Monday, January 10, 2011

Count your blessings??!!

Mon 1/10/11 10:42 AM
well first off. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love love love love your emails and your letters. i am sooooo blessed. I dont know what i did this week to deserve this but i am very very happy!!!!! :) haha! i will just work even harder now that i have seen the effects hahahaha! but seriously thank you everyone. james it is ok you wrote me on my email hahahaa i just cant write back. i can write a letter though. it takes like 2 weeks. i will send you one! kenna i got your letter! THAT IS SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! YEAH GOOD WORK!!!!!! i am super glad you did that! there should be a letter coming pretty soon hahaha but i will respond more in detail to what you just wrote me.

everyone i am sorry but i will answer all your questions next week so i can get in the pattern of everything with answering printing question the next week? cachai?

wow... i am very distracted right now. i dont know why but this email place is playing all sorts of new american music. one repulic-all my secrets..well thats what it saids! that is ironic! hahaha yeah you will get it later. ok probably not. ok obviously iam distracted right now. and it played hey soul sister a minute before. AHHHHH!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOCUS ELDER REEDER!!!!!!!!!! im sorry but it all brings back memories!!!! but really it makes a big difference consecrating your life and staying in touch with the spirit. the topic of conversation. the music you listen too. i have SEEN as my comp and i talk about something else wordly the next person we talk to or knock a door is not as powerful as it couldv been? you understand me? it is very very very important. very very very very.... difficult? haha but seriously yes it is hard! try to make it a habit. well i guess i cant say those are all of my rules and whatnot but they still apply to you in the world over there!!!

so this week we have the cambios. or in english changes. conni is going to be baptized this friday now so lots of people can come. she is soooo awesome!!! elder reeder! born in fresia one of the hard hearted places of chile. raised by elder urias the hardest thing ever. paired up with his brother elder galovic (elder urias trained him) to overcome fresia!!!! haha that is my legacy so far hahahaha no i dont have a legacy but i am so glad things are starting to progress. lately we have been talking about patience a lot. im trying to have more. with fresia. with elder galovich. but wow its like all of the work here is going up up up up!!!! we have 7 people with date for baptisms now but we really have to work hard with them so they get to church.

ok things i need to write before i run out of time. mother i would like hallelujah on the piano. the one from shrek i think? and the song! it is disney! 2. if you can send me measuring cups from the us that would be soooooo awesome! because they dont have them here. i have things to cook but i have just well guessed lately. its stressful! 3. i have really really bad allergies here. i wear my glasses all the time because my eyes do not like whatever is in fresia and i sneeze a lot. so zyrtec or allegra would be aweomse! 4. haha umm it would be very cool if you sent me photos via internet or a cool photo book of me doing all of my cool things hahaha. elders dont believe about anything hahaha so like of snowboarding, playing lax at usu or sv, skateing, wakeboarding. but mostely snowboarding!! ;p

ok in response to everything from last week! (this isnt working so well so far..) kelli good scripture study. the key! if you dont understand it read it like 50 times and pray and read and again and pray. i used to just blaze through the scriptures but now i realize it is good to read 1 or 2 chapters. well 4 in one book and ponder and pray. haha search ponder and pray. but pondering on scriptures opens the door for revelation. and when that BOOM HITS YOU IN THE FACE your head might hurt with how wonderful the knowledge is. haha i had a headache the otherday i had that happen. but WOW was it awesome. about baptism. a lot of elders, people in general are afraid of baptism. because they want their investigators to be ready and this and this and they need to be strong. i will now direct you. 1st 2 nephi 31: 18 or 19?? around there. talks about how it wouldv been better had theyv not known me. so yes you want people to be ready. but we are not here to baby the people. the gospel is a double edged sword. it divides. it separates. you have to pick a side. we are here to draw a line in the sand like the alamo. we are here to present the information and teach very very simply they UNDERSTAND. help them get a TESTIMONY that it is true through prayer. if they have a testimony and they understand they need to be baptized. whether they choose to live the gospel after ( we try to help them) is up to them. we are seperating. there is a law in heaven of mercy and justice. we are dividing. we want everyone to come back to god everyone. but some people they know its true, they understand, they are just lazy. and thats where i will talk about the atonement. as you come to understand the atonement, you will understand people need to be baptized. it wasnt fair for jesus christ so suffer for EVERYONES sins if they are not baptized and able to take advantage of the atonement. just.... wow i cant even expalin. dont condemnt this letter!!!!! my point is if people know about the gospel, understand, and dont act on it. they dont deserve the celestial kingdom. jesus christ did not deserve the atonement. we are here to divide and try to save and help as many people as possible. that is how we want it. but there is a point. some people just are lazy. and it is really. sad.

wow i just failed explaining that. hmmm i wish i had my study journal. well point is the church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is very very clear. i love you all!!!! i was going to put up photos but i have no time!!!! no time!!!! i am sorry!!!!

YOU WILL ALL BE BLESSED FOR MY obedience!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Reeder

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