moody. One day she is very reverent and peaceful and the next like she isn´t interested. She knows everything already, but we are having her read and trying to get her to understand and experience the changes commandments give to our lives. She wants to be baptized. Her fecha is for the 2nd of July.

We had a family go to churh! Jose, Angelica, and their son Ignacio (8years old). Jose isn´t convinced that Joseph Smith was prophet, and isn´t sure if God answers prayers. They are good people and are happy with their lives. We are trying to find a need they have, and obviously they don´t understand the restoration. But they are great, we are going to put them with a fecha.

Elder G√≥mez has experienced a big change! I don´t know when it happened, but we get along really well know, and we teach great. He is getting used to the 8 principles, meeting needs and focusing on all of them (the 8 princ.) I am really happy how we are ending things together. He is a harder worker now, and is habitually obedient. I don´t know I am really happy with how things turned out. I learned a lot of love and patience. I learned how to get along with a companion who is a little sin animo, but I learned a lot.

I am really excited for my new sector! I hope there are baptisms when I get there! I love the mission! Recently in church I received revelation about goals and how important they are for everything. Without goals you have nothing to acheive, no purpose, no end point, and you are just kind of like a wave in the sea getting tossed around becoming the person the world makes you. I have learned how important it his to review, make, make plans, for goals. A set vision. In everything. Specifically my purpose and people, and key indicators.

I studied Elder Uchtdorf´s talk on Living beneath our priviledges. I understand revelation and the priesthood for the most part, well that would be ignorant and prideful to say that haha. But I just need to change the switch to now in everything. Change from revelation to revelation the minute i receive it.

I love the mission! Yeah! Take care President!

Elder Reeder"

I love you all!! Serve a mission son! It´s the bomb haha!

Elder Reeder

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