Monday, January 3, 2011

haha most dangerous new years of my life!

Mon 1/03/11 7:23 AM
Hello family and friends!!

So first off. Wow!!! I still cant believe that shauna got married! The pictures blow my mind everyone is looking good and happy though! i dont have a ton of time wev been running around pto. varas to find a ciber to type they are like all full and traffic is crazy but we found one!

and wow coach coaching utah state!!!!!!! MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW UTAH STATE WILL WIN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! but really i am serious. discipline and fundamentals is what they need. i am excited to hear what happens. PLEASE keep me updated on what happens i want to know scores games wins etc hahaha seriously i want to play lax maybe when i get back if he coaches!!! i wasnt planning on that!

so here is my plan. i will print everything you have all written me today and answer it next week. and etc and etc so i dont have to read and type all in the same time which takes time. sooooo be patient for next week cause ihave like no time!!!

cool cool we are going to have a baptism this week!!!!!!!!!! my first yesssssss!!!! this sunday. we will do the confirmation the next sunday but we trust her. im so excited wow, its all because a member just talked to her friend to take a missionary lesson. and thus it is on and on and on and BAPTISM! i am very excited. her name is conni.

ya my new years was very..... fun haha and dangerous i guess? well a lot of people drink in chile. and on new years hahaha wow. like 90 percent of the people in the street were drunk. like elderes vengan or in english come here. and theyd want money or walk with us or follow us or want help with their lives. haha one guy got off the bus for pto monnt which is far away, the last bus for their, and followed us, but we had to talk to him for like 30 min about how he cant but he carried our stuff up the hill i dont know why haha and tried to give us money.

to celebrate new years i froze candy and then ate my reeses sticks to celebrate hahaha. we had a little dinner at hermano pallans house. haha it was good. i just went to bed at 11 but at 12 this crazy horn went off for like 10 min really really loud and i almost died haha wow i just put my pillows over my ears. the next day there was almost nobody in the street. and everyone who was was either still drunk or hungover and angry grumpy. also very dangerous hahaha but i LOVE IT.

wow i almost feel like i havent talked to you in a year! haha i havent!

today we are going to some lake that is really cool. i got a member to print stretches for me. they are really helping it is amzing the power of stretching in the morning and nights!!! isometric stretching is super cool. yeah i learned a lot from information and i feel better, my body. but really ican almost touch my toes now. i will just make avideo or something. splits are supposedly pretty easy to get with isometric stretching haha kick the face!

i am learning a lot more how to converse with people rather than spitting out words in spanish at people hoping they understand. we had an activity where we taught in english. it was really weird. but a lot better. we actually just talked.... really powerful the first vision etc in english. i need to remeber that spanish is the language of the hearts of the people of chile. so it was a good activity. now i think more, then talk, listen. it is a lot better. i am applying WHY and how these things relate to peoples lives and why they are imporatnt.

sooo but like i said i will print everything you wrote me and answer it next week!!! i will try to write a better email too and bring my study journal and share cool things!!! i have learned a LOT of cool things. it is rediculous. i think i dont have a very strong testimony about that.... and then i study it. then boom. power and authority teaching.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Reeder

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