Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello familia!!!!!

Feb 28, 2011

So big news. I got transferred... to PUERTO MONTT!!!!!! It is soooooo beautiful here! Definitely a big change. From a really tiny town in the forest and fields to THE HUGE GIANT TOURIST CITY. We are in in Pichipelluco (pee-chee-peyuco). Pretty sweet. We are actually reopening the sector so we don´t have any investigators, well we do now, but wedidn´t. So really we are just starting from scratch. We have an old area book from the past but not much. It is really good. I am with Elder Metcalf. He is from texas. Oh yeah! This is the sector Elder Day was in! He was comps with Elder Metcalf! All of the members and investigators know him hahah! I think he was on the other side though. Before it was all one really big sector. Now it is divided into 2 to manage better. We are on the side where there was like nobody, so we are walking around a lot. It really is a big change. It is really really pretty here in puerto montt. Everything is a lot faster, but i really like it. It is refreshing.

I have really learned how to love people more. Our investigators are progressing really fast because of it! The new zone is sweet but they are lacking excitement like we had in pto. varas (leading the mission) but is it totally ok because we are going to do a lot of good work here with the two of us!

To answer your questions Mom. All the winter stuff is marked down.... if you could send me a scarf that is not really bulky (thin!skinny!) but will keep me warm like one with really soft material for my face neck that´d be sweet! Some gloves that are warm but i will still be able to write effectively directions with them on. (i already have terrible handwriting xp). If you could send me 3 garment t shirts of the normal cotton ones that´d be great.

i´m not sick anymore, but i have a lot of flem. i eat pasta everynight. when it comes to food thats cheap my mind doesn´t expand much beyond pasta hahaha.

got the dvd player. works great!!!!!! oh and i guess we are aloud to use ipods here actually! as long as the music conforms with the rules in the white book is it ok! so if you could send me my IPOD! it is in the bottom of erin´s desk i think.... i put it in the bottom right drawer. haha i hid it so noone could use it. i think its there! find it! send it! i will delete all the crappy music. pretty much everything but there is also a lot of stuff i dont have here.

i haven´t gotten a usu bag nor a book. i didn´t get the church books yet.

you can just say yes to everyone on facebook mom. i dont mind! i will just delete everyone who is a bad influence when i get home!

ok cool stuff! so i love puerto montt already. the ward here is awesome. everything is organized, put together. the members are all really really nice and we have lots of members to come with us to appointments. they are really really great about taking care of investigators at chruch. with sitting by them, taking them to classes, befriending them. plus we can go and bring them to church because we don´t need to prepare everything and be their early. thus... more in church.... and more progressing towards baptism. one andrea absolutely loved it. i am so blessed to be here. i love it! walking is tough, but we are being smart and still teaching a lot for how few we have. we got along really well, and we are living with four elders here. elder amalla, elder williams. elder williams is brand spanking new hahaha! its great. i remember when i first got here, its fun haha.

well as far as things go to share. always remember your blessings. your prioritys. 1. god. 2. family. 3. fellow men. 4. yourself. pray to your heavenly father every day. outloud when you can by yourself. it really does make a big difference. love one another. remember it doesn´t matter how much you know about the gospel, you need to apply it. charity means absolutely nothing if your heart is not in the right place when you are doing things. 1 cor 13. you need to convert yourself everyday, change your heart, your mind, you. to become more like christ. i know that jesus christ is our savior. he is our brother. he is my best friend. i am sick of hearing people saying we worship joseph smith. i know christ lives. this is his work and through him, through his atonement can we return to live with our heavenly father.

and everyone else needs to know. share the gospel! its REAL easy! learn how and do it!

if you could help me out. right all of your fears etc about sharing gospel. that way i can understand a little more how i can help members here to talk to their friends!

Elder Reeder

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