Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Everybody!

Well...... Conni was baptized and confirmed! Yeah! It was pretty cool. She was pretty nervous, but her friends reassured her. It was cool we were waiting downstairs and I turned on Praise To The Man on the music player. It was powerful. Wow. I went and stood in front of the font and I just felt... Proud? Of Joseph Smith, of the Savior, a lot of things that I cant explain. Just how great it is to be here.

Questions to answer. No i did not give a shirt in the mail! Yes there was an earthquake it was a little freaky i failed to mension that in my other letters haha. I have not received that package yet. I bought running shoes today, Pumas! Theyre good. :) . I´m going to buy some chilean style shorts/capris with christmas money grandparents! Hahaha. Well and scott thanks for the photos but there are way coolers ones right?!

Kelli that is awesome about lax. Keep working hard, conditioning isn´t fun. The ACT does not mean your life. But you can study for it and get cheaper school!

Well family I honestly dont know what to tell you today... I feel different. I can´t explain it. I talked to an inactive Elder from 15 or 16 years ago in a McDonalds here. It was really weird, he spoke english. But I´ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately. It was just so different with him you know? I could just talk with him. I really felt for him. It was different. I realize now with Chileans it should be the same. They are people. I am trying to be more like Jesus. I am changing. I can´t explain it, it makes my head hurt. But i apologize for the last email i wrote, it didnt come out how I wanted to. I talked to President Lovell, and he changed my point of view on things.

But I am really excited for this week. We have found a whole bunch of former investigators where they had interviews didnt pass, and the Elders changed and lost contact. So i am excited. :)

Remember our ultimate goal in this life is to try become like the savior.

In the words of President Lovell "The challenge is becoming more like Him. Such that His thoughts become our thoughts. His way becomes our way."

Think about that. ;)

Elder Reeder

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