Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011


Seth, happy birthday. Matthew happy late late birthday. happy birthday grandma and grandpa! also mom i need dallas elders address. i have a card for his birthday but i dont know where is in santiago.p im sorry there are no exclamtion marks but the keyboard went nuts and doesnt want to put them or any other things. kind of weird.

so just pretend i am just being really happy and excited about all of these things because i am! oh i found it it is on letter 7 now. weird. but yes mom ipod! if somehow you can put the installsetup for itunes on there thatd be great. just click and drag it to the harddrive of the ipod. the actual harddrive. then i can install whenever im on any computer cause like none have it and im not allowed to download it. but yeah.

so what i have learned. well what i have found out is awesome! pure revelation! lately we are working really hard trying to find new people to teach. we dont have many. so i was praying to know how i can find more people, do what the lord wants. and... i got my answer. i need to invite more people to follow jesus christ and be baptized. if you think about it, why would the lord give us HIS children if we are not teaching them how they can actually return to live with him. it makes a lot of sense. he wont give me his children to teach if i dont teach them how to return to live with him, or baptism. now we are inviting a lot more people, we are seeing big changes. it is incredible. i am working on explaining so people understand they really do NEED to be baptized. so clear they want to be baptized. it is basically what iv learned this week.

i feel really grateful to have learned so many things early and quick in the mission. it is mostly because i make a lot of mistakes because i am not afraid to try things, which leads to me learning quicker! a lot of elders shy away from teaching much, doing other things, but not me! i look a little crazy sometimes but you learn faster! you could just say im a elder with a lot of faith because i am all about DO. lets just do it and see what happens. if its not bad, sounds good then do it... faith without works is dead. we are here in this life to make mistakes and learn. if you never try, you never make mistakes, if you never make mistakes you never learn, if you never learn you never progress. thus the more you try and fail, the better you get at fixing things. so basically i am grateful for that ability i have to just do things from the lord. I see a few elders asking me questions, looking to me for advice and it makes my heart sick. they all say how they are bad elders and they should know more for their time etc..... but really what they need to understand is that is soooooo incorrect. we are all the same. we are all instruments in the lords hands. and you saying that you are a bad elder is basically saying the lord is bad. it is insulting the lord. its basically saying the lord cant do anything. we are all equal. the lord is all powerful. you saying one is better than the other isnt logical. maybe one more obedient to do what the lord wants but we all have the same potential, what the lord wants.

Soooo..... to do what the lord wants and be an instrument, you have to follow the spirit. to follow the spirit you have to be obedient with all the rules. then everything else comes. be patient, have hope, faith, dont doubt, listen to the council of your leaders. apply what you learn and happy day!!!! easy!!!!

i am beginning to have a deep love for the mission now. I am super happy!!! i love every day i get to teach more and more. i am becoming more loving!! my life rocks oh my heck!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I AM GOING TO WORK!!! I LOVE WORKING!!!!!

ELder Reeder.

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