Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tricking in Chile haha!!


Ok so this past week has been awesome! A lot of stress, a lot of phone calls but we are getting a lot more of our lessons with members now which = super important.

Haha mom don´t kill me but we went on a trip to Frutillar as a district and there were kids tricking on the beach. So I had them spot me real quick for a backflip and then i was good to do things on my own again haha!!!! It was really good though! I felt so good after, so refreshed. Plus its a really good workout and i was soar for like 3 days after. Super awesome! Turns out they were investigators of Elder Nelson and Gonzalez cause they said hi and stuff it was cool.

Ok i am going to send the sd card with photos today. So be excited! Haha there are a couple videos at the end. I am totally sick again so sorry if I dont appear to have much energy and appear like i am going to die. Its because i don´t and i do feel like that haha.

Cool story. There is this one investigator named Amanda. She comes to church every week. She has for 2 or 3 years. Maybe more. But she won´t get baptized again. She doesn´t think she can. But with the spirit, our testimonies, and she finally understood the apostasy she accepted a baptismal date. It was really cool. Now we have to make sure she understands everything and it will happen hopefully!

Like 5 elders from our zone are heading down to Coyaigue and Puntas Arenas. Super south, bottom of the world. Our zone is leading the mission! So all the really good Elders that the Pres. doesn´t worry about are heading down there. But Elders play a lot of jokes during transfers, even the assistant, cause everyone wants to go south, or be a leader.... So we won´t REALLY know until tomorrow or wednesday.

We have been meaning to change Fresia, tell the members they have a problem for a long time, but now we are going to do it. Menos activos have always told us these "problems" the branch and we have never paid much attention to it. Certain people here, but we have talked to other members and the problem is there is just no love here. No charity. The apostles talked to all of the south of Chile, and they talked about just that. And all of the other problems we have in Chile, Fresia specifically. It was Elder D. Todd Christofferson, and Elder Boyd K. Packer, and Elaine Dalton of the relief society. It was pretty intense. They say they are scared for Chile, because people aren´t married, aren´t having kids, aren´t being loving nor having charity and sharing the gospel. A whole bunch of things. And with the apostles confirming our thoughts we are going to do it. They used some heavy hypocrisy doctrine and so will we.

People always talk about Charity and its really great and all but they don´t do it. What good does a knowledge of the scriptures do if you don´t apply it? We are going to organize things as a Presidency how we feel according to the lord and say nothing of it until we interview the people and give the callings. Too often have we been sort of manipulated by some members. but now we are making the decisions.

Lately I have been working on trying to love people more, show compassion, show people that i care about them. I really like 1 Thess. 2. It is great. That is what i am aiming for right now as being a missionary. Preaching the gospel like Jesus Christ would do it. Not talk at people, but with them. The scripture at the end is like "you are our joy and glory" something like that. And i thought, do i feel like that towards my investigators? How do i see them? As a person, a friend, a brother/sister who i constantly urge to do the good or just another person we are changing.

The joy of missionary comes from the changes of the investigators lives and how happy you are for them. But if you aren´t really putting your full interest into them. every one of them, how can you possibly have the pure joy when they change. Thats what i have been thinking about. I want to teach, help, urge my investigators so much to where they will change and progress, and I will be very very happy.

I had that gift when I first got in the mission and it seems I have lost it or something. So now I am really trying to talk with people, be friends, ask them what they are searching for. Not just teaching them doctrine at every point I can. But more of a conversation.

I love you all! Thank you for everything! I´m trying to think of things if i need anything.... Elina i got your letter! Jill too! Umm... send me talks from you like!!! Scott and James your papers should be in really soon here! Get to it! Cool! Love you all!

There is a big difference between the Pharisees and Jesus Christ.

Elder Reeder.

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