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Elder Reeder - How Being A Missionary Has Changed Me

Oct 10, 2011

Hello Family!

You know I always try to think of subject that sums up everything I want to talk about. It just makes sense right?! La ReseƱa!

Dad, to answer your question.

¨¨You’ve been doing the trainer thing for a while now, how do you like it? Is it fulfilling? What do you like best? What is most challenging? LMK. You have a had a great trust placed on you... but, I know that it is also a lot of work mentally, physically and spiritually. I hope you are enjoying it and finding happiness through it?¨

I really like being a trainer, because I really like learning. It is really fulfilling to see my companion grow, and to help`him through all of the little ephipanys. The best part is when I mess up and then he helps me to remember things. (getting up on time). He helps me through all of my little mistakes. So that is really cool that I can depend on him now like that. The most challenging this is patience, humility, and being careful about how much I correct him. I am learning a lot about myself, about how to be a Dad in the future, how to help people more than just teaching if that makes sense. A way to give them the tools, help them to be self independent? Help them figure it out but not too much... Haha yeah. I guess that sums it up!

I would definitely say that this new program is really important. I would also say that Satan really doesnt want it to work out. Things happen to me that never happened with my other companions. I just.... dont have very much patience. I get mad, frustrated, about things that dont really matter. I blame my companion for things that arent his fault to cover up my own mistakes. For example, I tell my companion needs to talk more, but really I need to allow him to talk more, give him more opportunities. But in the end I make him feel really bad (Our family has a talent for that) and that really isnt something healthy, nor does it help us to progress. Or me. These are things I havent done with former companions.... but i get frusturated with my companion, then i am mad at myself, then I ask my companion to forgive me. Then I repeat. Pride is a big problem. Judging. Hypocrisy. Just a lot of problems with my self that stem from frusturation. So I feel like what we are doing is really important, and the adversary knows that. So he really doesnt want it to work. I have to be really careful with how I act, how I am. Because he is attacking a lot right now. It is a slippery slope! So humility, love, think before I speak. Dont stress though! Because God has a plan for everything and is WAY more powerful than Satan.

BUT the good thing is I have though about this, I recognize it so I plan on changing it hahaha! I talk with my companion a lot, he jsut doesnt talk back. So i dont know what he is thinking, thus I begin to think he thinks a lot of bad thigns of me. A lack of trust on my part. So i just need to trust him a little more and think the best.

So today i was thinking was about all of the cool things I have learned as I have been a missinoary. How i have changed. I have a list.

Good Changes. or new things I have learned that I do now haha
1.Organized 2. Focused3. Prioritized4. Confident 5. Clean Freak 6. Dont like to waste time 7. A Testimony 8. An Excellent Teacher! 9. Intelligent 10. Find answers to questions 11. Get Along with others (companionship=marriage) 12. Responsable, Dependable 13. Set Goals and Acheive 14. Make Things Happen 15. Faith, Hope 16. Charity 17. Diligent 18. Obedient 19. Knowledge 20. Humility=dependance on the Lord 21. Listen and Converse, or like Social 22. Punctual 23. Just 24. Dont care what others think.

Bad Changes, Things I need to improve
1. Humility=Everyone else 2. Patience 3. Hypocrit 4. I like to do things my way 5. Charity (still) 6. Virtuous 7. Selfish 8. Blame others for mistakes 9. Disrespectful, Im kind of bold, sometimes I offend others in that way, also laughing 10. Dont give time for others 11. Stress, result of resposability, that did not exist before the mission haha 12. Judge 13. Service 14. Mercy 15. Dont mind what others think (can be a bad thing sometimes)

It is really weird. I get along super good with every other person who is not my companion. These problems dont exist. But in the house, with him, it is a little harder.

But how i see everything I have learned is like.... I took a giant step forward with one leg in my personal progress, and now the rest need to catch up. Because if i try to go any futther I will do the splits and fall over hahaha..... Like I am a lot more organized etc. but as a result a lot of other things are more difficult. Thats where I am! I would love to know Mom and Dad what are your biggest challengs, because it is probable I have the same ones, and if i can fix them here, and now, it will most likely be easier in the future!!

As far as investigators. We got one. He is an alcoholic and has like 21 years old. He lives in areally humble house. Yesterday he accepted a baptismal date. We are teaching a pretty good amount. This is like the 4th week with no one in church. That it is sort of the reason for all of this pondering. Dont stress! I am happy cause we are fixing it. GO TEAM!

Elder Reeder

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