Friday, October 28, 2011

Elder Reeder - Remember to Remember..

Sep 17, 2011

Hello Family!

Things are going great! The relationship I have with my companion is great. This past week, or weeks have been tough. We have been short on money since I lost my ATM card, so we havent been able to call anyone to verify citas. Not even members to help us. So people arent there, we are in the street a lot, but things will be fine.

Being in this sector, being a trainer, is really trying my faith. Just one problem after another. I am learning a lot of patience and love. There are moments I feel I am doing everything possible, repenting, changing, being obedient, and things dont work out. Like first my companion is sad about his family, two i need to teach him, three he is learning how to manage money, four i lose all mine with my card, five the members dont really want to work, six we dont have money to call them or investigators.... and the list goes on....

Today I was reading in Helaman 12 or 13 I believe. I talks a lot about sin, about men, consequences of sin, regrets of sin, and all the mistakes men make. I learned that, well I already know, we need to be humble. Many times as missionaries, thinks start resulting good and we as missionaries say it is because of the Lord, but we think it is a result of something we did. Pride. We get sucess, we forget the Lord, the repentance cycle begins all over again. Or maybe the Lord tries us, we mess up, and the cycle begins... I realize I just need to remember all the mistake I have commited, and all the mercy the lord has had, everything he has done, in every moment, be grateful for what I have and see the good in things. So I am going to remember a little more and see how things go.

Today we got to watch Shrek 4 as a zone with Permision of President Rappleye for some reason. I feel kind of bad, some humor from the preview just isnt that funny anymore. Dont worry I havent gone crazy! I am still fun! I guess things of the world arent that great? I am not sure why i liked them before? The previews stunk... the movie was actually pretty good. Pretty much everything somehow related to the plan of salvation and the gospel. Pretty much every movie does. Everything ties in. It takes humanity 6 thousand years of existince to figure out the basics of the plan of salvation, and yet they dont realize they know it. Or they create a movie, that is similar, but their lives are no where near in harmony with that plan or applying it. And they still dont understand anything about it..... Thus the need of missionaries! :) But watch it.. everything has connections. We are in bondage, we need a mediador, nobody remembers the other life.... hahahah. It was good.

Well i guess thats all! Take care!

¡ELder Reeder!

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