Friday, October 28, 2011

Elder Reeder - Conference Was Great!

Oct 3, 2011

Hello Family!

It is good to hear how everything is going! Thanks Grammy and Grandad for the letter. Im glad to hear you are all doing well.

I enjoyed conference this session of conference. It didnt really blow my mind, but it was solid. As my understanding grows of the gospel, I wonder, "how many times have they talked about the same thing?". I imagine we will hear the same things all of our lives. But we can accept them and be happy, or just kick against the pricks all life. We should learn to love the gospel principles, and the simplicity and intrecasy they have in our lives.

Sister Tompson and Elder Richardson touched a little tiny bit on how we teach as missionaries. By the spirit. Haha I feel cool understanding how to do that. I liked Elder Scotts about scriptures as our best friends. I am in the process of memorizing, well mostly from repeating so many, I just quote them all the time to people when I teach. It is more powerful that way. Wastes less time too :). If they dont believe me I let them look it up. I notice a lot of leadership attributes to incorporate into myself watch President Monson. I notice the way I do things, serious+joking, is a good combo. Make people smile! Dont take things to seriously, but do what is right and have joy! Chileans are all so depressed, I have best results when I make them laugh.

FEEL THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH!!! Hahaha Elder Bednars talk was good. Dead or alive, a baptism is a baptism. Same blessings. They are practically free! A lot of good talks. A lot of correction. Haha every time i notice more and more how much the apostles need to correct people. I never notice before but I laugh when I watch conference because they are all the same things we tell our members.... Haha I love being a missionary.

I like the talk about decisions. We have to take a lot. Just give it up, and do what Heavenly Father wants. Pray, then go with your gut with faith. But PRAY! Dont be prideful and base it on you own knowledge. Because we get too smart, and then we confuse ourselves. Elder Callister´s talk is a perfect example of how I teach people. The BOM is true or it isnt. Everything you want is here, in your hands, you can have by being baptized. Or I am lying to your face and wasting 2 years in Chile. So?

Anyways, I hope you all can apply everything they taught us. Take it seriously what they teach us, but dont be robots/pharisees. Follow the spirit and be happy! Be like the savior.

We are not taching a lot, but I am happy. We are obedient, and following the spirit. It is just patience...


Elder Reeder

The talk on using time was sick. He quoted a lot of things from PMG. Actually a ton of talks used PMG quotes. I like ELder Wadells talk. Missions are tailored to our needs and personalities. I figure that out 2 weeks ago. But now I know that is legit. I need to learn to love. Choosing the right requires courage, we need to stand up for our believes and reject those that are false. Just thinking I realized that when we receive revelation, the veil of forgetfullness is take away from our minds, and the things we already knew before this life are brought back to remembrance by the holy ghost.... That was revelation!

I liked SIster Dalton´s talk. Dad, go get kelli from her dates if she doesnt come home on time. Be an example! Hahaha... all very good.

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