Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family again! - 21st of March?

Hello again from Chile! I have heard a lot of crazy things happening in the world. Supposedly there is a nuclear crisis in japan now??? they got hit by an earthquake and tsunami correct? is elina ok? we were going to get hit here by a tsnuami in puerto montt but it didn´t happen so we are OK!!!!! YEAH!!

Ok a little more meat. Sorry dad i really am in a hurry a lot. Before it was easy to find time, but now i see i have to make everybody happy. So it is kind of hard to keep everyone happy and do what you want to do. I am still finding the balance! But yeah a little about Puerto Montt. It always rains here and super super hard. Also super super windy. I have the little dinky umbrella and i walk around haha and contact people. THey will usually stop underneath just because i have an umbrella to listen. Something funny here is that if your umbrella goes inside out it means your gay or weird. Its like a saying. So i have to point my umbrella in the direction the wind is coming all the time so it doesn´t hahaha. But i am looking in to getting one. I gotta find one today!!!!

Recently we have been having a lot of sucess and little miracles! It is incredible! I am learning so much! It is incredible! Yesterday we talked to two new people who have been prepared for us. They are both named christina. we are bettering our teachings a lot. I am revolving it more around baptism now. Important thing! At the end of the restoration i asked ¨"so if these things were true, if joseph smith was a prophet what would that mean for you?" and she said "well of course id need to be baptized again." hahaha yes!!!! i am sooooo happy!!

im sorry i am writing bad letters now its hard to think of new creative things to write cause all the days roll into one and i am pretty used to the routine now. the other christina was a dropped investigator who had a big fight with missionarys in the past about her needing to be married and going to church or somethign im not sure. but that was last night and was completely inspired the lesson. i just felt to ask the question "so you were going to be baptized before? your boyfriend told us some things but im not sure if i understand..." and she just told us everything. after everything she told us i felt impressed to ask if she still would like to be baptized and she said yes. i told her we´re having a baptismal service the 16 of april and we want to invite here to prepare and be baptized. she accepted. we know two members here who know a lot about the law. The Wanners. It has already been 12 years since the last Elders. I think that the members really know their way around the marriage laws and how to do it fast. So we are excited!! It was a miracle. I don´t know, everyday we see so many little miracles and it is incredible. I couldn´t tell you everything.

Well the biggest factor is the spirit. There is nothing more important. If its not there then there is just no sucess. So i have to make sure I talk with Elder Metcalf frequently because what happens is that I am just always happy. I am just completely oblivious to what goes on or rather i just don´t mind things. My comp has problems he is working on and i realize that he knows himself better then me so i am just patient and dont bother him. So i am content. But he doesn´t have that type of patience. So i am just walking around all happy and what not and little do i know he is really mad at me about something. Something really small, and i want to make things good but i just never know or realize. SO i have to be sure i am talking to him knowing what he is thinking, if everything is good to be sure we are ok. THen if we aren´t we talk haha it is intense but i am becoming good at handling situations now hahaha but we are good. When we work we work hard! Just some little misunderstandings overstressed sometimes.

Well so yes. It is so important that we are in the Lord. I realize so many things now. John 15 is really really great. I love it. We have one investigator whos dad has mental problems and it has ran by head so many times to give him a blessing. So many times but i keep thinking that no it won´t work cause you can´t fix that. Or i dont know if thats what the lord wants. Well i just found out the other day from my comp that the same though has been running through his head. I read in helaman 11 or 10:5 when it talks about how whatever thing we ask for will be granted because our will will be so intwined with the lord´s will. So i realized, we both are doing everything possible to have the spirit, we both are thinking alike, we are both having spiritual promptings. So we are going for it one of these days here.

I hope that is enough!!! Live your live in a way where you can always have in mind to keep the holy ghost in your life!!! Im glad to hear from everyone. GO KELLI IN LACROSSE!!! ERIN SEND ME PHOTOS!!!! SHAUNA WHERE ARE YOU!!!! MATTHEW WHATS GOING ON IN SCHOOL!!!!!

Haha. We will talk again next week. I hope thats good for now!

Elder Reeder

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