Sunday, January 30, 2011

Building the church in Fresia!!!!!


This is a little frusturating. This Chilean kid in front of me is blasting Lincoln Park on his computer... It is bugging me a little bit as i am reading your happy emails about home! :) Haha but whatever, it makes a little harder to concentrate.

Ok what President Lovell told me was that he understood my feelings and said but hold on, now take a step back and try to see the people as your heavenly father sees them. Now feel how he feels about them. Now read Moses 7 when Enoch is talking with God about the people. I read it. It changed my mind. It will change yours. People are our brothers and sisters. Not just people. I dont know lately I feel more connected to people, more concerned I guess??

Honestly the more I learn, and feel, and think about things it gets harder to explain them I guess would be the right way to explain things hahaha!!!

And all of you on the TAPE!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha i swear the majoritiy of what i heard was work hard and keep pushing on and stuff. I just want everyone to know, I LOVE BEING HERE!!!!!!! I WOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE else in the world right now doing anything else. I LOVE THIS WORK. I llooooooovE IT!!!!!! Seriously i could do this the rest of my life. Give me a wife and I´m good for the rest of my life doing missionary work haha!

Yes.... so this week. Mother, I am happy to hear of all the things you write about, and kelli, and dad. It makes me so full of joy hearing about all the things you are doing. and.... it just so happens i got your package and it ROCKS HAHAHAHA!!!!! WOW!!!! really i am just so spoiled by you guys its incredible. I love my family haha. So yes i got everything. I really like Grammy and Grandads music and claire de lune and the mormon tabernacle choir mens cd. Yeah that CD is awesome. I listen to it and wow it just gets me feeling really good. With the calendar and music and everything its very spiritual in the house now. I feel good.

Alright so lately we have been doing a lot of work as the branch presidency. Im not sure what happened but we just sort of hit ourselves in the face because we havent focused enough on that duty. A LOT of people were going inactive/are or menos activos. But normally we have around 17 total in church. This past week we had 32!!!!!! wow!!!!! You have no idea how happy i was. I want that every week. The meeting went really good and smooth and was very spiritual. We have finally designated teachers to teach every week so we dont have to and things are starting to move along like a normal branch hahaha! Right now were trying to find more service for the members to do. The biggest problem here with members is charity. All of the inactives read the ensign and the scriptures, but they just feel really uncomfortable in church becasue there is a group or something. So were going to fix that. We are going to do a lot of service with branch. A LOT.

Because clearly if they wont pray for charity, and try to get it, all that is left to do is service. So we are going to give the branch this big vision of helping each other endure to the end. We want it to be united. And people who come want to come again. A lot of members just think, oh she wont come to church dont even bother going over there, shes just offended and a big baby. That is not how you should think. Think of Cain and Abel. I was studying the other day about Brotherhood in the TG and in genesis 4 i believe? he says am i my brothers keeper?? think about yourself. are you asking yourself this same question. Because yes, yes you are your brothers keeper. The 1st commandment is love god. The 2nd is love your neighbor. All hang on those 2 things. It doesnt matter what they said to you, what they did, who they are. You are your brothers keeper. AND YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO HELP THEM FEEL LOVE AND A DESIRE TO RETURN TO THE CHURCH AND MAKE IT TO THE END TOGETHER WITH YOU. Yes, you are accountable for your neighbor. Your family. They have their agency but you can make them bread, leave a little note by the house telling them you care about them. You need to do all you can to help them make it to the end.

Lately i have felt much concern for the welfare of the people here in Fresia. Somethings isn´t working, and something needs to change. We can have more than 30 in the church. We can change Fresia and we are. It is making me soooooo happy.ç

One thing that has been on my mind lately a lot, is we have one problem. Problems with apostasy from 1 guy in the branch. It is really hard to deal with. He just causes a lot of problems, i love him, but members are always coming up to me and telling me "what is the definition of apostasy" and according to the books, it is.... but partially. And honestly it is very stressful. Elder Galovich and him had an interview upstairs, a lot of shouting, i could hear almost every thing in the little chapel. It difficult. He scares investigators away sometimes, not a good vibe. We are really trying to work with him.

So dad if you have any advice on what should happen please tell me! Because these spanish manuals aren´t so clear sometimes hahaha.... But really. Just from experience.

I love you all! The Church IS true! Follow the spirit, and be worthy of it!


Elder Reeder.

(i decided to pick all of the silly photos hahaha, and LOOK I ATE AN APPLE!!!)ç
mom get COOL snowboard photos from facebook!!!! there are a billion!!! me in the railjam!!! or that one on the desktop at home of me going HUUUUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know!!!! thanks for trying love you!!!

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