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Puerto Montt!!!

Mar 7, 2011

THis is one my better letters, i will try to start doing good again. :)

Hello Family! (and friends..) Things are going great here in Pichi Pelluco! We are right in the heart of the city. From this big mall and over just so you know, although we don´t head over there too often cause there are too many tourists and contacts are sort of useless in a way since some are from Germany and don´t understand us...

But yes this week was good! We are improving! We are following the spirit better! Good stuff!

Funny story. So haha we were going to this kids house named Manuel and my comp talked to a guy outside thinking it was him ( i knew it wasn´t) and he let us in like that. We talked with him, he was a little drunk but more there than not. hahha oh wow, I can´t tell you how many times hahaha wow just there are so many drunks in Chile. It is really sad, this guy cried almost the whole time, he cried all over Elder Metcalf haha! On his shoulder. At first I felt really bad, but after like 20 minutes of this and grabbing our hands and shoulders for strength while talking to him I just ended up smiling cause this guy wanted to change so bad. I just had to smile and tell him its ok. Elder Metcalf got a lot of snot on his shoulder and a wet hug etc... hahaha!!! But he had talked with missionaries before, his name is Miguel. It was super funny haha!

Also another experience. We burned all of our plans, not even one lesson and it was the end of the day with a member and we still hadn´t taught. So we just looked around, and I remembered something, something good about one house (a rich one) i remember a nice guy hanging out around by it like he lived there. So I pointed there and said lets go. We went, some dogs tried to kill us by comp insisted and I glad he did. I was definitely prompted. A girl came outside, just said, yeah come in! And we were like SWEET! But so we went in, turns out her dad fell when he was trunk on their stairs/driveway and has mental problems now and doesn´t have the capacity to learn new things. So he is just deteriorating. But first thing we asked after the prayer was why did you let us in. And she just broke down crying, and she is mad a god, but wants to forgive him and lots of other stuff.

Coincidences like this, they don´t just happen. Things, they don´t just happen. Everything, every thought that influences you, every action you take, it is all influenced by our Heavenly Father. He loves each and every one of you. Yes the Holy Ghost is real. It is available in these times as well as in times of old (1 Nephi 11) and it is the greatest gift you can have in your life. If you follow it, it will lead you to the happiest, most sucessful life you could possibly have, and as well a right hand at the throne of God in the end. Eternal Life.

For those of you who are looking, searching, confused, you have your answer. Read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, sincerely pray about it to know if its true. If it´s true it means everything. " If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" "Knock and it shall be opened". The door doesn´t open itself. You have to knock, then you will receive your answer. I feel very strongly about following the spirit now. It is the greatest thing you can do in your life, do what God would have you do. When you pray you are aligning your will with his will, he has blessins already ready for you. He will make your life far more than you ever can. Regardless of money, regardless of status, he will make you more. He will make you a good person, like Jesus Christ, and you will have your family and be happy. All if you follow the spirit. But you can´t follow the spirit if you don´t renew your covenants at sacrament, or if you don´t obey the commandments. And you need the spirit. So repent, change your life, and be happy. Follow the spirit. You have the choice. Every man is free to choose eternal life or eternal misery. If you think how is it possible? just read the Book of Mormon, ask God, you´ll get your answer. And trusting in that answer, that is Faith.

I don´t know. To me it is all very clear and very logical. Not to mention the spirituality. The gospel makes sense, even more important is what I have felt. I am so grateful to have this knowledge. Just to understand what I do now will keep me on the straight and narrow path forever, and will help me know what i need to do to be happy with my family.

That is priceless. Everyone debating, just go. You will NOT regret it if you go. If you don´t go, I guarantee you will, and you will regret it the rest of your life. The haves and have nots can usually be traced back to the dids and did nots. Take a chance, have a little faith, and take that last step. Trust the Lord. (Proverbs)

Love you all! Here is the lowdown on Puerto montt beneath! I will start giving you my letters to the president! I got a sweet briefcase thing today! Random but sweet! THe CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola Presidente!

I learned a lot this week. Things are starting pick up here in Puerto Montt, we are really excited. Our first week together was a little slow, but we managed to find 10 new invesigators this past week. So now we have people to teach haha, the Lord is really blessing us it is great.

I´ve learned this week from studying chapter 4 about the spirit a LOT. But what I have realized is that it is best not to stress about things like following the spirit. Like thinking, we need to follow the spirit and have a heart attack stressing about it. Rather I´ve learned we have much better days when we relax, know we are obedient, try to recognize the spirit by having a prayer in the heart thinking ¨lord am i paying attention, now show we where you want to go¨ has been much more effective. I believe that stress shouldn´t exist you actually have faith and hope. Yes it will exist but that a whole bunch. I have really had some great experiences with following the spirit this week. It is a real testimony builder.

My comp and I are working things out. He has some problems and I have some problems also. I find myself not wanting to make him mad and just agreeing with what he wants to do, but what I´ve learned from him is that we need to work it out. Make a compromise. With Elder Galovich, we both just didn´t really mind, he didn´t mind if i took over, and we´d just pick a side. But now I realize in order to have the spirit we both need to be happy. No contention. So in doing this I´ve learned some things and I hope he is learning things as well. I´m trying to work on being more social and expressing my emotions, and explaining my reasoning for things. A lot of times I think things about in my head to where it makes a lot of sense and I find a solution and i just blah tell it. It usually comes out really blunt or bold even though I don´t notice it. So now I am trying to explain first with charity so they understand.

It takes a little bit more time, but I know that it is for the better and I just need to be patient with working things out between us. I´m working on loving people, saying hi in the morning to the other Elders rather than going straight to exercises, shower, and studies. I like studying so I like to start early but I lack social communication and the other Elders told me that I need to be more like Christ and less like a pharisee. So I am working on it. I really love everyone and I don´t feel like that, I am just not one for being able to express my feelings. So I am trying to change it!

I love being here in Puerto Montt right now. I received an answer to my fasts in Church. Revelation again. I thank the Lord. I am excited to put it into practice and we´ll see how things go! We are improving every week and the Lord will help us meet the standard if we do all we can!


Elder Reeder

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