Monday, April 11, 2011

Miracles Are Happening Every Day!!!

Mar 28, 2011
Hello Family!

How is everybody doing?! Good to know ELina is ok! Things are going sooooo great here! We are seeing miracles everyday now. My comp and I are trying to purify ourselves everyday and we are finding what we are looking for everyday. Miracles. Everyday. Wow. We are just trying to follow the spirit. The will of the lord and he is blessing us soooo much.

One of them. So all of our plans had fallen, and we were just standing there. Then I remembered this guy we had set a lot of appointmens with and never is there. But I felt it and we went. I am getting use to spiritual promptings now, because as we were walking over there I was pretty sure he was going to be there. And he was! His name is Alejandro. We taught him and it was really powerful lesson. We invited him to come see a baptism the other Elders were going to have and he said yes. He told us he wanted to clean up and cut his hair cause it just felt right so he asked us if we would go with him to get his hair cut. hahah all of our plans fell so we ended up coming back. When we came back he had already shaved a looked a lot more different. So we went and dropped him off. It was way cool. The spirit is already working on his heart.

I am doing great! I really haven´t changed much since hahaha!!! I stayed the same in the MTC and I´m still the same now!!!!! The only difference is that I´m just getting a little bigger like muscly which isn´t a bad thing hahaha! I am actually pretty happy! I don´t what the deal is with my face but every tells me I have a baby face it drives me crazy. But then they all tell me I look a lot older than I am like 24 so I don´t know how those 2 things work together but Mom Dad is there is something I can do some sort of exercise to make my face super chiseled please tell me.... then i can fix it and people will stop haha. I´m not sick or anything, I have a lot of flem left over from being sick but I am pretty much good now. Oh another thing, I totally bashed my pinky toe on my left foot into the wall the other day. It is really red and blue but its not broken, lately have looked cripple in the street walking and trying to keep the same pace we walked before. hahah it is fun, it hurts, but the work must progress!!!! Its pretty much better but it was funny.

Spiritually, well i think my letter to the president sums it up about.
"Hello President,

Well I got my carnet. I feel Chilean now and a lot safer walking around than just with papers. Elder Metcalf and I are getting along great now and working hard and seeing a lot of results. We are teaching a lot now it is amazing how much the sector is growing! I am really just loving here President. I just can tell you how much I love it. I am so grateful for all of these people, for my comp, for everything. Things are just going great.

I have been learning so much this week pondering and studying. We were watching Finding Faith in Christ with an investigator and I don´t know why cause I´ve seen it in English before, but when I watched it in Spanish and after studying the New Testament a little more something in my mind and heart just changed. A desire stronger than ever came to me. I realized that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. And I can´t really explain it how I feel but I feel like now I need to know him. Know his character, his love, and become it. I find myself talking about him more, and as a result I feel the spirit a lot more. I love it.

So now I have this desire to know him, and become like him. The sisters told me I should study Jesus the Christ, but Joseph Smith that a man will come closer to God from reading the Book of Mormon than any other book (I´ve been reading a lot lately). So what do you recommend? One or the two? I feel more strongly towards the Book of Mormon, I was reading to today but I have changed how I read it now. Every time I see christ or when it is talking about him I mark it. I am finding and learning so many new things. I read 3 Nephi 9 today, but it was so much more different then any other time I have read it. He says to the people 6 or 7 times that he has destroyed the people to hide their sins from his face and because the blood of the prophets and saints crying from the ground. He talks about that and repeats until he finally tells them to come unto him. My imagination of him has changed. I think of him begging, pleading, for them to come unto him. That it is just so simple. That is hand is always stretched out. I feel his sorrow now. I have never read or felt that before. It is changing the way I am a lot.

One cocern I have President. I feel a lot different since the MTC. Back then I would crie every time I talked about the atonement, or at least feel very strongly about it. Now when I talk about it, it doesn´t happen anymore... I am becoming desensitized? I don´t know what I need to do to feel like that again.

We are seeing miracles every day. We are finding what we are looking for. I am receiving answers to my prayers. I have never been happier.

Anyways things are going great here, we need to remember to have time to explain to people prayer, and church a little better. Dedicate more time to those and remember to always look for an opportunity to invite someone to be baptized. We´re going to fix those but things are going great!

Love, Elder Reeder"

So things are going great!!!!! I love being here. It is the best! General conference is really soon. I don´t know what to pray for because life is just great! I am still trying to figure out how to become the person I want to be. It can be a real battle sometimes because I know who I want to be. I see it in my head, but it is just a matter of doing it. I find myself selfish sometimes at night making food (we live with 4), and a bunch of other things. I don´t know. I like to cry, sometimes i want to but I don´t. I like to sing (i usually just want to really loud but i dont), i like a whole bunch of things people think I don´t´. So i am trying to open up, and just be how I really feel inside. The way I feel says one thing, but the way I show it says the complete opposite. So I am trying to change. It is really hard, but it is who the lord wants me to be. Not me. Not my comp. But the lord. ANd I know he wants me to be the person I am in my heart, not the natural me. He wants me to love my comp, express myself, and be worrying about others more than myself. So if you have some advice for me tell me! I have these ephiphanys and I forget the feeling i have (thanks dad) and I forget I need to be changing. So help me out!

I love you all I pray for you all very night!

Chao! Elder Reeder

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