Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Family!


Whoo... well it is 8:00 in the morning over here in Chile. We are going to Volcano Osorno in a couple of minutes. I am really tired hahahaha I was reallly really sick yesterday. I think i got dehydrated and a pretty bad fever from fasting, but i think i sweated it all out last night. It was pretty rough hahaha but i am ok now i think.

Alright, so things are going pretty good here in Fresia! I will probably be leaving pretty soon but yeah things are going great!

Lately I have been reading a lot, trying to focus more on the Book of Mormon and conference talks. Sometimes I study preach my gospel too much when i really need to just give myself some time and enjoy reading, haha I feel like I am always just searching for answers to peoples questions, planning lessons etc. But yes it is helping me a lot.

Wow I am really tired. :p

It is pretty cool what is happening with one of our investigators. He is becoming converted. His name is Mario. We taught him yesterday and his mom (we have never taught) just had a ton of questions, and rumors that aren´t true in her head. It was a little nuts, but Mario told his mom to calm down and listen, he was defending us and the Book of Mormon. Pretty cool.

I guess what I have learned a lot lately is peoples points of view over here. A large majority of the people with who I talk don´t feel good in the churches. Catholic, evangelic, all of them. They don´t believe they are true, they don´t feel right being there. It is sad because they don´t believe they are true, that any of the churches on the earth and true and that God doesn´t exist. It is really frusturating to tell people, WE KNOW WHY! WE HAVE THE ANSWER! But they are just so put out about how wrong all the other churches they have no hope to hear us. The attitude of, oh it is just another church that says the same thing.

So I guess I would say be very grateful for the knowledge you have. People here have books of questions. They are living in darkness. People spread so many rumors about Mormons it is crazy. Everything always talkes about the Smit. They say it like that. Who is the smit? Polygamy, all sorts of things.

I´m sorry i can´t remember what i learned this week!!!! All i know from this week is yesterday the holy ghost really helped me out. I was REALLY sick, but it would periodically give me comfort, make me feel good. Thats a little hard to explain haha, but yes it works. It helped me out a lot.

I love your emails, you should definitely fill me in more on what happened with Erin & Jon! Don´t have too much time today. Uggh I am tired hahaha. Read the conference talks they are really good. I really like the one about the 2 lines of communication. Also the consecrating our lives. I know my priorities when i get home. 1. God 2. Family 3. Fellow Man 4. Myself. That means I will get work to work around my family and church. More time with my family = Better. :)

Also, about the two lines of communication. I really liked it. A incative youth here tells us he thinks god doesn´t want him to serve a mission cause he had a "dream" or something. But really if you read that talk it explains, that that doesn´t work. I won´t explain it all read it.

I love you all. Love each other. Be grateful for EVERYTHING you have. I love it here, I am just a little out of it and tired from being sick, maybe still sick, and it is early. I encourage you all to read the general conference talks, they contain a lot of good info. :)

Elder Reeder.

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