Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summer in Chile!!!

cool story dad. i did what you told me with the apostasty guy and a lot more by the spirit. it was really miracle i dont have time to explain it all now but i just listened to him and yeah ill explain later.

i got another haircut. i think i will send you my flashdrive today por fin hahaha but it will be good. how is everyone doing!!! i realize the answers to my prayers lately it is really cool. i have been praying so hard to find a better way to do missionary work. the answer, is the members. I have this guy hermano pallan who has a lot of experience. i talked to him the other day about his mission. he said he just worked with members and would get 30+ baptism every month!!!!! he is my answer! i am talking with him and trying to put together papers or outlines i can use to teach a capacitation and get members motivated to share the gospel. i will us it the rest of my mission if i can make it really good and learn how to work with members really good.


okay dad to answer your question. maybe i guess what i REALLY like is when you send me talks from general authoritys. just, wow they are the bomb. so maybe send me 2 or 3 you like a week or something. i love reading them. one i really like is President Kimballs vision on missionary work by ezra taft benson. i am really trying to get better at working with members to share the gospel. the best missionaries know how to transfer this vision found in this talk. if you imagine, every family bringing an investigator (friend) to church. talking with them, bringing them to us, that would be at the least 20 investigators in church (in fresia its way small) 20 progressing towards baptism and potentially 20 baptisms every month. 20x1. or 20 times bigger than the standard of one. SO FAMILY what i really need from you is to tell me doubts about sharing the gospel, why dont you do it, how i can make you feel comfortabel about doing, how i can give you a desire, what activities i could do to get people excited and bringing people church. just give me ideas!!!!!!!! and you should all be bringing at LEAST one person to church who isnt a member every week!!! get them to talk with the missionarys. they know exactly how to teach what you have a hard time explaining.

Also another thought i had was about magnifying your priesthood. I read in the ensign "a true priesthood man is one who successfully invites and helps people come unto christ". something like that. but from what i understood is sharing the gospel, and helping fulfill all your duties (passing, preparing, blessing sacrament etc.). But sharing the gospel. I felt pretty good because im a true man for 2 years of my life hahaha!!! And I plan on being one for the rest of my life! You have no idea HOW EXCITED I AM to talk with friend with this knowledge i have of how to share the gospel. How simple it is, all i need to do. Im excited to be a meber and leave with the missionaries. But for the rest of you priesthood holders. Magnify your priesthood. Participate. Prepare for a mission. The lord needs missionaries. The second coming is coming soon, and god wants all of his children. If not, you are waiting, share the gospel with your friends. Attend a mission prep. class. Study pmg lesson 3 all the lesson. SHARE THE GOSPEL! THAT IS A TRUE PRIESTHOOD MAN! BE LIKE ALMA, THE SONS OF MOSIAH, NEPHI, PETER, JOHN THE BAPTIST, ALL OF THE MEN IN THE BOOK OF MORMON ARE MISSIONARYS. Kind of puts things in perspective right? Jesus christ was the greatest because he was the greatest servant. What better way to serve your fellow men then giving them eternal life and the holy ghost, revelation and peace for their lives. Think about it. John the Baptist only had the aaronic priesthood, and he baptized the son of god. Deacons and teachers and priests can help. Share the Gospel. Learn how, and do it.
but ya dad, talks. TALKS!!!! that would be cool if you could find on the apostasy, stuff on points in preach my gosepl in chapter 3. so i can have a really good understanding of the principles in preach my gospel. i dont know you think!

Okay Mom to answer to your questions!
I got a blessing from Hermano Pallan last monday, and I felt better the day of. So yes i feel great!

Yes i realize i hit my six month mark in like 3 days. pretty crazy how time flies! i should be a better missionary by now! haha everyone tells me it takes time but i want to get it all figured out and working really effectively right now. know how people feel, how to react, how to help. so much i want to do now! but i have to be patient i guess.

yes i was able to download grateful. i have yet to play it! so yes you can send all the of the music like that. thatd be awesome. there is a lot of music in a folder of the left computer, one of mine. piano stuff? i dont know. but thatd be cool if you could send that halo song in that folder! and also the rising!!! also with sending all of those PLEASE SEND ME PHOTOS!!!!! like of me tricking, some of my profile photos of long ago where i am tricking and upside down (not that long ago pretty new actually) or the cool one of me snowboarding on the desktop where i am getting a ton of air. i dont have many photos. :( i was happy with all of the lax photos. but to send you just attach them to the email!!! i can print them here. save them to my flash drive etc which is way cool and small.

my allergies are good now. as long as i take the stuff.

yes i heard there was another. i felt the first pretty crazy. we have emergency backpacks all of us that wev prepared for earthquakes. a 72 hour kit. its pretty legit haha but were ready. we have a bunch of cool code words for when the mission president calls us.

ERIN TELL ME ABOUT JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha i havent gotten any letters from elina :(. elina they are lost in the mail!!!!!!!! well really i dont know but im assuming. :(

yes i got that shirt. its cool and fits good but i dont get it. i think thats the point isnt it. haha people just look at it and are confused.

transfers are next tuesday. i think i might go. i have no idea. i love fresia but i feel like im ready to start over fresh. here is really small, well no really but we have talked to like everyone here. i feel like we are just cutting down the area book of people who dont want us, or dropping people so we can find people who are ready to keep commitments and really want to know. it is insane how we still manage to find 10 new people every week!

the book of mormon manual thing i bought at the distribution center. maybe you could just buy another. just ask their opinion on what is the best to study it i guess i dont know. or maybe even better one on the new and old testament. im just doing it by reading and maybe not catching the important things sometimes. i want to STUDY STUDY. also maybe some missionary materials or something?? im not really sure... i guess i should just stick to really simple things and teach really simple but as far as studying i like to study by subject so i really understand it and have a deep understanding and testimony and break it down and explain it really simply haha. a gospel principles book! a normal one in english! son buenos! maybe a symbolism book. that would be way cool.

Well i guess that is all. I gotta go. I love you all. Happy LATE LATE BIRTHDAY MATTHEW! I FINALLY REMEMBERED TO WRITE IT TODAY!


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