Monday, June 27, 2011

Elder Reeder - Está en Futrono!

June 27, 2011

Hello Family!


First off I want to say to thanks to everyone who emailed me and said happy b-day. Dylan, Scott, Shauna, Jessica, Elina, Ashley, Tyler, Matthew, Mom and Dad..... Thank you so much! I got really overwhelmed when I open my inbox it was a big surprise hahah! Thank you all very much! And as for writing back... well I am not allowed to send e-mails back. Only to Mom, Dad, and Pres. Rappleye. So if you want me to write you send me your address, or if I already have it :p.

The news update:

So the same day after I emailed the assistants called me and said I am actually going to a different sector. It is called Futrono in the zone of Calle Calle which is in the city called Valdivia. So I am 2 hours outside of Valdivia. And I am finishing the training of an Elder who is finishing is first cambio in the mission named Elder Wood, from Idaho. So I am Senior Comp now, and things are super crazy haha! It is a two hour bus ride from our sector to the meetings. So we get back after proselyting time has already begun, kind of stressful...we have to run... they didn´t before but now we do. The Branch here is like 30 peopleish. It is sort like a Fresia repeat except now I am Senior Comp, and finishing training, and a little more nuts haha!!

I don´t know if you heard but a volcano erupted in Volcano. Well in our sector, and only our sector there is a whole bunch of volcanic ash falling. It has been for like a week now. It is supposedly really bad for your lungs, and it makes my eyes itch. But yeah everything is covered in white. The shower here is really cold. People say the sector is really difficult, but the sector is actually great! The members are afraid of missionary work so that has got to change. The only hard thing is that the shower is cold.....It is not fun!!!!!!

Elder Day was here. So I tell everyone I know him hahaha. Currently we don´t really have any investigators progressing towards baptism. The last Elder that was here was just sort of friends with them.... so they have been going to church... but not to be baptized. So if they were to accept a baptismal date, they could be baptized. But they don´t want to. So we pretty much are just down to finding people and getting the members working. It is going to take some big work to get this place going. The sector is great! The members a little lazy. Members make the sector, it is never the sector. So we just have to change them. Go straight to the head! The Branch Pres.!!

Right now I am really blessed with patience from the Lord. I don´t know why, but I have a lot. I am trying to help my comp to be a good missionary by example and teaching him and trying to get this place going. The shower is so cold!!!! Blech!

That is super crazy to hear about Cristian Troncoso in Elder Bennions district hahahaha!!!!! Say HI!!!

Yeni is super awesome. She is a ward missionary and just goes to town and gets references and helps a lot. I don´t have a whole lot more time but she is super cool! Get google translator or something!

I love you all but I gotta go!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LETTERS!!! My package is in Valdivia :p
Send me a photo of kelli like a chipmunk!

Elder Reeder

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