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Mom, i was just thinking, send me some Matt Costa music! The song called "Sunshine", it is really good i like it a lot!

Well, wow. My mind is officially blown. ERIN IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? WHA!!!!!!!?????? I won´t get to see any one in the family get married probably. Every will be married when I am home :(. But seriously, this time is must be a joke. And Erin didn´t send me an email but Shauna´s is having a kid? Is that what i understand????!!!!!

Yeah, holy cow, thats all I have to say. WOWOWOWOWOW.

Ok on another not, Kelli that is awesome you have desires to be awesome at lacrosse. One thing to think about that was a little hard for me. Just score goals, don´t think about it, corners, nothing. Just score goals. Go get the ball and make something happen. You´ll make mistakes and then you´ll fix them from doing. But go run a lot, do wall ball, be confident and go to town on the goalie! I recommend shooting the ball at her to get her scared of you first so she´ll flinch the rest of the game. Hahaha just kidding, that is not polite to do to a girl. Work hard and be good!

What I havfe learned a lot about this week is finding people. Again. It always has to do with faith. It says so many times in the Finding Chapter about ¨"having faith that the lord is preparing people for you" and really it is true. There is all of the work but what it comes down to is Faith, and doing everything you can do. EVERYTHING. It is incredible the difference between our success at the beginning of a week/day and the end of the week/day. For example, when we leave the house, we are all excited a new day or new week. We are bold, we try really hard to get in houses and get addresses. Where as at the end that kind of dies down and you get used to not getting in houses or getting directions. Two days ago was a mini miracle. We stopped by the church to open it for Hermano Paillan and he couldn´t come with us. (It was 9:20). Everything had fallen. We had burned all of our plans. We didn´t know what to do. Suddenly Hermano Luis Vargas out of nowhere comes on his bike. He didn´t really want to come with us but i told him " Hermano, can we just knock one door, just one door, and if they don´t let us in you can go. But we are going to get in" I told Elder Galovich that, and we got that in our heads. We knocked, talked, we had to ask like 4 times, and testify a bunch. BUT we got in. We had a little lesson, found a new, got a lesson with a member, all just like that.

Faith without works is dead. :)

Ok and here is my testimony for the Book of Mormon:

"The Book of Mormon is true. I have read it, prayed about it, and strived to live the principles within in my life. Time after time after time after time I put my faith in the words of this Book and I never regret it. It simply is... I just love it! It is right every time! I have seen it far too many times in my life that I cannot and I will not doube anything in this book. This Book, The Lord, they made far more of a man than I could have ever been. Ever. This Book understands me, my soul, my feelings. No one man could´ve possibly written this Book without inspiration from God. It is pure evidence that yes God lives, Jesus Christ lives, and yes they do love us, yes Joseph Smith was a prophet. Aside from all of that is what I have felt. I know by the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it. I feel it. I still feel it. I see the results of it in my life. For all of those who have not read it, read it. Just read it. Well don´t just read, think about the message within. Ponder on it. Pray about it. Pay attention to what you are reading. I promise you, you will receive an answer that it is true from the Holy Ghost as I have that Jesus IS the Christ, Joseph Smith was his prophet and that God still loves us and speaks when he wants to speak. Man cannot put limits on God. Especially one seeking the best for his children. Just read it. I cannot even describe how I feel about it. It´s true! That´s all there is! It´s true, it´s true, it is true. Now read it! Go!"

Hahaha funny story the other day. Abba was playing on the bus. "Take a chance on me" ahaha it just relates to missionary work so well. If you change your mind! Take a chance on me! Hahahaha

We played ping pong as a zone today. I destroyed everyone in around the world. It was pretty fun! Everyone has welts i just have one hahaha.

Oh ya one thing that would be great, is if you could all tell me things I am really good at. My talents. I need to discover my talents according to a talk, and learn to use them to my advantage in missionary work. But be honest. I dont want you to tell me im good at everything. What you honestly thing I have talent at that i could use. Magnify. Like 5 things. I LOVE THANK YOU!

Oh ya, if you could send me a guitar tab for "The Rising" or piano sheet music that´d be cool. The spirit of god song. You know? Or tan bien if you could send me sheet music for "Grateful" its a really good song on the Paul Cardall song dealio.


And also that book of mormon manual i bought a while ago. Maybe if you can the teachings of joseph smith president book.

Ok im finally good on those. Well I gotta go now.

I just want you all to know. I love. I pray for you. Your heavenly father loves you. And when I get back, I will make you all go back to church ( because i love you) hahahaha!!!!!! But seriously I love you all I am having such a good time. Read the book of mormon!!!!! READ IT EVERY DAY!!!! JUST DOOOOO IT!!!!!

Think to yourself. Am just i active? Or am i active in the gospel? (Building the kingdom.)

Un abrazo.

Elder Reeder

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