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April 4, 2011

Hello Family!

So this week has been a BLAST!!! YEAH!!!! We got 5 investigators to go to conference!!!! I am pretty sure that 4 of them are going to be baptized!!! Priesthood session was SOOOO GOOD. Oh my goodness I loved it all. Thomas S. Monson made a very great statement. Read the Book of Mormon!!!! I am about to finish again in a few days I´m in Mormon. But all of the family should read the Book of Mormon. I challenge all of you to do it. I promise you all that as you do it you will find the answers to the problems in your life, and they will all go away. You will discover a new happiness and peace in your life with a perfect knowledge that God is our Heavenly Father and that in reality Joseph Smith was his prophet. It is pure evidence! You just have to read it! Not just read read, but read, ponder on the message often, and ask God in prayer if it is true. You will gain a testimony that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith was his prophet, and that means that this is his church. The promise is perfect and true and if you ask with Faith, sincerely wanting to know, and true intention (you will act on that answer) then you will learn by the Holy Ghost that it is true for yourself.

But it all begins with reading it. From Cover to cover. Not just 1 Nephi, rather the Intro, the testimonies, all of it. If there is one thing I want, is that all of the family can read it with an open heart, and pray to know it is true. Finish it before I get home. That is all I want. That is the one thing I want. I am so happy. I can´t even explain how happy I am, because my life is simple now, and will be after because all I need to do is live the commandments and my Heavenly Father will give me all of the things I need, all of the happiness, and will make my life so much more than I can. Be diligent and read, every night no matter night.

With conference we watched it all live. From 1 to 3 and 5 to7 and priesthood 9 to 11. That was really late in the night haha. But so good. I have a big love for conference now. I was sad that it was over. I got a good confirmation that loving and service is still what I should be working on.

Another topic.... yes figure out some food I should eat Erin and exercises!!!! PLEASE!!!! hahaha and with my iPod you need to turn it off, and turn it on THEN plug it in and use it. Be patient it will work. But I WOULD LOVE IT if you could take it around to people´s friend´s houses and people in choir with you Erin and load it with church music. A TON!!! (try to make it work! but if no you can reset it a delte everything.... but i´d rather that no if possible... but if you need to DO IT and load it with a ton of church music, movie soundstracks like prince of egypt is really good, and disney music. whatever you want, i will delete what i don´t think i like or is spiritual!) Speaking of which, I saw Bro. Salmond directing hahaha and Tanner Wright!!! I was weirded out seeing some people I know in the choir on TV. Kind of funny because in a way I feel like "what are they all doing still home?!" serve a mission son! It is the best thing I have ever done. Scott and JAMES JUST DO IT! I LOVE IT! YOU WILL TOO!!! NO LIE WHEN I SAY BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!!!!

No time, but here is my letter to President this week=
Hello President thanks for the response!

I think I understand what you mean when you say settled. I think I am alright because the other day we were teaching a family who is really attached to the virgen Mary. I testified so many time of Christ and that only through him, no other name or person, and his atonement can we return to live with our Heavenly Father. So I feel very content now.

I can see the more I read the Book of Mormon the closer I feel to Christ and my Heavenly Father. I have gotten in the rhythm where I really want to read it every day once again, I lost that for a little bit. I think I plan on reading a little of Jesus the Christ every day because what I have read I have really liked. I also plan to continue reading the New Testament since one of the Apostles said that it is necessary. I took that to heart, so I will try to organize this all out. I have also been contemplating reading DyC for the first time but I don´t think there is quite enough time! But I will make sure I always read the Book of Mormon and study for investigators... because I can read after the Mission too.

So I have been doing a lot of pondering about how I can love and become more like Christ. Then I remembered the lyrics to the song "Called To Serve". I have never really thought about them, but I am called to SERVE. SERVICE. To serve other first before myself. Proclaim Heavenly Father´s love.

I realized that the Hallmark Attributes of Christ and his disciples are Love and Service. I also realized that there is only a certain point that I can work on myself to become more Christlike. But it eventually comes to the point of putting other first and helping others first before myself. That is how I can progress. It seems very simple to look back on it now, but I feel a much deeper understanding. Now the challenge is looking for, finding, and doing acts of service for everyone. Because I am called to serve.

This past week was great. Something just hit me and I realized that the most important thing is getting people to church. Everytime that we didn´t have a member with us and we were going to teach I just thought "Lo Importante es que vayan a la iglesia". It paid off. We are seeing so many fruits. We have 4 who are going, progressing towards baptism, and I really believe will be baptized. We are seeing so much progress here it is incredible. Our presence really does have an influence. We are having an effect! I am so happy! I feel like I have unlocked some sort of secret about getting people to church. Your desires! I want people to go really bad now because one investigator transformed, well all of them, into golden investigators after having a good experience there and feeling the spirit. I want all of them to be golden and keep all of the commitments! Therefore I want all to go to church, receive blessings they need, and become converted!

I really enjoy being with Elder Metcalf now. I am learning a lot, and him too. When we are united we suceed. When we aren´t we fall. There is a pattern. I am going to try and serve him as much as I can and everyone else from here on out! I love being in Puerto Montt!!!!!


Elder Reeder"

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