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Elder Reeder - The Branch is Changing.....¡¡¡SUCCESS!!!

July 5, 2011

Are these letters really big?

Oh well. Hello Family! So this past wek we have made a lot of process here in the sector! We upped the assitance in church from like 14 to 33. Normally around 40 people have been going so we have to visit them and remind about the Sacrament... haha they really shouldn´t forget.

We are giving this sector a facelift right now. The leaders have a hard time helping the members here to actually apply the things they learn. Like for example faith. We ask a member to help us and they say they don´t have time. But if you have Faith, you will understand the Lord needs you to help maybe. Understanding that you will get that if you commands you to do something you CAN do it. You just need to organzie things around so it works. Or if you have work that keeps from doing family home evenings, have FAITH, look for new work, and change so you can!! The members here talk about a lot of things, but they sort of forget to put things into practice. DO.

But we have the support of the Branch Pres. and the leaders here. They see the same things but just haven´t understood how to go about doing it. So we are just helping them with that. The sector is great! The sector is never a problem it is the missionary. But if you could judge how good a sector it is it would be how much the members help out. Or rather make the members awesome! It is a process... but it is realy paying off. When i got here the very best they had had in a week after praying and fasting a lot was 9 lessons with member and like 6 news and the rest of numbers real low. First week i got here was only half a week and we got 6 with member and 7 news. This past week we got 14 lessons with member and we found 11 new investigators with everything else up and inviting lots of people to get baptized haha!! Our goals for this month of july are 3! We are going to do it cause we both felt it therefore it is the minimum.

Elder Wood is from Rigby, Idaho. He is coming a long with spansih, slowly but surely hahaha. He is really loving, has a lot of patience, and wants to learn to be a better missionary. He has good desires. I am trying to be really loving like with my last companion, but we haven´t had any problems and he is really understanding. I ask him how he feels and check up to see if he feels uncomfortable and he tells me how he feels and we go from there. He is going to become the master!!! hahaha!!

Mauricio got baptized in Pichi the week i left!! Sent me an email! Mauricio Torres. He is a baller.

We are by the lake. We´re going to take some photos today maybe, it is like 2 miles away from where we mostly work in the campo. So maybe... there isn´t really a shore. It is like grass....water haha. No sand.

The ash is stil slowly falling. We have mask don´t worry! We may buy sunglasses.... who knows.

The package came!!! It was awesome. I love it. It is silly how I am a lot happier from small simple things I really want then big things. We are going to celebrate my bday today and make the cake hahaha and put majar on it! Keep sending me Elder days emails. you should send me his. And Brads, and Ransons, and dallas, and Addys. Well anyone I know. Everyone who i played lax with.

I am learning a lot. Well just relearning things and applying them. I LOVE THE MISSION! SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! DON´T BE THAT LAZY MEMBER WHO GIVES THE LEADERS FLAK. Be kind, obedient, and submissive like a child. The gospel is to change. To become like Heavenly Father. If you are not working to become like you are fighting against the purpose of this life and you will never be happy! Do it and get blessings! Bendiciones RIcas!

Elder Reeder

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