Friday, October 28, 2011

Elder Reeder -

Oct 24, 2011

Hello Family!

I need to take time to think. There are so many things I forget to ask for or say if I dont! Oh yes! Mom, I just ran out of contacts the other day. I am walking around with my glasses, I probably should have forseen this but I didnt really think about it! Sooo maybe more contacts?? I sort of think my eyes are getting worse so do i need a checkup? Could you send my my prescription in the meanwhile so i can get cheap pair until they come? When i get back can i get lasik so i dont need them anymore? Could you let me know today so i can go and buy them?

Hahah that is nuts that Devin is back!! Haha ese compadre hes got a red tie on. That will be fun to talk with him. Oh yes and some detalles on my companion. My comps name is Elder Vasquez. He is from Honduras. His family is pretty humble, his Dad left his mom when she had the baby, and he would always pass all the money he earned to his Mom to support his family. Like everything he has is bought from the mission, scriptures, suit, like everything. It is sweet. He is ballin at soccer and I am learning a lot of new things. WHOAH! Thank goodness for technology because the power just went out and i thought I lost everything!! HAHAHA!!! But yeah ELder Vasquez. Before the mission he was really good with the ladies too, so i suppose i am learning a lot of things hahaha!

This past sunday i talked about pride in church. It was really good for me to study it. Satan is really tricky, i think "oh i know what humility it, i know what pride is" but then when I studied I remembered a lot of things. So that was good for me. When you read the scriptures its like your in another world. But then i stop and look at my comp and does something prideful and then i start losing that crazy scripture power hahaha. So applying is the important part. But i feel like this sector has really helped me to confirm all the good things and bad things. It is like a boomerang effect. That would be the only way to explain it. Like I had the good things down in Puerto Montt, then i just went through a big loop and am coming back to where i was. Just more strong, and with a stronger testimony of what is right, from experience.

Also lately I am studying Hymns in English in my studies. I feel it really is the key to unlocking a lot of my spirituality as a person. Everytime i study and ponder i can really feel the spirit. It is pretty sweet.

I believe that is all?? Hmmm... oh yes good news. There is an ELder who knows how to spot. So did some backflips, and then some gainer flashes again. O sea TRICKING!! Hahaha i got some cool photos, we went to a place called Niebla and it is on the coast by the ocean. With cliffes and what not. So enjoy!

Love you all!!
-Elder Reeder

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