Friday, October 28, 2011

Elder Reeder - We already why not?!

Oct 17, 2011

Dearest Family,

This past week was awesome! We finally got someone to church. A Jehovahs Witness guy. The lesson was pretty epic that it took to get him there. I just testified like really really strong. He didnt commit to go, but i challenged him to go if he really wants to show enough faith in order to receive an answer of the BOM. HE SHOWED UP!!!! HAHA IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Yes. This past week was good. I had a talk with my companion, we actually stayed in the house until we fixed everything between us. Nothing bad, just my companion doesnt see things he does, it took a while for me to help him understand. But at the end we were both edified, i felt like he had a lesson to learn from the lord, and now that he has learned it the Lord is blessings us again. My companion say i am the dad he never had. He never had one. It was sweet. Lots of tears. YEEEE!!!!

I decided to not give up on helping the members here. We started a PMG class. The first class I gave was really sweet. So good that the members didnt forget it by sunday! Actually they are all excited to learn how to be missionaries and they are beginning to understand the importance! A miracle! So i think i am fulfiilling my purpose of being here. That was my goal when i came, but then i kind of killed over and died, due to lack of patience.

Emmm.... I believe that is not all... but I cant tell you everything, but we are doing great! I got some good photos coming. i havent read the emails. I am going to print them cause there is no time. LOVE YOU ALLL! LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!

Mom, Dad. I have challenge. Find someone and baptize them before i get home! I dare you! Get PMG and study lessons 3 and 10. Well all of it!!! Become missionaries!!!

Elder Reeder

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